Join us at Garth Manor Cinema’s screening of Evil Dead 2. In the “sequel” or “re-vision” of the classic demon fest, Evil Dead, we meet Evil Ash and realize the demons are still infesting our favorite cabin in the woods.

Garth Manor Cinema is a ongoing film series that features rare 35mm screenings of mostly horror classics that also features special guests, limited edition posters and the Young Blood Filmmaker Showcase (giving young filmmakers a chance to see their talent on the big screen).

This month’s screening of the Evil Dead 2 will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse Lamar (Austin) with special guest Robert Kurtzman. Yes, that Robert Kurtzman. Kurtzman is the “K” in the legendary EFX group K.N.B (along with Gregg Nicotero and Howard Berger). If you grew up watching 80s horror, you’ve seen their work in all your favorite horror movies. Meet Mr. Kurtzman before the movie at the autograph table and hang out with him after the movie in our Evil Dead-inspired after party at The Highball. You must have a ticket to get into the after party so buy them now! The last time we checked, it’s almost sold out! The After Party will feature a Evil Dead photo booth, demons, cool demonic sounds and Kurtzman in the flesh — not sure if it will be falling off or not. Ya gotta watch out for those demons.

The Evil Dead 2 limited edition poster is by Matthew Therrien Illustration and GMC introduces their new Garth Manor Ghoul. Hosted by the adorable Eric Z. from Season 4&5 of SyFy’s FACEOFF! So come join us! It’s bound to be…groovy!

*Be sure to arrive early and meet Robert Kurtzman with a special signing before the event!


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felt-posterPresented by Fantastic Fest and hosted by Blood Over Texas. Felt is directed by Jason Banker and written by Jason Banker and Amy Everson.

Join us tonight! 9:30pm, Friday, July 17th at Alamo Drafthouse Lamar, Austin. Buy tickets

Film introduction by Eric Harrelson. Eric’s inner thoughts on the movie…

Felt isn’t exactly a horror movie, I’ll come right out and say it. There isn’t any supernatural ghosts or haunted houses, or haunted cars for that matter. There isn’t some deranged masked killer picking off teens one by one, or a demon from some type of hell trying to break through into our reality. There aren’t any aliens, no redneck cannibals, not even a single zombie. What Felt shows us is the horror of everyday life, the trauma that our fellow humans can cause, and the tenuous grip that we have on sanity.

75“My life is a fucking nightmare.” The first line of dialogue in the film, delivered by Amy (Amy Everson). Amy is struggling to deal with past sexual trauma, and just waking up and dealing with the simply day to day routine is nearly unbearable. She is constantly reminded, and constantly confronted by the pervasiveness of our male dominated society, and the apologist culture surrounding sexual abuse. An artist, Amy begins to slip further into her “alter egos,” personae complete with costumes she makes, as a means of escape. She meets someone new, a guy she likes and who she thinks she can trust, but bubbling under the surface is anger and violence.Unknown-4

Amy’s alter egos represent her desire to be new again, to be different. They are new skin, allowing her be someone else, someone stronger, someone without all the trauma and horror in her life. Amy is filled with a deep and impotent rage. She can’t change what has happened to her, she can’t change the culture at large that ignores and even fosters sexual abuse. The only thing she can change is herself, so she tries to become another person.

Unknown-3Another large part of Amy’s anger is directed at men, and more importantly the masculine dominated culture that treats abuse of women as unimportant. The constant sexual objectification of women, and the apologist attitude around the violence towards them fills her with such anger and rage, that she slides further and further into her alter egos.

Felt is a deeply personal and incredibly effective film. Everything we do as people has the underlying theme of sex. We go to the gym to look better, so we can interest people in sex. We have jobs so we can pay rent, so we can have cars to drive people back to our houses so we can have sex with them. We go to bars, drink to loosen ourselves up so we may meet someone and they might want to have sex with us. Our movies are full of beautiful men and women with whom we want to have sex. Everything everywhere is about sex. Felt lets us imagine what it would feel like to have our enjoyment of sex stripped away, and replaced with shame, fear, disgust and rage.Unknown-1

There are no wasted moments, everything is important to the tone of the film. Felt doesn’t waste time with anything unnecessary, yet still gives us a layered, full and complete story. Moody, intimate, sometimes creepy, Felt is a beautiful film.

images-2I know you’re used to big blowouts from us, but trust me, Felt is something you’re not going to want to miss.  Come see it Friday with us at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar!  I’ll be there along with the rest of the crew, and we can meet up for drinks and discussion in the Highball after.  You know my take on the film, now I wanna hear yours!

