Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Shelly, Brian and Bradley) as they talk about horror while gorging themselves with booze and candy. This episode features special guests, Garth Manor Cinema, and a super cool interview with Linnea Quigley!

In this episode we meet with Kris (creator and mad-man-in-charge) and Theresa La Monstra (hostess with the mostess and filmmaker) from Garth Manor Cinema, the genre inspired screening and event company. We give you a very special treat… an interview with scream queen, Linnea Quigley! Bunny and Linnea sit in the Satan room to discuss her career and find out what’s the weirdest thing in her purse, her favorite kill scene, Kiss and what one of the “Queens of the B’s” does on Halloween. The B.O.T. team and GMC talk about horror, Halloween, the best costume to “get your freak on” in and our monthly segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in November), a Hammered Horror (3-minute drunk horror review) of Night Of The Demons, the Name That Terror Game (Halloween edition), a Top Ten list of Rockers in Horror, Guess the Headline (weird stores that may or may not be true) and our usual drunken debauchery. Play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.



Songs featured in this episode:

“Strange Ways ” and “Santa Monica Blvd. Boy” by The Skirts (Linnea’s all-girl 80s band)

BUY THE SONG: “Strange Days (Ways)”  •  LISTEN/WATCH THE SONG: “Santa Monica Blvd. Boy”

“Halloween Honky Tonk” by Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (Jesse Dayton, Austin, TX)


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TALES OF HALLOWEEN: It’s A Treat, Motherf***ers

tales-of-halloween-poster-s“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It is painfully obvious that Halloween is our favorite time of year over here in the abattoir that is the Blood Over Texas home office (a.k.a. Bunny’s house).  And my favorite thing about my favorite time of the year is the new crop of Halloween movies! Opening today and just for a limited run at the Alamo Drafthouse, is the new horror anthology from Epic Pictures called Tales of Halloween. Multiple different stories told by multiple different directors that all take place on Halloween night.

tales tohheaderThe shorts, ranging from urban legends come true, to abusive spouses, to demons, to ghosts, to slashers, and even aliens, all take place in the same suburban town. While they all have different directors, the shorts stay united in tone and appearance, sharing a lot of the same color palette and locations. Even a couple characters pop up in more than one story. The stories, while spooky and sometimes gory, all have a lighter, almost playful tone, making Tales of Halloween a fun watch for any level of horror viewer.

Those of us who like getting knee deep in blood and guts get our little moments, too. There are plenty of familiar horror faces, some old and some new — one in particular made me cheer a little to myself — along with a few sly references that are just for us horror fans. Good make-up and good effects are one of the highlights of Tales of Halloween, and you can tell that the directors were having a lot of fun with it.

While there are plenty of horror movies you can watch this season, both new and old, Tales of Halloween is one of the few that is actually a “happens on Halloween” movie. It’s a joyful, fun, silly — yet gory —film that really captures some of that childhood glee we all remember from Halloween night. Jack-O-Lanterns and trick or treating, plastic masks, bags of candy and the occasionally brutal stabbing… all the stuff we loved as kids!

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgIf you’re a transplant from the Midwest like me, you miss the weather change and the leaves turning, scarecrows and corn mazes, and you might find it hard to get into the mood for Halloween. If that is the case, grab some friends and head down to the theater and check out Tales of Halloween. Heck, you can even bring it into your own living room with that fancy VOD wizardry. It’ll have you drinking cider, carving pumpkins and summoning demons in no time.

Note: Tales Of Halloween is playing in Austin, Texas at the South Alamo Drafthouse for a few nights this week (Oct. 16-18th). Check your local Drafthouse or other kick-ass theater for more showings. You can watch it on VOD now by going to their website at: Tales Of Halloween 

Show the love: Make sure to follow and give ’em a Like on Facebook and Twitter.

And check out the trailer…

Tales of Halloween: “Trick Or Treat. Motherf***ers.”

