On Episode 002: ZOMBIES, CHICKS & BOOZE…

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team — Eric, Fernie, Shelly and Bradley — and special guest Trixi Stix of The Satan’s Cheerleaders. In honor of Women In Horror Recognition Month, the founder and member of Austin’s most devilish group of women in horror, The Satan’s Cheerleaders, joins the team to talk about Cheerleader Soup, Serial Killers, the movie Wyrmwood, Drunk Zombie Sheep, Romantic Zombies and why Mr. Tingles the Clown is a D*#khead. Regular features in the podcast include Horror News, Horror Happenings, Terror Visions Art Challenge, Double Dog Dare You Horror Movie Challenge and Hammered Horror. Songs featured in the podcast are from Banane Metalik and local horror-inspired band, Lucid Dementia. Listen to the evil!


Music: Zombie by Banane Metalik (Album: Requiem De La Depravation)  FACEBOOKWEBSITE

Music: Zombies by Lucid Dementia (Album: When The World Leaves You Behind) FACEBOOKWEBSITE

B.O.T. EVENT: Our sponsored event for March is Demons Vs. Zombies. The horror rap tour is brought to you by Slaughtercore Entertainment and hosted by local group, Texas Hatchet Cartel. B.O.T. members get half off admission! Find out more info on Our Events page.  JOIN THE FB INVITEWEBSITE

TERROR VISIONS Art Challenge: Find more details on this month’s challenge, the guidelines and deadline on Our Series page.

* Intro song by Blood Mansion. Give ‘em a LIKE

** Producer: Bradley Bills

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This is what happens when you learn iMovie in order to put together a promo video to commemorate the Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead Advance Screening we did on Feb. 10th. Enjoy the video and please Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We plan on putting a bunch of kooky stuff on there in the near future.

The video features the song “Final Solution” from the cool Austin metal band who played the event, The Blood Royale. Live burn by daredevil Aaron and his burn crew, Christian and Cheyy. Thanks to IFC Midnight for allowing us to show the screening 3 days before the U.S. release date and to the Wyrmwood team for making such a bad-ass movie. Thanks to our makeup artists Chase and Taylor, the zombies Anthony and Rodi (and Chase and Taylor), and everyone at the The North Door venue. Special thanks to Rob for letting us use his great burn footage. And extra, extra thanks to everyone who came out to see the movie! Please support this kick-ass movie by buying it on VOD on iTunes and Amazon now and buy it when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray.


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We get to do a lot of fun stuff here at Blood Over Texas. We watch creepy television shows together, we have Videodrome inspired parties, we throw Zombie roller skating parties, we even have a podcast, Blood Over Texas Radio, wherein we discuss the horror happenings around Central Texas. But this is by far one of the coolest things we’ve ever been involved with.

B84D4R5IEAA33Sx.jpg-largeWe kicked off our Zombie Week 2015 with a screening of Wyrmood: Road of the Dead. IFC Midnight (IFC’s genre sub label) is officially releasing Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead to the U.S. today, Friday the 13th, and we were lucky enough to get an advanced screening! Wyrmwood isn’t getting a Texas theatrical release, and if you weren’t lucky enough to see the film at Fantastic Fest, then VOD would be your only option. But we reached out to IFC and they were excited to have us screen the film, and pretty much gave us carte blanche to put our Blood Over Texas spin on the event.

Screen-shot-2015-02-11-at-11.59.16-AM-620x400Wyrmwood is an Australian zombie apocalypse film with a healthy dose of Mad Max thrown in for good measure. If anybody knows how to do it, it’d be the Aussies, I mean, Mad Max was theirs first! Wyrmwood is about a brother, Barry (played by Jay Gallagher), trying to find his sister after the initial zombie outbreak. wyrmwoodUnbeknownst to him, his sister Brooke (played by Bianca Bradey), has been abducted by a group of gas mask-wearing military types and is imprisoned in a lab where an unhinged doctor is experimenting on both live and undead subjects. When the survivors figure out that something has rendered gasoline nonflammable, they have to get creative! The motley crew of survivors includes: funny-as-hell Leon Burchill as Benny; beer-lover Keith Agius as Frank; not-for-long Yure Covich as Chalker and a few others who get splattered and dead. As if the zombies weren’t enough, the crew has to deal with evil meanies, like the disco-dancing Doc (Berynn Schwerdt) and the testosterone fueled Captain (Luke McKenzie). Just trust it. The entire cast is worthy of such an awesome zombie film.