— Eric Harrrelson

Watch the trailer:

Felt is being released by Amplify Releasing. Available for VOD on July 21st. Check out their sites.

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EP: 005 “The Show About Nothing” (a.k.a the hangover episode)

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie, Shelly and Bradley) as they try to get through hangovers on this special Seinfield-inspired episode, “The Show About Nothing.”

In this episode we celebrate the 4th birthday of Blood Over Texas, talk about the big membership party the night before (hence the hangovers), the team’s favorite memories from the last year of B.O.T. (Bunny’s pick is an illegal one of course), Clive Barker’s penis, a fun horror trivia game and our usual features: Terror Visions Horror Art Challenge, the Double-Dog Dare You Film Challenge and a Hammered Horror review of Zombeavers that proves why Bill Burr is an a-hole and plenty of drunken debauchery — Mr. Tingles still has no symphony for the team, so he’s STILL a D*#khead. (jk Bill Burr… we love you)

Songs featured in this episode:

Death from the Under The Skin soundtrack by Mica Levi LISTEN AND BUY HERE

Mistress of the Dark (Reanimated Mix) by Ghoultown LISTEN AND BUY HERE

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It’s the Final Countdown to HOUSE OF BLOOD!

HOUSE banner4 flat


HOUSE banner4 flat

You’re coming right? This event is especially for you B.O.T. members and all Texas horror fans…

swapWe’re happy to announce that we are giving out Surprise Grab Bags for B.O.T. Members Only! How’s that for exclusive swag? With the help of several local businesses, we have conjured up 40 free grab bags for the first 40 B.O.T. members who show us their card at the B.O.T. table at this week’s event.

The rules: You must be a card-carrying member — that means ‘ya gotta show your official card to get a grab bag at the event. If you haven’t already signed up to be a member, you still can, BUT… you’ll want do that soon because we will stop sign-ups this Wednesday at 6pm and won’t start back up again until Thursday, after, all of the bags are given out. The reason? Well we’re gonna be crazy, dumb busy planning the event and won’t be able to do last minute sign ups. This is a small but mighty organization y’all. Which basically means, we’re doing everything ourselves along with work, family, keeping out-of-hand slashers in check and dealing with random demon possessions. Don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll be sorrrrrryyy.

To sum up… sign up on the Membership Page NOW — or by Wednesday at 6pm.

Now we can’t tell you what’s in the bag, but we can tell you who donated items. Many thanks to the kind businesses who gave us swag!

Fast Custom Shirts​
Secret Oktober​
I Luv Video​
Museum of the Weird​/Sfanthor​
and US!

All bags will include some items from all of these businesses, and some will be EXTRA special by having more special additions. What will you get?

And please check out our list of artists that will be showing at the Horror Art Show and the select vendors selling their evil wares at House Of Blood on Our Events page. Not to mention our great sponsors, Virus Vodka and Gore Noir Magazine. Taste the vodka and enjoy the gore on the pages!

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Our First Live Taping of HAMMERED HORROR!

Back in May, we taped our first video of our popular podcast segment, Hammered Horror, at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention. Hammered Horror is a 3-minute drunk horror movie review that we feature on our monthly podcast, Blood Over Texas Radio. We got Shelly Dread, the star of the segment, nice and snookered and had her watch the movie, Bloodsucking Bastards. Right after the movie, Bunny Voodoo, took our crew to the hallway, and in front of the step-and-repeat (that’s that wall of logos that fancy people stand in front of to take pictures) and did a live taping and video of her drunk review of the movie. The filmmmakers of the movie graced us with their presence as they watched in horror while Shelly attempted to review their movie. We all had a blast and you should check it out!