— Eric Harrelson, Blood Over Texas

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2nd Annual HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS Art & Gift Bazaar

We’re proud to announce that our successful horror vendor market is back and will once again be invading Spider House Cafe & Ballroom in Austin on Sunday, November 29th. And this isn’t your normal Xmas shopping bazaar. It’s an all-horror vendor shopping bazaar. Just for you horror fans.

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday… how about Slaughter Sunday?! After you’ve gobbled up your Turduken or Tofurky, come on down and buy some horror for the holidays on the most horrific shopping day in town at our 2nd Annual Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar. Last year’s event brought out hundreds and featured several creepy, awesome vendors. Let’s make it happen once again… in the name of horror.

Evil Santa and Krampus will be back to take your holiday pictures with, so wear your best holiday outfit and get ready for your whacks evil ones. The art & gift bazaar will take place at Spider House — inside the Ballroom and outside, under the tent, in the Chapel. More holiday shenanigans TBA. VENDOR SPACES ARE NOW ON SALE. The event will be FREE and open to the public! All ages are welcome, but parents should be warned that content may be disturbing.

NOW ACCEPTING VENDOR APPLICATIONS! See our EVENTS page or our FB INVITE  for more instructions and to get more info.

Hope to see you horror hounds out on November 29th a the 2nd Annual Horror For The Holidays event as you get ready for another horrific holiday season!

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B.O.T. RADIO: EP: 007: “Zombies, Ghosts & Cryptids… Oh My!


EP: 007: “Zombies, Ghosts & Cryptids… Oh My! Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Shelly and Bradley) as they talk about zombies, ghosts and cryptids with special guest Eddie Rotten: author of the horror, paranormal and conspiracy book series FrequenZ, weekly podcast, Zombie Life Podcast, and the new TV show, Zombie Life TV (featured on Fanboy TV).

In this episode we talk about zombies, ghostly beings and creatures from another dimension; we announce our October zombi-rific event (Zombie Invasion: Roadtrip Of The Dead); we present our monthly series: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in October), the Double Dog Dare You film challengeHammered Horror 3-minute drunk horror review of Zombie Hunter (Danny Trejo kicks some zombie ass) and the new Name That Terror Game (zombie edition); along with our usual drunken debauchery. Play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.





Songs featured in this episode:

“Final Solution” by The Blood Royale (Austin,Texas): LIKE THE FB PAGE

“Fucking Zombies” by Neho:  BUY THE SONG

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Horror is about building tension. If a spooky monster just jumps out of a closet and goes “A BLOOGY WOOGY WOOOO,” that’s not horror. Sure it might startle you, but without context, spooky monsters jack-in-the-boxing out from various hiding points isn’t really scary. You can be momentarily started by a cat or a moth or pretty much anything. Hell, the “cat-jumps-out-fake-scare” has become a horror trope throughout the years, appearing in everything from Alien to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (I probably should’ve chosen something that starts with Z, because Alien to Buffy is like A to B, but I digress) To give us something truly terrifying, there needs to be context and tension. Goodnight Mommy accomplishes that and so much more.

GOODNIGHTMOMMY_POSTER_EWGoodnight Mommy is similar in its pacing to Takashi Miike’s Audition, a film which doesn’t really get started until act three, but when it gets going, it really lays into you. Goodnight Mommy also takes a long time to build its world. For the first two acts, it is all about what isn’t there, what isn’t being said or done. It hands out little clues here and there, and really if you’re paying attention, you see the “twist” right away. But Goodnight Mommy isn’t about the Scooby Doo twist reveal. The payoff isn’t pulling off a rubber mask and shouting “MISTER JEFFORDS?!” but rather what Mister Jeffords has done.

