Splatterdrome was a success and the night was full of evil fun. Didn’t make it? That’s okay, we’ll get ya on the next one. Here’s a sample of the pics. To see more CHECK OUT THE FULL ALBUM.




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Our big fundraising event is almost here. I hope you all are planning on coming. This will be an epic 80s horror event and fundraiser for our group. We ask that you join and keep up with the invite on our Facebook page. There are silent auction and raffle items coming in almost every day and we will update on the invite. A ton of kick-ass horror items that you’re definitely going to want. Plus tons of attractions that are also being added before the event. Here are the details for now:


A night of 80s horror, blood and technology … A Music and Visual Event for the 80s Horror Movie Fan

Step inside and experience the sights and sounds of the tech/sci-fi/horror movies of the 80s; such as Videodrome, Lifeforce, Scanners, Chopping Mall and many more. These movies were envisions of a future filled with horror, mind control from the ultimate computer … the brain, and the idea that horror could live within the technology. All of these classics were a mirror of a time when technology was quickly becoming a part of everyday life. We invite you to come with us on this horror journey of the past and future.

The night will consist of many attractions that any horror fan will revel in, especially those with an appreciation for the glory years of horror — the 80s! We’ve compiled some great bands and DJs from here and our sister cities and they will impress the hell out of you with their 80s inspired sounds. Our professional VJ that will blow your mind with horror images and 80s horror movie clips. The Satans Cheerleaders will kill you on film, with your chosen method of murder, in the “Kill Room” photo booth. Come prepared to dance with the dead — costumes are greatly encouraged and prizes will be given to those that dress up in any future, horror or bloody costume. Impress us with your imagination

This is also a fundrasier and membership-drive for Blood Over Texas, so there will be an amazing Silent Auction and Raffle to raise money. We will list the items as they come in as well as times for the bands. Join us for the fun. Stay for the evil.

Doors at 9pm • Venue is 18+ (flyers say 21+, but over 18 are welcome)

ENTRY is $8 for the general public and $5 FOR B.O.T. MEMBERS.

Not a member? Sign up for FREE online and bring your card for the discount: MEMBERSHIP

MUSICal ear assaults by:

BITFORCE (San Antonio): Live rock & synth band that recreates video game and movie themes.

MILLENNIAL GRAVE (Houston): Live synth, pop that sounds like you’re inside an 80s horror movie.

PEACH FISH (San Antonio): Elements of vintage, synth, pop, euro — presented in an elaborate live show with visual elements and effects that are incorporated with the music.

VISUAL eye terror by:

VJ GREEKFIRE (Austin): Images of 80s horror movie clips with his own brand of sexy, horror and blood imagery.

DJ sKILLs by:

SPLIT SIGNALS (Austin): Czech One & Dey One, performing as Split Signals. A deadly duo spinning dark, synth, pop and horror sound tracks.


“Kill Room” photo opportunity by Austin’s legendary Squad 666. Officially approved by Satan himself. Donations go to B.O.T. and photos will be posted on our FB page for your tagging, sharing pleasure.

Just smile, hand over a few bucks and no one gets hurt: A few of the ghoulishly gore-geous ladies from DOLLS FROM THE CRYPT will be helping us sell raffle tickets!


HOUSECORE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL: poster, shirt and 2014 pass package – value $450!

• Passes and food coupons to the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE.

• Gift certificate to LUCY IN DISGUISE

• Magazine & sticker pack by GORE NOIR MAGAZINE

Join the invite to let us know you’re coming and to get all the updates: SPLATTERDROME INVITE.

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Volunteers Needed To Make Horror


920426_10152748088470655_2056927523_oCancer sucks. We’ve all been affected by it in some way or other. We’ve lost friends and families and known people who have lost friends and family. Luckily we’ve also known many who have fought this fucker of a disease and won. Proud survivors that are grateful and thankful to live another day and be with their loved ones. It has created a close community and garnered awareness for the fight against cancer.