This segment was also featured on our May podcast episode. Here you can see our expert video (courtesy of an iPhone and no light) of the drunken debauchery — with a surprise filmmaker bomb at the end. We hope you enjoy it and make sure to listen and subscribe to the podcast. You can find the episodes here,on our Podcast page, or on Stitcher or iTunes.

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BOTRADIO: EP. 004 “Deep In The Guts Of Texas”

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Bradley) as they talk with special guests Gemmi Galatic and Mark Martinez of Heart Of Horror TV.

In this episode we talk about horror, learn about Heart of Horror TV, a quick recap of Texas Frightmare Weekend, discuss the re-make of Poltergeist (spoiler alert), what horror to rub on your body, plenty of drunken debauchery and our usual features: Terror Visions Horror Art Challenge, the Double-Dog Dare You Film Challenge and Hammered Horror. This episode’s Hammererd Horror was taped lived at TFW of the movie Bloodsuckin Bastards as fans and the filmmakers looked on in horror. And yes, Mr. Tingles is STILL a D*#khead.


“Poltergeist Jammin Frequencies” by Megatone230 (found on YouTube) LISTEN HERE

“Daddy’s Sick Again” by Arkey Blue (as featured in the original TCM) LISTEN HERE

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Calling all Blood Over Texas Members and ALL horror fans! We have conjured up an event especially for our members as a THANK YOU for your continuing support and your dead-ication to the Texas horror scene. June is also our birth month and this will be our 4th birthday. So let’s party!

Sponsored by VIRUS VODKA and GORE NOIR MAGAZINE, our next event will be a frightfully fun celebration that we have put together, featuring lots of FREE attractions to get you demons all out, and in one place, to party like Leatherface in a slaughterhouse. All you non-members are welcome to come as well. We hope you stop by our table at the event or sign-up here on the site to give your soul away like the rest of the evil horde. The venue is 21+and is free to get in. It starts early so you working folk can come straight to the event to get some food, have a drink and wind-down with your fellow horror fiends. Below are the details:

FREE SAMPLES OF THE AMAZING NEW VODKA, VIRUS VODKA — an award-winning vodka with a cool horror style
FREE SWAG – Door prizes, including a limited amount of bloody issues of GORE NOIR MAGAZINE

• Times for attractions vary. See below for exact times.

THE VENUE: CHICAGO HOUSE is a beautiful and historic venue located downtown that is an actual historical landmark. It used to house a general store, a boarding house, and for a short time, a brothel. There are two floors of fun to enjoy, plus a secret hidden room called VINYL — an intimate dance club with a New York feel, dripping in red light, where DJs spin at least 50% vinyl. Since we have taken over the entire venue for the night, we got it all “horror-ed up.”

THE PARLOUR: The main bar area is reminiscent of American Werewolf in London. A pub that features an impressive selection of craft beers and tons of TVs — which will be playing a selection of horror movies and trailers. A perfect place to socialize with your fellow horror hounds.  Open during the entire event

THE BELFRY: The top floor is where you will find the HORROR VENDORS and the HORROR ART SHOW. We have selected a few special vendors to showcase their evil wares and a selection of artists to display their horror art. This will be an evil gallery you must creep around. Open from 7pm-12am

THE DUNGEON: Go through the secret door, down the dark hallway and though the red velvet drapes to get your boogie on. DJ Crew, VINYL LEAGUE, will be playing an eclectic mix of music guaranteed to release your inner boogie machine. Open from 9pm-close 

FREE APPETIZERS will be served in The Belfry, courtesy of Chicago House, from 7pm-10pm (while supplies last). Their kitchen will also be open for more food purchases.

SPIRTS: Try the new VIRUS VODKA served by the Virus Vixens (while supplies last)! Get a taste of the horror-themed and award winning vodka by trying a free sample and make sure you buy one of several horror-themed cocktails featuring Virus Vodka. We promise you this vodka tastes great, and with it’s kick-ass bottle design, this will be your new go-to vodka. This product is tailor made for horror fans! Chicago House also offers many unique and hard-to-find craft beer.