WYRM-FIX-1 copy

Mad-Max style

WYRM-FIX-23 copy

Watching the blood and brains


For those of you who didn’t make it out to the screening this past Tuesday, that was a huge mistake. Wyrmwood is fast-paced, has big action and looks absolutely amazing— something that really should be seen on the big screen … a.k.a. the 25 ft wall at the screening venue, The North Door. And because we are over-achieving horror lovers, we decided to ramp up the event. Screenings are fun, but why not have an awesome metal band? Bam. Austin metal band The Blood Royale. And come to think of it, a movie and a band are great, but why not have some zombies in attendance as well? You know what… even all of this just wasn’t quite enough for our Evil Overlord, Bunny Voodoo, so she casually decided that we should get a couple marauders in a post-apocalyptic Beetle to confront a zombie, set him on fire, then gun him down in the street. You read that correctly, A GUY GOT SET ON FIRE! Now if that’s not enough to slake that zombie horror thirst, I don’t know what is. Go to the bottom of this post to see live footage of the “burn” and go to our Facebook main page for more photos from the event.

WYRM-FIX-3 copy

Metal! Courtesy of The Blood Royale

Not only did we get to bring the film to you in proper Blood Over Texas fashion, we also got the chance to interview the director, Kiah Roache-Turner and ask him just who the hell he and his brother, Tristan Roache-Turner (co-writer and producer), think they are and what the hell do they think they’re doing?!

**some small spoilers ahead **


Blood Over Texas (Eric): So first off, I’d like to know just a little bit about who you are and how you got started in film. I don’t like to ask the question of influences, because I think it sounds dumb, so I’d like to ask if you remember what made you see films as something that you wanted to make? What was that first thing you saw that made you say “Yep, doin that!”?

Kiah Roach-Turner: Star Wars was the first film that blew my mind (like everyone else in the world) and ‘Raiders’ made me more excited than a trip to Disneyland, but it was probably seeing Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner as a kid that made me sit up and think ‘how the fuck does someone do THAT?’ Coppola’s film is so hallucinogenic and violent, so colourful and full of such insane caricatures and Blade Runner is just two hours of pure graphic design porn! Anybody who wants to be an artist immediately wants to be a filmmaker after seeing those two films.

B.O.T.: Tell me a little about the original concept for Wyrmwood, and bring me through to the finished version. Changes… ideas that couldn’t be done, or just didn’t work… that sort of thing. Also any weird or crazy things happen during the shoot?

K.R-T.: The original concept was very much more in the vein of Richard Mathiasen’s I Am Legend — you know, “One man, alone, the last man on earth living in a fenced-off caravan in the middle of fucking nowhere surrounded by hundreds of undead that he has to deal with on a daily basis.” This is still something that we would like to delve into in the sequel but we realized that for a first film it might not be a good idea to make a dark almost dialogue-free character piece and so we decided to re-write it as more of an action-adventure.

Changes? Are you kidding? We re-wrote, like, fifty times while we were shooting (note to filmmakers … don’t do this). Brooke started out as Barry’s love interest and changed into his sister halfway through the shoot, The Luke McKenzie character started out as Barry’s brother then we cut those scenes and decided to re-imagine him as the villain who turns up at the end. It was a shambles! But SO fun!

Way too many weird and crazy things happened during the shooting of this film to go into with any kind of brevity. Try having the entire police force turn up with guns drawn thinking they were coming to the site of a horrible murder? How about nearly having your lead stunt woman nearly killed by being nearly run over by a metal-spiked four wheel drive? How about setting a blokes head on fire? How’s that for weird and crazy?

B.O.T: Did you have a particular favorite scene or gag that was just really fun to shoot?



K.R-T.: So many. Firing a massive blood-gun at Jay Gallagher’s face was pretty awesome, although he really didn’t appreciate it at the time. Blowing up Yure Covich’s head has to take the cake though. He had to quit the production due to scheduling and we had to work out a clever way to write his character out so we just had someone randomly shoot him in the face with a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun! Great writing, eh? Although I have to freely admit we totally stole that one from Quentin Tarantino; the “Oh, man! I shot Marvin in the face!” scene from Pulp Fiction is one of the all-time great moments of modern cinema!