The film is set in Austria, at a very modern country vacation home during summer. The mother of twin boys comes back from having plastic surgery. The boys, who are young, around eight or nine, are convinced that there is something wrong with her. She is acting differently, and they begin to suspect that she is not really their mother.

goodnight-mommyGoodnight Mommy deals with identity and perception in a way that put me in the mindset of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona. Isolation can begin to warp perception, and so much of our identity is tied to social interactions with other people, that being removed from others socially can quickly change the way we see ourselves and others. The twin dynamic is something that only twins can really understand. Many twins develop their own language, something that isn’t really seen between other siblings. I would argue that being part of an identical pair impacts the perception of self at the earliest stages of development. Where a non twin realizes self as only self, a twin realizes self with another identical self, as part of a whole as opposed to just a whole. The effects that isolation can have on a bond that is arguably closer than any other familial bond are profound. What is real or true can start to wobble and change.

y45sxzdwreyscbvqbhpwGoodnight Mommy is an excellent example of all aspects of film making. It creates a pocket of the real world that is just a bit skewed. That feeling comes through in every visual choice, every sound and music choice, and even down to the casting. It’s terrifying in a psychological way, not in a supernatural one. There aren’t any spooky monsters, just the monsters inside all of us. Imagine what it would feel like to wonder if your mother had been replaced by someone else that looks exactly like her but isn’t really her. Or, if you are a parent, imagine that your child truly thinks you aren’t their mother or father. That is a truly horrifying thought.

Goodnight Mommy is being shown as a limited engagement at the Alamo Drafthouse as part of their Fantastic Fest Presents series. Go check this one out while you still can!

— Eric Harrelson

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Blood Over Texas presents


Sunday, October 25th, 2015


ROADTRIP-POSTER-WEBsmallHere at Blood Over Texas, we like to think we create some of the most crazy and unique horror events around, so it seems only fitting that we take “our crazy” on the road. This time we’ll be invading another epic Texas horror event, the 2015 San Antonio Zombie Walk. You never can have too many zombies in a horde so we decided to rent a frigging party bus, throw in some booze and grab some Austin zombies for a roadtrip to hell … down to our sister city — or should we say sinister city — San Antonio, to walk with our fellow Texas zombies!!

Like most big cities, Zombie Walks take place around Halloween, but we think this one may be the biggest in Texas. Last year the San Antonio police department counted 20,000 walkers at the 2014 walk! The 5th annual San Antonio Zombie Walk starts at Tower of Americas with an outside party before the Walk featuring vendors, artists and live music. The whole event in San Antonio starts at 5pm, the actual Walk starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. Our event starts at 3pm and gets us back to Austin by midnight. Our itinerary for our event is listed on our EVENTS page.

Your ticket on the bus to hell, includes free booze to SA, a pitstop along the way at the legendary Buc-ee’s (New Braunfels) for general havoc, and a safe ride back to Austin after the Walk. Zombie movies and zombie music will be played in the pimped out bus to get ‘ya in the mood. Make sure you come dressed to the nines in your finest zombie makeup and gear. There won’t be room or light on the bus to get ready, so be ready to par-teé. When we arrive in SA we plan on sticking together as we represent Austin zombies. Get your game face on, it’s time to shine in all of your zombie glory.

Seats are very limited on the bus — only 50 seats available! — so buy your tickets a.s.a.p.! Go to our EVENTS page for all the details and to buy tickets. Don’t forget to visit the Facebook event page for updates and to make plans with the other deadly riders.

The apocalypse is here and it’s bigger in Texas!

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Yeah. We know. It’s September already. *derp* It’s a good one though! We introduce two new segments and try and do a comeback from the failed Fear The Walking Dead review for Hammered Horror  — instead doing a review of another delightful horror movie about a giant pig and a cult chick clan. Our special guests give us a look inside the award-winning haunted attraction, House of Torment, so the studio gets all haunty and stuff. Check out the details:

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Bradley) as they get spooky with special guests Steven and Brandon from House of Torment, on this episode, “The Studio Is Haunted.” Get the dirt on what it’s like to be a “haunter” and work in a haunted attraction. You’ll also find out how long it takes to get the haunters ready, what it takes to be a haunter, things not to do while you walk through the attraction and everyone’s choice on the best room inside a haunted house in which to make sweet love (but don’t really).

