68e8cbcb6f78d34aad69fcd65c1b6c04For those of us involved in the horror scene, we know that women play a bigger part than most people expect. If you sit down and make a list of directors, producers, writers, actresses, scream queens, horror hostesses, bloggers, podcasters, etc . etc., it will take you all day. And although it may seem like the dudes get all of the attention, we all know it’s a varied group of people that make the horror happen. And yes, women in all of their bad-ass-ness, are defintely included. Nothing more powerful than a being that can bring you into the world and take you out of it. holla (z-snap). So it’s only proper they get their own month of recognition and love: February.

wihm 2What is Women In Horror Month you ask? Women In Horror Month (WiHM) is “an international, grassroots initiative, which encourages supporters to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of women in the horror industries.” That includes women on the screen, behind the scenes and other artistic contributions. WiHM celebrates these contributions with a blog called Ax Wound, the AX Wound Film Festival (AWFF) and a event/project database including the WiHM social media fan base. Through this database they actively promote do-it-yourself annual film screenings, blogs/articles, podcasts and any other form of creative media with the goal to get exposure for these projects. The AX Wound Film Festival premiered in Oct. 2015 and featured a diverse selection of 35 short horror films directed by women around the globe. This February is the 7th year mark of WiHM and all around the horror world you’ll find people celebrating the movement that WiHM has brought to the horror industry.

Which brings us to an upcoming event in Austin, that should be a really fun night and a great way to give homage to some bad-ass women in horror. But first the back story.

While touring the aisles at Terror Expo in San Antonio a few weeks ago, I met an enthusiastic woman named Danni. We had a great talk at the CryptTV booth about horror and our Texas scene. She filled me in on the concept of CryptTV and we both agreed to stay in touch. A few days later I got an email from her, and I thought… yeah this woman’s not playing around. She was planning an event and wanted our help to spread the word. The answer of course was a big, fat yes! So here we go. A great event for a great cause… celebrating women in horror.

WiHM Flyer-web-sm

Presented by girlslikegore2 and morbidlybeautiful.com, the Femme Fatale double-feature of Jennifer Lynch’s 1993 film, Boxing Helena, and the Soska Sisters 2009 debut film, Dead Hookers In A Trunk. The double-feature will take place at Austin’s only drive in, the Blue Starlite Urban Mini Drive In. Located by the old Bergstom airport area, within a collection of sound studios, you can experience some vintage movie watching — outdoors underneath the stars. For those of you under the age 25, you might not have had the pleasure of watching a movie in your car, so this is your chance. We hope you come out to support this unique event and show your love for some women filmmakers who have contributed to the horror world.


— Bunny  Voodoo

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Something weird and amazing is happening here in Austin and you lucky devils can be a part of it. It’s called the Texas Terror Challenge, and it will be glorious. The folks over at Desolation Manor have gone into their laboratory and sewn together bits from the vivisected corpses of Live Action Role Play —  or LARP for us nerdy-nerd types — traditional haunts, capture the flag and other traditional camp games and created an incredible immersive and interactive horror experience. The event takes place in Austin (Lake Travis) February 26-28, 2016, and I had the chance to sit down with the madman behind this tremendous undertaking, Paul “PJ” Fiero, to get some specifics.

B.O.T.: First things first. What exactly is the Texas Terror Challenge? Where is it? Am I correct with that Frankenstein description up there? I’ll let Fiero tell you:

P.J: “This new event is the Texas Terror Challenge. Multiple teams of up to 8 players will be running missions, solving puzzles, disarming traps, rescuing hostages, and more weird stuff all while being chased and hunted through the woods of a camp by monsters and mutants. This is done over the course of an entire weekend starting Friday night and running through Sunday morning. It encompasses 39 hours of constantly trying to avoid being “killed” by monsters.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.39.09 PMPlayers will wear flags, similar to capture the flag or flag football, and if a monster is able to grab yours, you’ve been murdered! You cannot continue to participate until you make your way back to the re-spawn area and wait the required amount of time, which Fiero assures me shouldn’t be longer than about 20 minutes or so. The event runs on a point system, with points given for completing tasks, and points deducted for being “killed” or losing items needed to complete objectives.