Please JOIN THE INVITE on Facebook to get updates and announcements — including a list of vendors and artists TBA. We hope to party with you all at the HOUSE OF BLOOD! muuuahhh

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Spring is the season of re-birth, or as we like to say the re-animated, so it seems fitting that it’s also the time of Texas’s biggest gathering of un-dead lovers at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention in Ft. Worth/Dallas. This weekend, May 1-3 2015, you’ll find horror celebs, horror attractions, great panels, tons of killer movies, cool vendors, an art show and your chance to geek out with your fellow horror fans. While most of the attendees are from Texas, people do fly there from other parts of the world, which is probably why TFW won best Horror Convention in 2014 by iHorror. Side note, if you haven’t already, sign up for iHorror’s emails. Horror news sent right to your email. It’s a good thing.

This year will be the 10th Anniversary of TFW and it’s being sponsored, once again, by Fangoria Magazine. We remember when TFW was just a tiny but mighty convention at a small hotel in Ft. Worth. Many fond memories were made there brushing shoulders with the horror elite. Nowadays, the convention has grown so big, it has lost it’s intimate and casual environment, but they do a fantastic job of scheduling tons of really impressive guests, panels and movies. Whadda ya gonna do… ya gotta feed the hungry ghouls and give them more, more, more. This year’s notable guests include a Phantasm Reunion; Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Reunion; Brad Dourif; Elvira; Malcolm McDowell; Tom Savini; Lisa and Louise Burns (The Shining), Kim Koates, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Tara Reid, Victoria Price (daughter of Vince) Sherilyn Fenn, Sid Haig, C. Thomas Howell; Udu Kier; Ed Neal; Julian Sands and many more. Head on over to their site for the full schedule and guest line-up.

But here’s the most important stuff…I'm_so_excited_(dog_face)

For the second time, we have a booth at TFW! We put our big britches on and got a bigger booth in the big room (Enterprise room) in the back corner, Booth #89. We’d love for you to stop by and say Hi. You can sign up to be a member, buy some awesome new merch to show your Texas horror pride (get a peek at the new merch below) and watch us as we record several segments for our podcast, Blood Over Texas Radio. Including a live recording of Shelly Dread’s Hammered Horror! This will be super fun as we’re sending her in to watch a movie and will have her give us her 3-minute drunken plot review, in some random hallway, immediately following the screening. Follow us on our sites to find out the location. Read below for the scoop on where to follow. We can tell you it will be on Saturday night, so stay tuned. It will be ridiculous fun.

Also, one of the very special things we’ll be doing in our booth this time is having several “Meat & Greets” with some great horror people doing  some really great things in the local, Texas horror scene. Since promoting and supporting the Texas horror scene is what we do, we’re excited to give you a chance to meet them and see what evil deeds they’re all up to. Oh yeah… and you can meet us too. Be still your beating hearts.



6:00-8:00: GORE NOIR Magazine








10:00-12:00: HEART OF HORROR TV


We sure do hope to see you this weekend. Safe travels. If you can’t be there, keep and eye on our social media sites to follow the evil shenanigans.


INSTAGRAM (FYI: This is the main social media site that we will be posting on during the weekend. The posts will also repeat on our main FB page, Twitter and Tumblr)






sneakHere’s a sneak peak at some of our new merch that you’ll have the first chance to snag at TFW! 


Mr. Tingles Blood Over Texas Radio Shirt: (printed by Austin’s Razor Hoof Screen Printing)


Texas Horror Fan Shirt: (printed by Austin’s Razor Hoof Screen Printing)

lonstar peek


Re-usable Grocery/Tote Bag:

bot bag2



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Blood Over Texas Radio: Ep. 003: Gore, Gore & More

The GORE episode! Interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis & Jim Saito plus special guests Gore Noir Magazine.

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Bradley) as they talk with special guests Taylor Haggard and Mitch Rafter of Gore Noir Magazine PLUS our interviw with The Godfather of Gore, legendary Director Herschell Gordan Lewis, and Producer and Vice President of Diabolique, Jim Saito.