One of the best ways you horror fans can contribute to the cause is to mix support and horror by attending and volunteering for local kick-ass haunt, Scare For A Cure. The Scare For A Cure organization is non-profit and has raised thousands of dollars for local cancer-related charities and organizations.1450061_10153407940760655_1640828280_n

1000305_10153064584090655_1632811712_n1003692_10152987659935655_1465817935_nThe yearly, seasonal haunt takes place out in the dirt and cedar of country-fied Austin and promises to scare the bejesus out of you. More than anything, it’s a total emergence into a horror world with differing themes each year. One of Austin’s only extreme, full contact, interactive haunts — plan on crouching, crawling and interacting with actors as you physically travel through different sets. Oh yeah. And watch out for the blood cannons, slime and gore as you go through the obstacles to arrive at the end, hopefully with your parts and mind in tact.

This year’s theme is Return To Zombie Wasteland and I can tell you from experience, that the first time around, The Zombie Wasteland experience was one of the best haunt experiences I’ve ever had. So yeah, they’re doing some good, but they show you no mercy so don’t get too comfortable.

As you can imagine, all of this can only take place with oodles of volunteers, anxious to not only give back to their community, but, like I said before, scare the bejesus outta ya. The haunt is looking for volunteers NOW to help make the horror dream happen. There are a ton of ways to volunteer so pick your poison:

BUILD Commando knows how to use a tape measure, a level, a drill vs. an impact driver, how to frame a doorway, hang a door and skin a wall with plywood.

PAINT Chief knows how to paint along an edge, to clean your paint brushes and supplies, knows when to use a paint roller vs. a paint brush and how to keep from making a mess.

ART Ninja has the skill and experience of creating ART usually in the form of drawing, painting or sculpting.

SPECIAL FX Gladiator understands terms such as: PSI, laser trigger, voltage, pneumatics, automated controller and linear actuator. As well as having experience working with such terms and devices. 

SET DESIGN Wizard has experience in theater, film or TV with setting the stage for a production, including arrangement of furniture, use of color, props and other décor

ELECTRICAL Ace has experience wiring a 110 outlet, can install a light fixture, repair and extension cord or wire a device in either AC or CD configuration.

LANDSCAPE Hero enjoys working with grass, dirt and gravel.  Is not afraid to cut through weeds, create a walking path or spread some gravel.

COSTUME Queen or King can use a sewing machine, cut from a pattern, thread a needle and attach a button. 

APPRENTICE anyone who doesn’t fit in a previous category but wants to learn and assist with a specific skill listed above.

MINION anyone who simply wants to help and doesn’t have a preference regarding a specific skill or category.

To sign up for Build for Zombie Wasteland follow these simple steps

1) Click this link to go to the invitation page on VoluneerSpot: VOLUNTEER

2) Enter your email address (you will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)

3) Sign up Choose your spots (you’ll receive an auto confirmation and reminders)

So Volunteer. Go to the haunt. And pat your own back. You’ve been a good horror hound

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Introducing Our New Weekly Series


Blood Over Texas contributor, Eric Harrelson, scours Netflix for horror gems to feed your horror appetite. The new series, NetFLIX Horror FIX, will appear on this main page every Wednesday and will be archived on the Film page. So get the bloody popcorn ready and stream some horror.


Netflix why do you torture me so? It’s just like being in the horror section of the video store (everybody remembers video stores, right?) Thousands of titles and no idea what to watch. Well lucky for you, I’m FUNemployed and have nothing but time to sift through all the online offerings to find those tiny flakes of gold. I will dive into the depths of the obscure, the low budget, the amateur. I’ll ascend to the heights of the incredibly well made, classic, the rare diamond of cult. I will mix metaphors and imagery all in the quest to bring you the finest horror that Netflix streaming has to offer. I’m doing this for you, appreciate my sacrifice. This week we’ll start off with a collection of better know titles that you may not have seen, and that you really owe it to yourself to watch. And they are streaming down the world pipes as we speak!

UnknownCABIN IN THE WOODS (2011)

Directed by nerd demigod Joss Whedon.

Much like Wes Craven’s Scream, this film takes the horror movie tropes that we all have come to love and respect and openly acknowledges that they exist and form a sort of rule set for behavior. A group of friends drives out for a nice weekend in the titular Cabin in the Woods, and what happens next won’t surprise you, right up until it does. Unicorn? This film is definitely made by a horror movie fan for horror movie fans, with all sorts of references, allusions, and inside jokes that are clearly meant for those of us who grew up on a steady diet of horror.


dziecko rosemary 1_6975086ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968)

Directed by Roman Polanski and staring Mia Farrow.