B.O.T: I enjoyed how you sort of skirted the question of fast vs slow zombies and just did both, day vs. night. How did you make that choice?

K.R-T.: Well, we thought ‘there’s slow zombie movies and there’s fast zombie movies, but nobody’s ever done both!’ It was an outrageous act of of desperate grabbing for plaudits of originality by basically just going with all options available at the same time.

B.O.T.: Another choice that sets your world apart from others is the gasoline doesn’t burn, but the zombie breath does. Tell me a little about that as well.

K.R-T.: My brother came up with that one after watching the documentary Food Inc. Apparently there’s a section in that about cows breathing methane, or something? When he suggested that, I just pissed myself. I thought, if somebody told me about a movie where zombie-methane-breath powers vehicles, I would totally be up for watching that! So we started writing straight away after that suggestion and the rest is history!

B.O.T.: I don’t want to get too spoilery with the film, so I want to move on to some more about you. What’s next for Wyrmwood and what’s the next thing in the works for you?

K.R-T.: After the February 13th release, DVD and Blu Ray follow very soon obviously, so fingers crossed it does well and doesn’t get too bloody “Torrent-ed.” Although realistically, even some of my mates will probably Torrent it but, hey, that’s the world we live in, eh? The next project after this one is mental and I cannot wait to finish the screenplay and start making the bastard! It’s kind of like a Lovecraftian-Stephen King-ish-Hellraiser-esque-R-rated Ghostbusters-type thing and it’s gonna blow the top off the ghost genre for sure! I’m a big horror fan obviously and I love films like The Conjuring, but I’m getting fucking sick of the haunted-bloody-house genre, it’s so over-saturated right now and I just hunger for a movie where there’s a ghost and someone just picks up a BIG FUCKING GUN and shoots it! That’s our next film for sure.

B.O.T.: You had mentioned in a previous email, that you love Austin … that it was a home away from home. What are your ties with us? When you are here, what are some of your favorite spots around town? Where you like to eat and or drink?

K.R-T.: Our ties with the beloved city of Austin is when we premiered Wyrmwood at Fantastic Fest last year and absolutely, bloody fell in love with it! I could totally live there, and I’ve only ever said that about one other place, and that’s New Zealand so you’re in good company. I loved going down to The White Horse and boogying to some sick tunes till the wee hours. I saw some of the most amazing live music I have ever witnessed in bars all over the city. I have about seven T-shirts purchased from The Museum of The Weird. John Mueller BBQ gave me my first ever official Texas ‘meat coma’ so we chowed down there a fair bit, and obviously The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was kind of our official HQ the entire time we were there. Such a great town.

B.O.T.: Now on to the our stock questions that we ask everyone we interview…

What was the first horror film you remember watching and how old were you?

The Culprit

K.R-T.: I caught a glimpse of about 30 seconds of the Nightmare On Elm Street trailer while walking through a cinema when I was six years old. It was basically just the image of Freddy Kruger stretching his arms out and scraping the alleyway walls with the razors attached to his fists but it was quite an indelible image. I had nightmares for months afterward and it left a huge impression on me. I guess that was the first time I realized what an incredible effect horror could have on an audience. So I guess basically, what I am saying is, this is all Wes Craven’s fault!

B.O.T.: What is your favorite sub-genre in horror (i.e. vampire, slasher, etc.)?

K.R-T.: Vampire. I’m obsessed with vampires. The problem is that Twilight actually pretty much guarantees that I can’t make a vampire film for at least a decade which, quite frankly, pisses me off. But I promise you: one day I will enter the vampire genre with a vengeance and the stuff I intend to come up with will rattle your cortex, I promise.

B.O.T.: If the zombie apocalypse was occurring and you were in a bunker, and all you could carry with you for entertainment were three horror films, which would you choose?

K.R-T.: Evil Dead 2, The Exorcist, and Shawshank Redemption!!! Shawshank is written by Stephen King so it has to be a horror and at least I’d get a break from all that fucking horror on those lonely, dark, Sunday afternoons of the soul!

B.O.T.: Lastly, what is the last horror movie you watched and what did you think of it?