Those are the rules of the game, but it isn’t quite as simple as all that. The weekend will be physically and mentally challenging as well. Fiero says “players can expect to be active for long stretches of time without much rest, play with little sleep, eat on the run, and be scared.” You’re fair game wherever you are, including your tent or cabin, and at any time of day or night. Don’t expect to get your full 8 (or in my case 14) hours of sleep. Did Jason let anyone nap?”monsters

This sounds like an incredible undertaking, but rest assured, these people are professionals. Fiero has been in the haunt game for over 25 years, building, acting, organizing, planning, you name it. He likes to call his company, Desolation Manor, an “extreme interactive adventure producer.” That’s quite the statement to unpack, but in addition to doing the traditional walk through haunt type things, Desolation Manor also does custom private and corporate events. If you’ve ever wanted to make your house haunted, Desolation Manor can make that happen. In addition to his experience with haunting, Fiero has played 24 plus hour scenarios, and he worked as a Paramedic for over 10 years, so he is familiar with the stresses that this type of event can put on your body. Medical staff will be on site as well, so any and all emergencies will be handled quickly by professionals. In addition to Fiero’s expertise, he is joined by operations manager Leigh Hegedus, and and Visual Effects artist Jenna Green. Hegedus comes from a theater pedigree, involved both on the production and the acting side, and Green has decades of experience in effects makeup, both on film and in haunts. Texas Terror Challenge also boasts sponsorship from EPS Creations, Illuseffects, and Blood Over Texas buddies, Zombie Life Podcast.

This event looks to be something incredibly unique, challenging and most of all a whole lot of fun for a horror fan. If you’re thinking of putting a team together — which you should be — we have a great discount for you and your teammates! The first 24 people to sign up with our code: BOT0216 — get 10% off the entry fee. CLICK ON THIS IMAGE TO SIGN UP NOW!bot code

There are tents to camp out in and cabins. Tents are $80 a head and cabins are $100 a head. Which is a great price — and a great discount — for 39 hours of pure horror. Each team consists of 8 people, so grab your closest friends to make a complete team of 8 or feel free to sign yourself up and they’ll find a team to join. If you’ve ever wondered what is was like to actually live in a horror camp movie, here’s your chance. Check the FAQs section on their site for all the things you’ll need, and remember, we live in central Texas, so it may be 30 degrees or 75, so pack accordingly. There will also be meal plans to purchase so you don’t have to worry about hauling food and a cooler. Let’s get some B.O.T. teams signed up and see who survives! JOIN THE FB INVITE • VISIT THE SITE

— Eric Harrelson, B.O.T. Contributor

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Videodrome1Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Producer Bradley) as they talk about the influence of horror on television.

In this episode we talk about how horror on the boob tube has influenced the horror genre and brings up the question: “Is there too much horror on TV?” There’s also a strong porn undercurrent that is only highlighted by our chosen Hammered Horror movie title and Bunny’s inappropriate question of the show — which leads to a list of horror porn titles. Yes. That happened.

Included are our monthly segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in February), a very special “all B.O.T team” group Hammered Horror (3-minute drunk horror review) of the movie One Eyed Monster, Name That Terror Game (Horror TV Tune edition), Terror Visions, the Double Dog Dare You Film Challenge. Play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.

Here’s the link to the article discussed on the show: CEO John Landgraf talks about the state of television. READ

Songs featured in this episode:

“Vade Retro Banana” by Banane Metalik


“Someday” by The Riff-Raffs


“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus


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January 22-24, 2016 • Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas



Elvira… meow.