In this episdoe we do a short tribute and toast to Wes Craven (R.I.P.), we do our usual segments (Terror Visions, the Double-Dog Dare You Film Challenge and a Hammered Horror review of PighuntAND we intoduce two new segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in Sept.) and Name That Terror Game (listen to sound bites and guess the horror movie).

Songs featured in this episode:

“Haunted House,” from the album Freak Brain by Danny & The Nightmares. BUY • LIKE

Dream Warrior,” from the album Back For The Attack (as featured in Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) by Dokken. BUYVISIT THEIR SITE

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Everything is big in Texas — and since we are the biggest state in the nation — it seems only legit that we have the biggest scares with a shat-ton of killer haunted attractions to enjoy this season. There are a plethora of haunted attractions to pick from — whether in your town or a day trip away — so it’s time to plan your next few months around some places that will make the upcoming witching season complete. We tried our best to put together a complete listing of Texas haunted attractions, so pick your destination and get your fiends together for the perfect night out to paint the town red in blooood.

Not quite sure you want to fork over your hard-earned dough for a walk through a free-standing nightmare? Don’t be a party pooper, it’s your civic duty as a horror fan. And just in case you’re on the fence, here are some reasons to visit your local haunt this season. Like a pot of blood at the end of a demon rainbow you’ll find a compilation of Texas haunts after this jaunty comedic list. (You will also be able to view the list on our Horror Happenings page — with updates as they come in)



“What’s a cute ghoul like you, doing’ in a evil place like this?” Yup, you might just meet the love of your life or your new beastie while standing in line or cowering in the back of the group with. Everyone involved, everyone behind the scenes and everyone waiting to get in… get’s YOU. You all share in a passion for being weird and creepy. score.



It’s pretty much exactly how you’d want your house to be if you had all the money. Revel in the darkness that inspires your nightmares and maybe get an idea or two. Level high the creep level it ’tis. (so says Yoda)



Tradition is the backbone of any culture. Just imagine if Fall rolled around and there were no pumpkins in the stores, no costumes to think of, no giant bags of candy to binge on? **shiver** Going to to your local haunted attractions, keeps the Halloween tradition alive! Oh.. and… be a good parent and scare the shite outta the (appropriately aged) ‘lil ones by taking them. They’ll thank you later. Fingers crossed.




The haunt life is a passion and even a way of employment for like-minded freaks like yourself. It’s an amazing thing to see such a dead-icated group of horror fans work on these places for months and months and spend all of their time trying to give YOU the ultimate scare. “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.”




This is our holiday and it’s time to show your love of the best dang day… heck, month!… of the year. It’s kinda like opening that brightly wrapped present on Christmas morning… except it’s a bloody chainsaw-wielding maniac heading towards you and your friends and family. Good times.



Pick your destination fiends… and have some killer fun. Visit their websites for dates, tickets and descriptions. You might also want to bookmark these sites, because some of them put on special attractions year long.

Austin: HOUSE OF TORMENT (Sept. 19 – Nov.): WEBSITE

Austin: GREAT ROOM ESCAPE: THE TERMINAL A horror-themed, survival game adventure. Located at HOUSE OF TORMENT: WEBSITE


Bedford (Dallas area): MOXLEY MANOR (Sept. 18 – Halloween): WEBSITE

Denton: DARK PATH HAUNT zombie laser tag: WEBSITE

Denton: THE PARKER HOUSE (Sept. 18 – Oct.): WEBSITE

Ft. Worth/Dallas: CUTTING EDGE HAUNTED HOUSE (Sept. 11 – Nov. 1): WEBSITE



Houston: SCREAMWORLD (Sept. 18-Nov. 1): WEBSITE


Houston: NIGHTMARE ON THE BAYOU (Sept. 25 – Oct.): WEBSITE

Lake Dallas: DAN’S HAUNTED HOUSE (Sept. 25 – Nov. 1): WEBSITE

Midlothian (outside of Dallas): TAYMAN GRAVEYARD THEME PARK (Sept. 18 – Nov. 1): WEBSITE