K.R-T.: Last year I saw a film called Martyrs. Um … that film… I’m not quite sure how to say this except that it ROCKED MY FUCKING SOUL TO ITS QUIVERING CORE! My. God. Now that is a horror film. If you are directing your readers towards anything in this article — besides getting them to watch Wyrmwood —point them in that direction, now that’s fucking horror!

So like I said, if you were a complete Muppet and missed the screening of Kiah and Tristan Roache-Turner’s incredibly fun and gruesome Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, then you can find it now on Video on Demand, and keep your eyes peeled for the DVD and Blu Ray release. Now I don’t care if you Torrent the new Avengers movie or the “fart-joke-comedy-part-5” by Judd Apatow, but get Wyrmwood through legitimate channels. It’s movies like this that need to perform well in sales so that guys like Kiah and Tristan get to keep making awesome stuff! So instead of complaining about the umpteenth remake of Texas Chainsaw, support the filmmakers that are doing new and original stuff, where do you think Texas Chainsaw came from, anyway?

With strong content like Wyrmwood and my favorite of the year, The Babadook, IFC Midnight is getting their hands on some pretty amazing overseas horror content, and I am excited to see what else they bring to us! Thanks to IFC Midnight and the Wyrmwood folks for letting us show this soon-to-be-classic zombie film to Austin horror fans.

—Eric Harrelson 

Note: You can watch the movie on VOD at Amazon and iTunes as of today, 2/13/15.

And now for the crazy… (video by Rob Perez)

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zombie-week-WEB2Calling all zombies, this is your week! We got three events for you demented un-dead and we hope to see you at all of them! Find information on our Our Events page or please join the FB invites for total info and updates. For the Zombie Street Team, the info is in the Zombie Skate 5 invite. Meet up time and place to be announced, on that invite, soon!

WYRMWOOD: Road of the Dead Screening/w live music from The Blood Royale. Get INFO

ZOMBIE STREET TEAM: Get INFO (info is in the info text of Zombie Skate 5)



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The FX PRICE LIST and the COSTUME CONTEST CATEGORIES for Zombie Skate 5 have been announced! Check Our Events or our FB INVITE for details. See you zombies there!

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Forget Shark Week… It’s Zombie Week!


This event starts off — what is quickly becoming — our “Zombie Week” here in Austin. First ‘ya got this kick-ass movie… then terrorizing 6th street on the 13th with our Zombie Street Team… and it all leads up to the ultimate… Zombie Skate 5! We couldn’t be happier brain-infested zombie lovers. And this event is a great way to start off the blood bath.

Blood Over Texas and IFC Midnight present an advance screening of the kick-ass Australian zombie movie, Wyrmwood. The film premiered at last years Fantastic Fest (2014) and we’re excited to give Austin horror fans a first stab at it before it gets it’s U.S. Release on Feb. 13th. And it wouldn’t be a B.O.T. event if we didn’t cram as much entertainment in as possible. After the screening, enjoy the brain melting music of Austin metal band, The Blood Royale! Please JOIN THE FB INVITE

With no other Austin screening planned, this might be your only chance to see it on the big screen — a.k.a. the 25 ft wall at The North Door. An awesome viewing opportunity complete with seating in a dark, quiet atmosphere. You get a critically acclaimed horror movie and live music for only $6. We want you horror fans to come out and have a drink with us as we watch the blood bath!

The Official Selection (2014) of Fantastic Fest, Toronto After Dark, Busan International Film Festival, Stiges Festival Internacional De Cinema Fantastic De Catalunya, Stockholm Film Festival and Marta Del Plata International Film Festival.

“Mad Max Meets Dawn Of The Dead” — Empire Mag.

               “Bold and Ballsy” — Ain’t It Cool News

“Energetically Executed Blood Bath” — Variety


Doors at 8:30pm •  Screening is at 9:00 • Live music at 11:00ish

There will be chairs set up to watch the film. We ask that you get there early to get a seat before the movie starts. You’ll wanna be able to see this cool film in its entirety and not disturb the other watchers.

Entry is only $6!! (21+)

OriginalHollyWe tried our hardest to keep the price low, we only ask you get there on time to see the movie and grab a drink from the hard working bartenders. We do this all for you horror fans. Long Live Horror!