A classic psychological horror film, with an incredible performance by Mia Farrow. From the era before the grindhouse slasher, this film is widely regarded as one of the most important films in the genre by fans and critics alike. A young couple moves into an apartment and shortly after the woman becomes mysteriously pregnant. Strange things begin occurring and the woman starts to fear for the safety of her unborn child. Tense, claustrophobic and paranoid, Rosemary’s Baby really shows Polanski’s love of Hitchcock and serves to push the genre forward, paving the way for movies like The Omen, and arguably, The Shining.


Koroshiya-IchiB2style1ICHI THE KILLER (2001)

Directed by Takashi Miike.

The American horror scene was, in my opinion, stagnant in the late nineties and early oughts, so fans had to look overseas to fill that ragged, gaping, sucking chest wound left by the failings of the American movie machine. Takashi Miike easily filled that gap with films like Audition, and Ichi the Killer. This film follows a sadomasochistic Yakusa hit man that runs across deranged and repressed Ichi. What follows is an exploration of pain, gore, and shocking brutality. Like much of Miike’s work, Ichi the Killer challenges the conventions of numerous genres, and brings freshness not only to the genre but to the medium itself


Re-AnimatorTHE RE-ANIMATOR (1985)

Directed by Stuart Gordon and stars Jeffery Combs as Herbert West.

Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West-Re-Animator, this film tells the story of a medical student and his girlfriend who begin research on the reanimation of dead tissue. Combs delivers a wonderful performance as Herbert West, the unhinged medical student obsessed with his research. Both nerdy and menacing, Combs is a big reason why this film is such a favorite among horror fans, that and zombie cat!!


night_of_the_creeps_poster_01NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986)

Directed by Fred Dekker, who also directed Monster Squad.

An honest homage to the B movies of the 50’s and 60’s, this film does it all. Alien invasions, slasher nods, insane asylums, evil slugs that turn people into zombies, seriously, what more can one ask for? Really a fun watch and one that if you haven’t seen, you really owe it to yourself as a horror fan to check it out.


let_the_right_one_in_ver2_xlgLET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008)

Directed by Tomas Alfredson, based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

I have been a fan of Lindqvist since I read Let the Right One In around 2010. A real breath of fresh air to the horror/thriller genre, Lindqvist has a unique take on established horror tropes, and it is evident here with Let the Right One In. The story begins with an outcast young boy who befriends an mysterious young girl who is new to his neighborhood. She can’t go outside during the day, doesn’t eat, and can only enter if invited. Alfredson’s film really conveys the feeling of isolation and loneliness that is so central to the story. Truly a standout film, proving that good horror can come from anywhere. Forget the remake, subtitles aren’t that bad, just suck it up and read.

-Eric Harrelson-

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We just sent out your August Newsletters with this month’s special member deals from Lucy In Disguise and I Luv Video (this one is extra cool). Make sure you check your Spam folder as it may have ended up there. Your newsletter is the only way to find out what your member deals are. So you definitely want to get your member newsletter in your email account.

NEW MEMBERS: If you signed up online to be a new member and have not received a newsletter it may be because your original member signup ended up in our spam folder right off the bat. We try to check it everyday but we do get busy and we may have missed it before it went to email hell. We’re currently trying to fix this issue. If you signed up over two weeks ago and haven’t received your member card in the mail yet, this might have happened. If so, please signup again and we’ll try to make this work!

NOT A MEMBER YET?: For those of you that are not a members yet… if you signup now we’ll still send you your August Newsletter with your this month’s member discounts. Sign up for FREE on the Membership tab.

While we’re on the subject, wondering how to keep the emails you want from going into the spam folder? You need to Whitelist them, also known as Approved or Safe Sender list. In regular person speak: basically add them to your address book. Here’s how the hell you do that:  B.O.T. IS MY FRIEND 

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KILLERS IN AUSTIN! They’re here!


In our continuing effort to Keep Austin Bloody, we’re proud to announce our new photo series, KILLERS IN AUSTIN! The series of kooky killer pics will be released every Monday and Friday. We may change our minds and release a few special ones in between just cuz we love you so much, Austin horror fans!