Horror Conventions, to a fan of horror, are like a playground. And it’s always best to have one right in your backyard. This weekend a new one is coming to grace our great state, The Terror Expo! On January 22nd-24th, San Antonio is the spot to be. Especially for you Central Texas horror fiends, since it’s only a few hours or less of a drive. The Terror Expo is brought to you by the folks at the Alamo City Comic Con — an already popular and succesful convention in it’s own right — Armando Montelongo, and Billy Madison and Fred Hernandez of The Billy Madison Show. The actual description of the convention is “Horror, Villains, Sci-Fi and More.” Um. Yes. Thank you. With over 10 years convention experience, this team is breaking out of the gate with an impressive line-up of horror celebs … right in your backyard. Some of the horror guests include Robert Englund, Elvira, Sig Haig, Tobin Bell, a plethora of Walking Dead-ers, and way too many more to mention here. Ya gotta go to check out the entire list of guests and plan your days accordingly. Not a convention to be missed.

One, two, Freddy's coming for you.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Celebs and photo ops are probably the biggest draw to a horror convention, but let’s not forget about the other fun aspects. There are several Panels to enjoy while at the show — complete with actors in attendance: The Walking DeadA Nightmare on Elm Street, The Devil’s RejectsAmerican Horror Story, Elvira and Tobin Bell talking about Saw. Personally, I highly recommend panels at a horror conventions. It’s such a great way to get an inside look and ask questions you’ve always wanted to know. The vendor area is also an important area. This weekend over 80 vendors from across the country will set up to sell their wares and you’re bound to find a ton of stuff you want — no need — to have in your life. Besides all the bells and whistles, just hanging out or being around people who share your passion of horror offers an exciting environment to geek out in.  So come represent our horror community. It’s your duty horror fans. You need to go!


Our Kid Ambassador, Ginger, hangs with the big boys. She’s pretty much the coolest person you’ll ever know.

Blood Over Texas will be walking the convention for a look at this promising premier year of Terror Expo. And as you should know by now, we like to keep it kooky,  so we’re bringing our Kid Ambassador, Ginger, to do on-scene reporting. We’ll be filling you in on her views, and ours, in an after-show review, right here on this site, soon after the show. So as we pack the car with B.O.T.-ites for the short drive down to S.A. — and stopping at Buckee’s for Icees and beef jerky — we’re getting our credit cards ready for some horror shopping, planning our guest lines and which panels we’ll sit in. Ahhh.. what a nice weekend for a horror massacre.

— Bunny Voodoo

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Creepy panorama of the party in progress with the gang.


Join Bunny Voodoo and the entire B.O.T. team (Brian, Eric, Fernie, Shelly and Producer Bradley) as they party it up and talk about the year in horror.

In this episode we do a “year-in-review” on the world of horror in 2015, we go over our events in the past year, talk about our favorite memories of the year, our favorite horror movies that came out and get extra stupid drunk on wine, whiskey and Cheez Wiz. We apologize in advance for the all out giggle fest that disrupts the show and a horrendously sung zombie Xmas carol. Included are our monthly segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in January), Hammered Horror (3-minute drunk horror review) of Krampus: The Christmas DevilName That Terror Game (2015 horror movie edition), Terror Visions, the Double Dog Dare You Film Challenge. Play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.

Songs featured in this episode:

“No Presents For Christmas” by King Diamond


“Twas The Night Before Xmas” poem by Alice Cooper


“Scary Christmas” by Hedegaard, featuring Skinny & Brandon Beal


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OWA Hits It ‘Outta This World Again

Other-Worlds-Austin-Banner-e1416467461591At the beginning of this month, Bunny and I got to check out one of the newest and coolest film festivals in Austin — a dedicated science-fiction film festival called Other Worlds Austin. OWA is in it’s second year and remains the only all science-fiction film festival in the city. All of us here at Blood Over Texas love us some sci-fi, and of course there are always wonderful horror/sci-fi crossover films, many of which we have talked about on our radio show or have written about on our site. Horror and science-fiction are like chocolate and peanut butter, awesome by themselves, but when they get together… I’m afraid I’ll gain 40 pounds and start having numbness in my feet.