HGL and Jim talk about their new project, BloodMania, making low-budget entertaining movies, what scares them most, blood-stained girls, 35mm or digital?, fried chicken and what body parts they wouldn’t mind losing. This episode we talk about horror, what it takes to make a horror mag, why Mr. Tingles the Clown is still a D*#khead along with our regular features: Horror News, Horror Happenings, Terror Visions Art Challenge, Double Dog Dare You Horror Movie Challenge and Hammered Horror. Songs featured in this episode from Demented Scumcats and Austin, horror punk band, Rebel Flesh.


Music: Splatter Baby by Demented Scumcats (Album: Requiem De La Depravation)  FACEBOOK • LAST.FM

Music: The Dark by Rebel Flesh (Album: I Have Become The Night) FACEBOOK • REVERBNATION




Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Screening on March 29th: FB INVITE

Other Worlds Austin screening of Call Girl of Cthulhu on April 16th: OWA WEBSITE  • CGOC FB PAGE

House of Torment’s Zombie Apocalypse Live! on April 17-18th: WEBSITE


TERROR VISIONS Art Challenge: Find more details on this month’s challenge, the guidelines and deadline on Our Series page.

* Intro song by Blood Mansion. Give ‘em a LIKE

** Producer: Bradley Bills

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Poster artwork by Alex Fine

Where does a ancient deity go to get a date nowadays? eHarmony, OurTime, Nope, he goes straight to his dedicated cult followers to hook him up with a human female to get his freak on and create world-ending spawn. Everyone deserves love right? Even if you’re an evil being that is part giant human, part octopus, and part dragon who likes to go for long swims in the ocean and a fine Chardonnay.

And that is the basis of a new horror comedy that is about to destroy your brain. Call Girl Of Cthulhu  hits Austin for its Texas premier on April 16th as part of Other Worlds Austin’s year ‘round screening program. This gory and hilarious H.P. Lovecraft tribute is being brought to Austin by the makers of the movie, WNUF Halloween Special, and is being presented by Austin’s only all sci-fi film festival, Other Worlds Austin. Blood Over Texas, along with Midnight Crew Studio, are co-presenting the craziest Lovecraft tribute film to ever spatter the screen.

The story starts with Carter Wilcox (David Phillip Carollo), a struggling artist, who’s been saving his virginity for someone special. When he meets the enchanting escort Riley Whatley (Melissa O’Brien), he believes he’s found the one. Unfortunately, she’s also “someone special” to an ancient cult that believes she is the chosen bride of their alien god, Cthulhu.

Forced to mate with their tentacled deity, Riley becomes a vessel for the spawn that will destroy mankind. Now, Carter and his noise musician roommate, Erica Zann (Nicolette Le Faye), must battle the sinister cult and unimaginable creatures to save Riley… and the rest of humanity. Will they save the world or surrender to the slimy grip of the Great Old Ones?

Call Girl Of Cthulhu has garnered numerous accolades, including the Audience Choice Award at the Drunken Zombie Film Festival. It has played at numerous festivals but, until now, has not played in Texas.

“The title says it all,” says Dan Repp, Programmer and Event Coordinator for Other Worlds Austin. “It’s the type of film that you want to see with an audience and have a beer in your hand. A teacher could go to jail if they showed this to a high school class.”

Join us for the screening on April 16, 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse Village Theater. Director Chris LaMartina and cast member Melissa O’Brien will be on hand for a Q&A after the film. You can purchase tickets for the 9pm screening from the OWA site for only $10. Attendees will also be able to purchase early badges for the 2015 festival at the screening. Here’s some quotes and the trailer to get your mind ready for the kooky, slime and gore-fest that is Call Girl Of Cthulhu!

CallGirlCthulhu_WEB“Laugh-out-loud funny and lose-your-lunch gross”  –

“The embodiment of everything that is wonderful about independent horror… Unabashedly original”

“A frenetic dance of exploding heads, genital-mutating STDs, tentacles, zombie hookers, laughs, and love.” –

Call Girl of Cthulhu is an absolute must-see for fans of horror movies, comedies, splatter flicks, and H.P. Lovecraft.”

Check out the trailer:

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