Red Oak (Dallas area): REINDEER MANOR HALLOWEEN PARK (Sept. 26 -Nov.): WEBSITE

Rosharon (Houston area): CREEPY HOLLOW HAUNTED HOUSE (Sept. 25 – Nov.): WEBSITE

San Antonio: 13th FLOOR (Sept. 25 – Nov.): WEBSITE

San Antonio: GREAT ROOM ESCAPE: ZOMBIE A horror-themed, survival game adventure. Located at 13th FLOOR: WEBSITE

Shepard (Houston area): 3HAUNTS HAUNTED HOUSE : WEBSITE

Smithville (outside Austin): SCREAM HOLLOW (Sept. 18 – Nov. 1): WEBSITE




Waxahachie (Dallas area): SCREAMS HALLOWEEN PARK (Oct.): WEBSITE

Did we miss some? Please let us know of any other Texas haunted attractions by emailing us at: info (at) blood over texas (dot) com.

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Wes Craven 1939-2015. The legendary director, writer and producer died of brain cancer in Los Angeles on August, 30th. (Insert every sad emoji possible here). You will be loved, remembered and missed for generations.

As I am sure you are aware by now, we have suffered a great loss in not just in the horror genre, but in the film community as a larger whole. Wes Craven has died. Any of you who are on this site are well aware of his contributions to the genre we love, as he was one of the most influential horror filmmakers in history. Craven was born in Cleveland, OH, and being from northeast Ohio myself, I know the horror of growing up a Browns fan. It’s no wonder that he grew into the horror genius we all know and love. Most people will remember Craven for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the creation of Freddy Kruger. Freddy was a change from the normal teen slasher films. A killer that was not only relentless and unkillable, but also one with personality, as opposed to the silent murdery type we were used to. But, Craven accomplished so much more than just Nightmare; he innovated and changed the genre so many times throughout his career. We here at Blood Over Texas love Wes Craven for all the joy, laughter and pants-shitting terror he’s given us over the years, and we are saddened by his passing. We extend our deepest sympathies to those closest to him, and to all horror and film fans. We will miss a man that created some of the films that meant so much to us throughout our lives.

Now, let’s take a look at some of his best non-Nightmare related films and some of those films’ impact on the genre. If you haven’t seen these consider it your homework for the week. (check out the photo gallery at the end)

“Horror films don’t create fear. They release it.” — Wes Craven

The Last House on the Left (1972)


His directorial debut, Craven wrote, directed and edited this film. The Last House on the Left is inspired by an Ingmar Bergman film called The Virgin Spring, and is essentially a parent’s revenge story. The film is incredibly graphic and violent, and was heavily censored in some parts of the US and overseas, and out an out banned in some countries. An innovative take on the explotation-horror genre, Last House paved the way for films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead. Last House was accomplished on a modest budget of under 90,000 dollars. To put that in context, Texas Chainsaw cost around 300,000.


“What you want to do is you want to put your audience off-balance. You have to be aware of what the audience’s expectations are, and then you have to pervert them, basically, and hit them upside the head from a direction they weren’t looking.” — Wes Craven

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)hills_have_eyes_1977.preview

Inspired by the Scottish legend of Sawney Bean, The Hills Have Eyes is about an incestuous cannibal family living in the desert and preying on travelers. The film is again confrontational in its imagery, with graphic depictions of cannibalism. This film also is the beginning of the reference game we see played by Craven and Sam Raimi in their films, starting with a Jaws poster in Hills. Raimi then references that with a The Hills Have Eyes poster in Evil Dead, and then so on and so on. Remember the glove above the door to the work shed in Evil Dead 2? That game started here.


“The horrors of retirement. These are scarier than any horror movie I can dream up.” — Wes Craven

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)the-serpent-and-the-warrior

Based off the non-fiction book of the same name, The Serpent and the Rainbow is about the actual creation of a zombie in late 1970’s Haiti. With all the Romero zombie films and the Return of the Living Dead series on it’s second installment, Craven took the zombie sub genre back to its roots and told a story that is inspired by actual events. The streets over run with shambling corpses is frightening, but impossible. Being paralyzed and buried alive? So much more terrifying because that actually happens.