So let’s jump right into some of the more horror-based selections that I saw at this year’s 2015 OWA festival. In previous posts we also mentioned Polder as one of the other more horror-based titles at the festival, but I unfortunately missed out on seeing it due to my crazy festival schedule.

CURTAIN (2015)MV5BMTQ5MDAwNjM3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzAzMzIzNjE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_

Directed by Jaron Henrie-McCrea

Curtain is a strange yet captivating film. It centers around a woman who moves into a new apartment, and upon hanging a new shower curtain in her bathroom, wakes up to find that curtain gone. She hangs another, and it disappears as well. She films the next attempt of hanging another  shower curtain, and finds that they are being sucked into the wall and going who knows where. Her search to find out just what the shit is happening takes her to some very dark places.


Directed by Matthew T. PriceMV5BMTQ3OTc3NDgzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTI1NjM4NTE@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_

The first feature from director Matthew T. Price, Other Halves, is a story about a group of young programmers who have created a new dating app. The “Other Halves” app searches through all of your internet activity, from your social media profiles, to your shopping, to your porn choices, everything you do online, and matches you with someone of similar interests. The idea being dating profiles and social media pages are the public person you say you are, not who you really are. The night before launch, they find a new loading screen has some terrifying side effects.


Directed by Kyle Rankinnight-of-the-living-deb

Deb wakes up with the hottest guy in Portland, Maine, Ryan, after a night of partying, to find the town over run by zombies. Ryan, who had just had a fight with his fiance, convinces Deb to take him to his loved ones, the rich and influential Waverly family. Night of the Living Deb is basically a romantic comedy with zombies. A few parts Shaun of the Dead, a few parts road movie, and a few parts satire and farce, Night of the Living Deb is a silly, fun, popcorn movie, great for a date, and with the added bonus of zombie killing!

And what would a film festival be without awards? Here is a link to their awards page: WHO WON?

This year features the inaugural Mary Shelley Award for Sci-Fi film making, recognizing a film that spotlights and advances the involvement of female voices in science-fiction.

If you’d like to hear a little more about the festival from our point of view, you can read the interview we did with OWA founder, Bears Fonte, last year before the 2014 premier of the festival. BEARS

We also had Dan Repp (Event Coordinator & Programmer) and Jordan Brown (Director of Submissions & Programmer ) from OWA on our podcast last month, “Sci-Fi & Horror: Blood Brothers.” LISTEN HERE

Other Worlds Austin is only getting bigger and better. Get excited for next year, because I already am! In the mean time, check out their year-round special screenings. Follow them. Like them. They’re ‘outta this world.

— Eric Harrelson

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set_bad_santa_640Tis’ the season, for horror! We know you like horror, and chances are you have a motley crue of friends that do to. So we’ve compiled some gift ideas to stock up that evil bag. In fact, you should probably just share this list with your Mom, Dad, Grandparents and any other friend or family member that usually gives you that bewildered stare when wondering what the heck you’d want for Xmas. We’ve compiled a random mix of ideas here but don’t for get about the standards. Horror fans love DVDs, movie collections, horror movie posters, horror shirts, memorabilia, soundtracks on vinyl, collectible toys and anything that shows their love of horror. Tricky thing about those can be, you might need to know their favorite movies or style of horror. Before we get on to our random gift ideas, let us remind you that you can find lots of horror gifts around town. Here in Austin, there are several places that you can drop into for that last minute gift. You can check out our Links page for stores but we’ll lay down some places right here and now.