First pic goes up today at 6 pm! Go to our FACEBOOK page and take a gander, share and enjoy the horror!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and make sure you LIKE us. It lets us know that you… well… umm.. “like” us. And don’t’ forget to scroll down and click “Get Notifications” so you’re newsfeed will show you things you’re actually into. We promise to always make it fun and creepy.

The pictures will also be on Instagram and Tumblr as well as a short blog on where the hell we came up with this crazy idea. But for now, go check it out!

Long live horror!

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The screening is on! They were successful at selling the required tickets and will be showing tomorrow, July 30th, at 9pm at Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter. You can still buy tickets on the Tugg site (click here to get tickets) as we didn’t see how to get them from the actual Drafthouse site.

There will be a free after-party after the screening at Wonderland (east side on 6th street) with tarot card readings at midnight.

See you fiends there!

Check out a great article from Richard Whittaker (Austin Chronicle) about the movie, Dark Mountain: http://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/screens/2014-07-29/the-long-trip-up-the-dark-mountain/

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YOU GOT 30 HOURS! Now 29, 28, 27…

tt2443022You have a little over a day to help out writer/director Tara Anaïse see her feature film, Dark Mountain on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter. At this time she needs to sell 33 tickets in order to make it happen so let’s help her out.

Dark Mountain had it’s world premiere at the Austin Film Festival this past year in their dark/horror category, Dark Matters. It will be released on VOD on August 1st but this is a chance to see it on the big screen – if you missed it in October. And with cheese sticks and beer no less. Tara will be at the screening and there will be a Q&A.

Here’s the story…

“Somewhere deep within Arizona’s Superstition Mountains lies the most famous lost gold mine in the world — the Lost Dutchman Mine. Its estimated worth is around 200 million dollars. Since the turn of the twentieth century, thousands of people have scoured the mountains in search of it, hundreds have lost their lives in the process, but not one has returned with an ounce of gold. Legend has it the mine is cursed. 

In March of 2011, three filmmakers set out to find the mine and document their entire process. They never made it out of the Superstitions. Eight months later, their camera and cell phones were recovered along the western edge of LaBarge Canyon. No sign of the filmmakers themselves has been found to date. DARK MOUNTAIN is the chilling reconstruction of their last days. 

A found footage thriller inspired by actual events, DARK MOUNTAIN is directed by Tara Anaïse and written by Tamara Blaich and Tara Anaïse. Producers included Tamara Blaich, Jennifer Harrington, and Megan Peterson with cinematography by Pyongson Yim and editing by Jennifer Harrington.  Starring Sage Howard, Andrew Simpson, and Shelby Stehlin.  Featuring music by Spindrift, Old Testament, and Filthy Huns and an original score by Scott Meola, formerly of New York’s Saints + Lovers.”

Go to the link to purchase tickets by the end of the day tomorrow and let’s show ‘em how Austin horror fans support the scene! Please buy one yourself and share with your fiends and family!

BUY TICKETS HERE: http://www.tugg.com/events/10228

THE SITE: www.darkmountainmovie.com


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hE902D83DNo slow zombies here. Whether you’re a human or a zombie, strap on the running shoes and prepare for the post-apocalyptic blood fest that is, The Zombie Run. The Zombie Run is coming to Texas this month and there’s still time to sign up for the most terrifying obstacle course around — plus a discount for the truly dead-icated horror fan (keep on reading for more information).


Summer nights and zombies

The Run is coming to Austin on July 12th and Dallas on the 26th and features roughly 3 miles (45 minutes) of rugged obstacles, apocalypse-themed zones, desolate landscapes, and packs of ravenous zombies. You can choose to be a Human or a Zombie in this crazy zombie apocalypse. And that’s gonna be a hard choice. If you choose to be a Human, you’ll get three life flags and will start in the quarantined area of your home base. The goal is to make it to the finish line with at least one flag. But don’t worry, if all your flags have been snatched by the ravenous zombies, you can still finish the race. But we’re not exactly sure if you’ll still be human once you get there. Guess you’ll have to find out for yourself. So good luck. If you choose to be a Zombie, you’ll receive a professional makeup job in order to get prepared for “respectively” terrorizing the humans as they try to get away from you. Steal those flags zombies!