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Blood Over Texas Radio: Ep. 001 “Meat The Monster”

On this premier episode, Episode 001: Meat The Monster, you’ll learn about the horror social group and the minds behind the monster that is Blood Over Texas. Meet some of the B.O.T. team and find out what to expect in future episodes. In this episode Bunny introduces Bradley, Eric, Fernie and Shelly. They talk about their “firsts” and issue challenges on what will be ongoing features: Terror Visions Horror Art Challenge and the Double Dog Dare You Horror Challenge. Plus they divulge Shelly’s movie assignment in the feature Hammered Horror. Blood Over Texas’s event Zombie Skate 5 coming in February is announced and a call out to visit the Horror Happenings (local horror events listing) page and signing up to be a member. Experience the evil!


Music: Juno by Rob and Chloe Alpher (Maniac 2012 soundtrack). Buy it at your local music store or online at Amazon, etc.

Music: Need by Chant (Strong Words For Strong People). Austin-based industrial drum project: SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC

B.O.T. EVENT: Zombie Skate 5 — Find out more on Our Events page and JOIN THE FB INVITE

TERROR VISIONS Art Challenge: Find more details on this month’s challenge, the guidelines and deadline on Our Events page.

* Intro song by Blood Mansion. Give ‘em a LIKE

** Producer: Bradley Bills

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SKATE BANNER flatWe’re looking for Zombie Vendors and Zombie Makeup Artists to participate in our upcoming event, Zombie Skate 5 on Sunday, February 15th. If you’re a vendor that sells zombie merch, contact us. Space is very limited in this venue so priority will be given to vendors selling zombie-related merch. If you’re a makeup artist that is interested in creating some quick makeup effects for our skaters, contact us. We suggest you keep the makeup simple and the session around 15-20 minutes to limit the time it takes to do the makeup. Possibly a Zombie Bite, Night of the Living Dead-style (black and gray) or anything you can do quickly. Let’s play in blood and braaaainns!

ZOMBIE VENDORS: Spaces are $30 each and you must bring your own table and set-up. Again, priority will be given to vendors that will be selling zombie-related merch. Email us at info (at) bloodovertexas (dot) com with “Zombie Vendor” in the subject line.

ZOMBIE ARTISTS: Contact us to give us your input and suggestions. Email us at info (at) bloodovertexas (dot) com with “Zombie Makeup” in the subject line. Here are some samples of “quick” makeup ideas:

Here’s the FB INVITE for the skate, or you can visit the OUR EVENTS page.

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Other Worlds Austin was last weekend, and I was fortunate enough to get to go. Now as it was predominantly a Sci-Fi festival, there wasn’t as much straight up horror, but there were definitely a few films that had some great horror elements. Here are the Audience Award Winners and a couple of my picks as well.

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature

TIME LAPSE (2014)  Directed by Bradley King1418245653729

When a neighbor goes missing, a 20 something loser couple and their loser roommate find something unbelievable in his apartment: a camera pointed at their living room that takes pictures 24 hours into the future. So naturally they start exploiting the images, until it all goes terribly wrong.

Time Lapse is more of a Hitchcock-style thriller. Incredibly tense and unpredictable, the film was far and away my favorite of the festival. Any narrative with a time element tends to fall apart or at the very least create some plot holes, but amazingly Time Lapse manages to keep everything together. That in and of itself is an impressive feat. The film does owe a lot to The Twilight Zone as well as Hitchcock, but it manages to take that influence and really do something amazing with it.

My Picks:

BLOODY KNUCKLES (2014)  Directed by Matt O’Mahoney

An underground comic artist named Travis has a knack for offending people, and he finally offends the wrong person. He targets a Chinatown crime boss, and as a result said boss cuts off his hand to teach him a lesson. But the hand doesn’t get the message and comes back to help Travis exact revenge.

An incredibly goofy film, Bloody Knuckles is what we’d get if Idle Hands was made by Lloyd Kaufman. It goes overboard in that delightful Troma way, but manages to stick to a plot and not just get caught up in the gross out weirdness like the more recent Troma films seem to do. Although, if you want to see a man’s severed hand stick its finger up his butt, then put that finger in his mouth, Bloody Knuckles is the film for you!

THE WELL (2014)  Directed by Tom Hammock

It’s been 10 years since the last rain. A once fertile farmland has been turned to dust, and the wells are running dry. A water baron has laid claim to all the water in the valley, and is slowly taking over, telling people that if they surrender they’ll be given refuge. A 17 year old girl has to decide whether or not to continue to surrender and be taken to the camp or to hold out and fight for what little she has left.