keep-bloody-webHORROR IN AUSTIN: Find jewelry accessories, horror shirts and cool clothes at Austin’s goth, alternative store, Secret Oktober. Have a comic book lover to buy for? Austin Books & Comics, Tribe Comics & Games and Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy are just a few here in Austin. Sfanthor also sells vintage comics. In addition, Sfanthor and it’s sister store, Museum of The Weird, sell lots of unique gifts and horror shirts for the horrorr/sci-fi fan. Heck you can even buy tickets to either one of their wax museums as stocking stuffers. Most fans of horror like to dress up, so a gift certificate from Lucy in Disguise or The Bazaar are great gifts since they can use it to buy FX makeup, blood, masks, costumes, wigs, etc. Looking for art? Guzu Gallery and Mondo Gallery sell horror-themed posters and artist prints. End Of An Ear and Encore Records sell plenty of horror movie soundtracks on vinyl. Many older movie soundtracks have been re-released as high quality re-mastered editions on vinyl and they are great for a horror fan’s collection. Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving and if you want to support a local title — get ’em a subscription to Gore Noir Magazine. Gift certificates to your local video store will always be used. Stop into Vulcan Video or I Luv Video to pick some up.  And don’t forget your local artists. Many of them have appeared at our events and at plenty of other great events around town. Please visit the list of vendors that just appeared at our 2nd Annual Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar event (Events page). Most of them are on Etsy, have websites you can order from and are appearing at holiday markets throughout this month. And last, but certainly not least, give the experience of ghostly phenomena with a hearse limo tour of Austin at Haunted ATX . If you walk into any of the stores we mentioned and ask for help finding gifts for that horror fan in your life, they will set you up for sure. So shop local if you can and tell them Blood Over Texas sent ‘ya! And now on for the show…



MIDDLE OF BEYOND: We’ve already shared the plethora of awesomeness from MOB, but this year, they’ve added a ton of Krampus items for a complete Krampus Collection. Besides the high quality, thick Krampus sweaters and cardigans they had last year (including a kid sweater), they now sell blankets (seen here), scarfs, pillow covers, new ornaments, a new sweater design and a Krampus tree topper. We see a festive Krampus living room in your future.



SIN IN LINEN: Raise those ‘lil demons right with a skull crib collection. Bumper, crib sheets and blanket. Awww. $39-$45.


THNK GEEK’S BLOOD LIP GLOSS: Okay, it’s actually a kit to make your own lip gloss called “DIY Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss Kit”, but we see the evil within. Great for kids and adults, the kit includes two rollerball bottles and all the ingredients. Choose from Pink with Orange & Cream flavor (shown) or Purple with Root Beer Flavor. $19.99

THE SCARLET GOSPELS: Clive Barker’s long awaited novel, continuing from The Hellhound Heart and the Harry D’Amour stories in which Clive kills off the infamous Pinhead, came out in May and has garnered many favorable reviews. Has your horror friend had a chance to read it yet? Amazon $12.99 Kindle, $16.24 Hardback, $12.80 Paperback


JASON MORPHING COFFEE CUP: This “killer” mug transforms from all black when cold to a red hot killer when filled with hot liquid. Only a few available at this writing. Hurry and get your Friday The 13th fan a cup of “Jason.” Get it? Amazon $23.99

GAME NIGHT WITH THE WALKING DEAD: Your childhood games have been zombified! We featured the Yahtzee game last year, but there’s even more and there’s always time for games with friends and family. Classic games Monopoly, Risk and Yahtzee — TWD editions. Each game has has had their “normal” features zombified for the zombie and the show fan. Amazon TWD MONOPOLY: $33.56; TWD RISK: $34.90; TWD YATHZEE: $24.99


HORROR PERIOD PANTIES by HAREBRAINED: Horror themed “Period Panties” for that special visitor. Panty and boy short designs. $12


FILM JOURNAL by MOLESKIN: Perfect for the horror film buff. A film diary with alphabetical tabs, blank tabs and stickers to use for categorizing and archiving their favorite films. MOLESKIN SITE; BUY ON Amazon: $17.73