Obstacles galore

Obstacles galore

AMERICA! Fuck yea!

AMERICA! Fuck yea!

Although there have been a few similar events in the past, this is the first time The Zombie Run is coming to Austin and we can’t wait to see the carnage! This event averages about 2,000 participants so it makes for quite the zombie apocalypse. There are two runs each day: The extreme day run and a night run called the Black Ops. You can purchase Human or Zombie tickets for either on their site. They also offer a day pass and group discounts.

check_this_outAnd here’s the best part horror fans, the people at the The Zombie Run have been gracious enough to offer our members and supporters a 20% DISCOUNT! Just type in the code BLOODOVERTX on their registration page:



Flag stealin’


Nothing like zombies under the stars.

And who says zombies can’t be charitable while they’re eating your guts? The Run is proud to be involved with the charity, the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The Kennedy Krieger Institute focuses on the problems and injuries affecting a child’s developing brain such as brain injuries and brain disorders. There are several ways you can donate to the charity. You can straight up donate on the charitys’ site, sponsor a runner, build a team or fundraising page, or donate during registration. If you donate an extra $10 during registration you’ll receive a Special Charity Flag. How bout that. Give… to get an EXTRA LIFE for the Run!



When all the running is over, grab your medal and stay after the run for the post-apocalypse party. Beverages and food trucks will be on site for general consorting and exchange of zombie and human stories…

Remember that time when Frank tripped himself when his arm fell off while trying to grab that chick’s flag? 

haha. Frank is so crazy

LIKE their page: https://www.facebook.com/thezombierunner

ZombieBlackOpsLogo ZombieLogo






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We’re Going To Get You… Not Another Peep.

evil-dead-02Cabin in the woods.  Demon book. Teenagers.  This can’t end well.


This Thursday in New Braunfels, TX

Sam Raimi’s classic 1981 movie, Evil Dead, is at the top of the list of classic, influential 80′s horror films and one of my personal favorites. Unlike most horror fans I talk to, this movie scared the bejesus outta me when I first saw it: the laughing doll-like girl, the demon under the floor and … the trees. But it was also funny, done on an incredibly low budget, and made Bruce Campbell a cult star. Enough to give most straight horror guy friends I know a guy boner.

When I was a kid, I never got to see most of these greats on the big screen, so it’s always a treat to see them now. Thanks to independent movie theaters — mainly The Alamo Drafthouse — we now get to revel in these epic movies in all their glory. This Thursday, June 26th, you’ll get a chance to see this amazing demon-filled, cult classic in New Braunfels, Texas. In re-mastered 35mm!

Kids these days don't know what this is

Kids these days don’t know what this is

The aforementioned demon book

The aforementioned demon book

Blood Thirsty Thursdays — put on by B.O.T. fiend and evil cohort, Kelly Warren Hammond — shows many great horror classics once a month on Thursdays in San Antonio, and now, once a month in New Braunfels. Check out his page often ‘cuz you don’t want to miss any of these movies. It’s not only your small way of supporting the horror scene, but supporting great film in general. Evil Dead 2 to come at next month’s BTT!

Sam Raimi has said he regrets putting this in the film. But it's one of the best scenes.

Sam Raimi has said he regrets putting this in the film. But it’s one of the best scenes.

Wonder if he has a big boomstick

I wonder if he has a big boomstick?

As if the showing the movie wasn’t enough, Gore Noir Magazine goregorewill be on hand to give out some of their gore, violence, blood and hot models — in print form. This mag deserves to be in the hands of every horror fan out there, so check them out now.

More? Yes, fiends always want more. So come by and sign-up to be a member of Blood Over Texas. You’ll get yourself an official shiny, new member card and join the most devilish army of horror fans in central Texas. And it’s FREE! You can also sign up online (Membership), but if you come in person, you get your bloody card right then and there (dammit) and you’ll join us in paying tribute to the EVIL DEAD … together. A hoard you might say.

One mean bitch

One mean bitch

Buy tickets now before they sell out: http://drafthouse.com/movies/blood-thirsty-thursday-the-evil-dead/new_braunfels

And never forget… there are dead bodies in the cellar.

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