The Well isn’t exactly a horror film, but it is one of the better films of the festival. Hammock does a great job of creating his world, it really does feel as if there hasn’t been any rain for 10 years. The heroine of the film is a great actress for her age, and I really enjoyed the choice to make her so young. It immediately makes her seem more vulnerable, and thus makes her tenacity and strength that much more impressive.

In addition to the features, Other Worlds Austin had a great shorts program as well. Here is the winner of the Audience Award and a couple of my favorites

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short

ONE-MINUTE TIME MACHINE  by Devon Avery1418245653729

“What’s the box?” “Well it certainly isn’t a one-minute time machine.” “Then why does it have ‘one-minute time machine’ written on it.” “Dammit.” [presses button]

My Picks:


A Martian emigrates to Los Angeles to start a new life, and struggles to fit in.

SLUMPTOWN by Bryan Costanich

A coffee shop manager is tasked with training his robot replacement.

Other Worlds Austin had a very strong inaugural year, and by the looks of it they will only continue to grow and get better and better. Stay tuned for next year’s announcements, and if you are curious as to the rest of the award winners, go to WINNERS for a full list of the Cthulhies (d’aww).

— Eric Harrelson

Read the pre-festival blog on Other Worlds: “How’s ‘Bout a Little Horror in Your Cup of Sci-Fi?” READ ME

Other Worlds generously donated a percentage of wristband and merch sales from the festival to our friend, and co-founder of Housecore Horror Film Festival, Corey Mitchell. Corey suddenly passed after HHFF ended this past October and leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. The festival raised a couple hundred dollars, which founder of Other Worlds, Bears Fonté and his wife are matching. Thank you Bears and Other Worlds! If you’d like to give to Corey’s family fund, please visit the family’s FUNDRAISER site.



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Tis’ the season to shop for some horror! Coming off our successful art & gift market, Horror For The Holidays, it really became apparent that there is a definite market for horror goods — and not just around Halloween. Horror hounds like us are always on the lookout for gifts for our fellow horror fiends and family… and ourselves of course. And xmas season is the right season for gore. I put together a quick horror gift guide to help you mark off those naughty horror fans off your list. Krampus would be proud.

Prices are approximate and don’t include shipping. We found some of these items on sale from multiple outlets, so shop around for the best price. However, we encourage you to buy from the “Austin-based” ones directly as they are our extended horror family here and it’s always best to shop local when you can. Please check out our Community listings page for local horror artists and scroll our Links page to find local people to buy from and local stores where you can shop for horror wares. Have a great horrorday season! —Bunny Voodoo

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving… Gore

We hear that over in “normal” world, people give year-long gifts like fruit-, wine- and meat-of-the-month packages that arrive to the doorstep each month. That’s all pretty cool, but let’s get some gore versions for your hungry horror fiends.

RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE A great mag from Toronto. High quality, great interviews/reviews and fun features.

RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE A great mag from Toronto. High quality, great interviews/reviews and fun features. Highly recommended for the horror fan. ($59-$135 depending on subscription length. Also available in digital format)

GORE NOIR MAGAZINE This Austin-based mag is full of gore, girls, interviews, cool features and bloody photograph.

GORE NOIR MAGAZINE This Austin-based mag is full of great gore, girls, interviews, cool features and bloody photographaphy. (sold individually for $10 or 4-month subscription for $35. Also available in digital format)









HORROR BLOCK The monthly subscription box of horror goodies is from Nerd Block. Each box is full of surprises that horror fans will love: horror toys, mags, stickers, shirts, etc. You don’t know what you’ll get, but it’s bound to be the best thing you’ll get in the mail that day. ($14-20 per month plus shipping)


BOX OF DREAD The Canada version of the horror-in-a-box that’s full of horror goodies. You can check out reviews on both “horror boxes” on YouTube. We can’t remember which one sounded better, so you might as well get both. ($13-15 per month plus $6 shipping)



Sure You May Already Have it, but This One is Special

So you may have “fill in the blank horror movie” on VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, that re-lease and maybe even Blu-Ray, but the studios and distributors always have something special up their sleeves to add. And yes, you must have the new version. For heck’s sake, it’s got improved sound, the directors cut and all new high-def transfers. Not to mention the bad-ass new packaging. Here’s some to give to your fiends and upgrade your horror library.