ALANDIA “WORLD OF ABSINTHE SET”: Introduce the tradition of Absinthe while you conjure up spirits from another world with this Absinthe starter set. Includes one bottle of Strong68 Absinthe, 2 glasses, 2 spoons and sugar cubes. This ships from Europe, so ‘ya better order it now to get here by xmas. $49.39


CHALKBOARD SKULL: If you haven’t noticed, chalkboard items are all the rage, so follow the trend in your own style. This would make a great notepad for the household “Buy More Blood,” perhaps? Skullpops on Etsy. $28


CHILDREN OF THE CORN INSPIRED PLACEMATS: Horror Decor has tons of cool horror stuff including kitchen items, pillows, candles, “Killer Carnival Punks” and their new “Cuddle Creeps.” At the time of this writing, the deadline has passed to guarantee xmas delivery, but give your gift after the holidays! It’ll be extra special. Experience HORROR DECOR


KRAMPUS SHIRT & PILLOW: Local business, Pallbearer Press makes TONS of great horror shirt and also sells memorabilia, records, etc.. You can stop in and buy their horror shirts in Austin, at Secret Oktober and Sfanthor & Museum of the Weird. See the horror at PALLBEARER PRESS

THE HERE’S JOHNNY CARPET COLLECTION from Shredders Apparel includes several sweater designs, a ski mask, patches and socks. Visit SHREDDERS


ZOMBIE SURVIVAL TOOLS: Made-in-the-USA steel weapons to use in the zombie apocalypse. Great gift for the horror and  weapon lover. For realsy… display only. Get prepared at ZOMBIE HAMMER


PRAYER CANDLES: We’ve seen tons of horror themed prayer candles but we especially like these because they are designed as actually Saints. Lots of designs to choose from including Saint Beetlejuice, Saint Vampira (shown), the Universal Monsters and more. GREASER CREATURES on Etsy.

619JD6KCSWL._SL1200_ copy

STABBY PAPER TOWEL HOLDER: Grasp the knife handle as you rip a towel off to soak up the blood. Found at many sites, but here’s the link to AMAZON



BOX SUBSCRIPTIONS: A box of horror prizes in the mail is sure to make anyone happy. Once again, Box Of Dread and Horror Block make our list because, duh, they’re just awesome. Horror toys, mags, shirts, movies, etc. are packed into a box and shipped directly to your horror fan.  Also, for the goth lover, we added Black Box box of goth goodies. All of them cost around $20 a month and you can buy a month at a time or get 3-month, 6-month, and year subsciptions. Check each website for more details: BOX OF DREADHORROR BLOCKBLACK BOX SUBSCRIPTIONS


HORROR MAGS: Another gift that keeps on giving. All stellar horror mags with great content and quality print. Subscription prices vary. Digital subscriptions also available. Visit their sites for more info: RUE MORGUE MAGFANGORIAGORE NOIR MAG


Have a great holiday and happy New Year!




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OWACODE flatGet ready for the invasion Austin! Grab your fellow Aliens and get your tentacles shined up, Other Worlds Austin Film Festival is this weekend! Other Worlds Austin invades our fair city this weekend — Dec. 3rd-5th, 2015, at Galaxy Highland — for their 2nd Annual all Sci-Fi film festival. Not only are they Austin’s one and only sci-fi film festival, all of the films are Austin premiers. So this is your first chance to see these films in Austin and before any other local festival. And speaking from experience, OWA picks some quality films. In fact, along with their big festival in December, OWA presents select sci-fi screenings throughout the year. I myself have seen two of them this year that I consider to be some of my favorite films I’ve seen in 2015: Call Girl Of Cthulhu and The Listening. Last year’s festival was well run, with tons of great films and a very friendly staff. There’s no doubt, that they’ll hit that mark again this year.