“‘Happy wife, happy life’ is a mantra it seems unwise to ignore.” — Wes Craven

The People Under the Stairs (1991)The_People_Under_the_Stairs_Poster

Another strange family cannibal type story, this is one of the first major horror releases to feature an African American protagonist. A story about a poor family being thrown out of their home by a vindictive landlord that turns incredibly creepy when a boy discovers his landlords have a house full of stolen children that live in the walls! Often overlooked, this film, like much of Craven’s work, eschews the supernatural for a terrifying reality. An undead killer is one thing, but finding out your neighbors are keeping kidnapped children in the basement is a whole other level of frightening. I shudder at the thought.


“I’ve always felt like (Scream’s) Sidney or (A Nightmare on Elm Street’s) Nancy could never go back to that state of mind that they were in before, but that’s the life of a warrior, and in a sense, there are no more civilians anymore. You’re a warrior. You’re in combat. Because the whole world’s in combat.” — Wes Craven

Scream (1996)MV5BMjA2NjU5MTg5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTkyMzQxMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_

I am old enough to have seen Scream on it’s first run in the theaters. Remember how heavily Drew Barrymore was advertised as the heroine of the movie? And how did that turn out? We all know the plot of Scream, but it is an incredible film when taken without the baggage that all the I Know What You Did Last Summer‘s and Scary Movie’s forced it to carry. Horror films, especially the slashers, were mired in a swamp of sequels and formulas. Scream takes those formulas, and not only acknowledges them, but makes a the rules a sarcastic joke. Even with the self referential humor, Scream still delivers an interesting story. Sometimes the rules are followed, sometimes they’re not, so we are still left guessing.

The Last House on the Left played an important role in the creation of the slasher film, both in content but also by it’s low cost and high box office. Scream tears down the stagnant, preachy rules that followed the genre up to that point, and completely changed the way audiences looked at horror films. Wes Craven was an innovative, strong voice in horror throughout his life. His talent will never be replicated, and we as film fans are all the poorer for his absence.

— Eric Harrelson

Please enjoy some behind-the-scene photos of the master of horror, Wes Craven, making the horror: (click on the photos to see a larger version)


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xuIxZ4udBVC-XEhQXD2nM9DHdnLZcxTmM0_Clc-GUWQ,GmePfiICm900Cor9JdjVxmZNkI9COGxXXcSiI8J7BgwYeah. So it’s hot. F’ing hot. But there’s something just around the corner to start to put a chill in your bones. A gift you could say. Something that will fill your dark souls with the joy of all that the witching season brings. All leading up to the pinnacle… our favorite holiday of the year… Halloween. And we couldn’t be more exited. Ecstatic for the blood to start flowing over the city streets, covering our feet and drowning us in skulls and monsters, horror movies infesting the TV and that oh so familiar “smell” of fall as the child-like, evil giggle begins to bubble out of our guts, crawling out of our throats… to terrify the innocent. Halloween is ours. images

Most of us have vivid memories of getting ready for the witching season, picking pumpkins, starting to make your costume (yes make… not buy), decorating the house with figures of the underworld and, of course, visiting your local haunted house. It’s one of the top things to do during the Halloween season, and this year will be no different. And lucky for us, Austin has a national, award-winning haunted attraction… House of Torment! If you haven’t experienced it yet — or even if you visit every year — this year will be an extra special one because they are celebrating their lucky number 13. This year is their 13th anniversary, and in celebration of 13 years of screams and terror, they are offering a limited-time special of $13 pricing and all new attractions. More on the exclusive $13 pricing later. So get your black cats out, open those ladders and feel free to step on the cracks ‘cuz HOT is back.

Now, House of Torment isn’t your so-so haunted attraction. It’s a multi-layered, movie-quality fright that has won multiple awards by finding it’s way onto many nationally recognized “top” lists, and mentions, from the likes of Buzzfeed, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E ChannelHuffington Post and ABC News.