TCM BLACK MARIA SET The limited edition set from Dark Sky Films and Gorgon Video celebrates Texas Chainsaw’s 40th anniversary and comes with 4 discs, a bloody apron, mini-poster, free copy of Tobe Hooper’s movie Eaten Alive and packaged in a Black Maria truck design (Suggested $99.98 but we found it on Amazon for $69)


NIGHTBREED BLU-RAY/DVD COMBO PACK Clive Barker’s original director’s cut of his story, The Cabal, Nightbreed has been re-released by Scream/Shout! Factory. There are two versions. This combo pack with bonus features (under $20) and the Limited Edition with even more extras, the theatrical version and collector book/photos. ($72).


THE EVIL DEAD ANTHOLOGY The collector’s edition from MadMan features all four Evil Dead films (1978 original, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness and the great 2013 re-make), a Nekronomicon outer with 16 pages of drawings and a replica prop dagger. Tons of bonus features and the documentary included. (Suggested $180)


TALES FROM THE CRYPT & VAULT OF HORROR DOUBL-FEATURE The 70’s double-feature was released by Scream Factory and will satisfy your horror short story appetite. (on Amazon for under $20)


DEMONS 1 & 2 Synapse Films The re-release of the Argento classic demon fest, Demon 1 & 2, as limited edition “steelbook” box sets (with extras) and Blu-Ray versions of each movie. (Blu-Rays on Synapse for $25 each and steelbook sets for apprx. $46)


NEKROMANTIK The Cult Epics re-release of the cult shocker, Nekromantik, from director Jorg Buttgereit. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray (both around $20 on Amazon)



























A Smorgasbord of Horror Gifts

Just some cool stuff you gotta have.


THEY LIVE phone covers. Art by Ghoulish Gary. Many designs available in multiple phone designs and for multiple computer devices. Available at Nuvango.


“UGLY” AWESOME SWEATERS from Austin-based Middle of Beyond. Lots of cool sweater, cardigan and scarf designs including Cthulhu, Krampus, Baphomet, Big Foot, Gremlins, Room 237 (The Shining), etc. They also have demented xmas ornaments and other home goods.


HORROR PILLOWS from Austin-based Pallbearer Press. Pallbearer is the place to go for the horror fan: custom designed horror shirts, memorabilia, records, movies, more pillows, etc. You could probably kill off your entire horror xmas list right here. (Pillow is $30)


MYERS METAL KNIFE This one-of-a-kind prop knife made from metal is brought to you by Texas-based Fast Custom Shirts. They have several horror-inspired metal works — plus a huge supply of horror shirts so check out everything on the site. (Knife is $25)


ZOMBIE YAHTZEE from ($30) Side note: We’ve also seen The Walking Dead version of Monopoly around the intrawebs.


ZOMBIE SLIPPERS from ThinkGeekcom. ($18)





THE EX KNIFE STAND This one’s been around for awhile and although they titled it “The Ex” we think of it more as, “The Serial Killer”.  Comes in different colors (On Amazon for $160)


SPLASH CUTTING BOARD What more to say. A cutting board that drips “blood”. They also have a spoon rest in the same design. We found this on Tragical Beautiful (currently sold out) but also on multiple sites. $15-30.


SKULL ROLLING PIN from RolllingPinDesigns on Etsy. Roll up some death and eat some dang cookies already. ($30)


BRAIN MOLDS for super smart ice cubes or chocolate making. On Amazon for under $5.

CHOCOLATE SKULL A human-sized skull made of 100% Belgian chocolate (dark, milk, chili and caramel) by Black Chocolate Factory on Etsy. ($108 plus shipping)


ALIEN BOTTLE OPENER We also found this on Tragic Beautiful (currently sold out) but you can get it now on Amazon. Seriously, Tragic Beautiful has lots of cool stuff so bookmark ‘em. But for xmas.. get it at the giant store ($15-30)


BAT PENDANT from Nightshade Boutique. Nightshade, by Gabrielle Faust, sells lots of vampire goodies and this one would be perfect on your winter coat. ($37)


OCTOPUS JEWELRY by OctopusMe on Etsy. Lots of custom jewelry with octopusssyness-goodness.


ZOMBIE CHIA! Z-z-z-z-z-zombie. Found on Amazon for $18-32.

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