For their second year, they will present 13 features and 30 shorts. The films run the gamut of the sci-fi world with a few flying into horror airspace. If you listen to our November podcast you’ll meet Dan Repp and Jordan Brown of OWA and hear us discuss the differences and similarities of sci-fi and horror. (LISTEN NOW) All you have to do is consider the fact that most of our classic horror films are based in sci-fi. Then you’ll know that sci-fi and horror are blood brothers. Pressed to name names, OWA gave us a few of those horror flavored selections that will be a part of the festival this year: Night of the Living DebCurtain, Polder and Other Halves. Make sure these are on your list along with the rest of the quality films.

Click Here: Complete Film Schedule

Unlike other film festivals, OWA has catered the festival so all us working shmoobs can enjoy the entire festival. On Thursday and Friday, films don’t start until after 7pm. Plus, if ‘ya can’t make it one day, your badge can be shared with a friend. Now name another local festival that does that? We’ll wait.

A new thing happening this year is the addition of the Mary Shelley Award. A celebration of the female voice in genre film. The award is sponsored by producers of award-winning shorts, Canine Productions, and will be given to the film that best represents the involvement and representation of women in the sci-fi genre. The winning film, chosen from the 5 nominated films this year, will receive a $500 grant.

As if this isn’t enough good stuff, OWA has graciously offered a percentage, or reward, on every badge sold to benefit groups like ours if you use our code. You don’t get a discount, but you do help us raise a little moola. Our code is “BOTOWA”. When you use our code to buy your badge — $60 for the whole festival plus an opening party — we get a small percentage. Consider it a fundraiser for Blood Over Texas. Click the link below to buy your badge now:


We look forward to seeing you out enjoying other worlds at Other Worlds Austin this weekend. Please visit their website for more information and please Follow and Like them on social media.


Bunny Voodoo

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BOT RADIO EP.009: “SCI-FI & HORROR – BROTHERS IN BLOOD” Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Producer Bradley) as they talk about the differences and similarities between sci-fi and horror. This episode features special guests, Other Worlds Austin.

In this episode we meet with Jordan Brown and Dan Repp of Other Worlds Austin – Austin’s Sci-Fi Film Festival. The B.O.T. team and OWA talk about horror and sci-fi and why Dan likes to dress up like a call girl. Included are our monthly segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in December), Hammered Horror (3-minute drunk horror review) of Blood RageName That Terror Game (sci-fi/horror edition), Terror Visions, a new segment from Eric in which he gives us some Horror Homework and Dan challenges Eric for the next Double Dog Dare You Challenge. And as always, play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.

Songs featured in this episode:

“Astro Zombies” (Misfits Cover) from The Valkyrians


“Vampire Clam Babes From Outer Space” by The Sandworms (San Antonio)


You can also listen on iTunes and Stitcher

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Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Shelly, Brian and Bradley) as they talk about horror while gorging themselves with booze and candy. This episode features special guests, Garth Manor Cinema, and a super cool interview with Linnea Quigley!

In this episode we meet with Kris (creator and mad-man-in-charge) and Theresa La Monstra (hostess with the mostess and filmmaker) from Garth Manor Cinema, the genre inspired screening and event company. We give you a very special treat… an interview with scream queen, Linnea Quigley! Bunny and Linnea sit in the Satan room to discuss her career and find out what’s the weirdest thing in her purse, her favorite kill scene, Kiss and what one of the “Queens of the B’s” does on Halloween. The B.O.T. team and GMC talk about horror, Halloween, the best costume to “get your freak on” in and our monthly segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in November), a Hammered Horror (3-minute drunk horror review) of Night Of The Demons, the Name That Terror Game (Halloween edition), a Top Ten list of Rockers in Horror, Guess the Headline (weird stores that may or may not be true) and our usual drunken debauchery. Play along with us on our podcast’s drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.



Songs featured in this episode:

“Strange Ways ” and “Santa Monica Blvd. Boy” by The Skirts (Linnea’s all-girl 80s band)

BUY THE SONG: “Strange Days (Ways)”  •  LISTEN/WATCH THE SONG: “Santa Monica Blvd. Boy”

“Halloween Honky Tonk” by Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (Jesse Dayton, Austin, TX)


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