Slider04-BigHOT features multiple experiences to choose from — usually 3 different worlds, or districts, as they call them —  that are re-arranged with new routes each year and new scare tactics, to keep return customers on their rotten toes and gives newbies a nice new nightmare to file away in the ol’ brain. This year the familiar BLACKTHORNE district it being taken over by THE DEAD END district. The district keeps the same feel of chaos and destruction — but has a new vision designed to portray a real Mad Max meets Walking Dead vibe. Dr. Ectobus (Blackthorne Asylum’s half human-half insect head researcher) and Marax (the Ancient of Time) start a horrific rift causing “deadites” to infiltrate the area. Once in, your mission is to get out alive as you fight to survive.

Slider03-BigThe next new district is filled with the classic staples of the witching season  — witches and pumpkins. The HEX OF THE HARVEST district isn’t your normal pumpkin patch. It’s a deserted island filled with hundreds of pumpkins and dripping vines and is filled with superstition, spells and curses. This one is what you could consider a pure Halloween experience. The central character Pumpking is joined with other horrific creatures to test you and your groups’ fears of the darkside and find out who in your group is the most afraid of superstition.

Slider02-BigAnd I save the best for last. Consider it journalistic biases maybe — but since I’m writing the dang story here — I proclaim that Clowns are the best evil incarnations for striking terror in the hearts of many. So nice and happy on the oustide with evil intentions inside — covered in grease paint and devious smiles. It. Poltergeist. Twisty. Heck even Bozo put a scare in tons of children that lasted a lifetime. Therefore, this year’s district LAUGHTERHOUSE is the one I’m most excited about. Chainsaw-wielding clowns have taken over the previous year’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE district with a twisted and dark circus. We’ll see if you leave with all of your skin still on as you run away with the sounds of shrieking and laughter pouring out of your ears.

All of these districts can be seen with the purchase of a ticket, you can choose the order in which you experience them and you can add on special rockstar status with Skip-The-Line upgrades, group discounts and the exclusive $13 pricing that we were talking about. Here’s the lucky offer for this one lucky day:



For one hour starting tomorrow, August, 28th at noon, all tickets will be $13 for only $13 minutes. That inlcudes any date, including Halloween! 

Not lucky enough to grab them during that 15 minutes? Well you can buy tickets for only $16.99 each until 1pm.

After 1pm, the rest of the limited number of tickets will be $18.99 until sold out. 


Since the regular price for tickets can reach up to $28.99, those are all great deals. Especially since this season is the toughest on the pocket books for us horror fans. So you’ll definitely want to take them up on the offer. We suggest getting your tickets tomorrow while you can for this great high-quality, Halloween experience. Dates start in September and go all the way through November.

You might be surprised to know that House of Torment is a monster that works all year to bring you special year-round events and the ultimate high season spectacle you know and love. One of things we appreciate most, is the obsession of its creative team and production staff that work hard to bring you the scare. The operation employs 100-120 people seasonally including 60-70 actors, 20-30 front end and event grounds staff, 5-10 stunt personnel, 2-4 control room staff, several runners and 6-10 iconic characters that greet guests and entertain them as they enter. The attractions, costumes, make-up and animatronics are produced by various teams of artists and creative engineers who are true horror fans. In fact, they’re always looking for more people to add to their team, so if you’re interested in having the ultimate behind-the-scenes haunt experience, join the HOT family, by contacting them and impressing them with your horror skills.

Take advantage of the exclusive deal tomorrow!

You can also look forward to an upcoming review of this year’s House of Torment attraction as the Blood Over Texas staff take a special walk through in late September. Plus meet a couple of HOT professionals on our next podcast where we will be talking about “living the life of a haunter” and what to do — and what not to do — on your haunted attraction experience. And as usual — us keeping it classy — we kinda want to know what room they’d secretly like to get it on in. Hmmmm.

Check out House of Torment’s Facebook page for up to date info and make sure to LIKE them.

— Bunny Voodoo

Check out the teaser video:

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