204562008044788726_0yyhrqyo_fHousecore Horror Film Festival (HHFF) hurls it’s way to Austin this weekend and it’s time to spew your love for metal and horror. In their second year, Housecore Horror Film Festival has, from the beginning, been a celebration of the connection between metal music fans and horror fans. For most metal fans, the two go hand in hand  since there are solid inspirations and ties to the horror genre. Both a film festival and a music festival, it is quite an effort to combine the two types of festivals, as both are inherently different. But Housecore has a mission and they plan on making their twisted vision come true. The the minds behind HHFF, Corey Mitchell (best-selling local crime writer) and Philip Anselmo (former front man for legendary metal band Pantera), are both dedicated to metal music and their love of pure and classic horror and gore. They surround themselves with like-minded people who are able and willing to regurgitate the twisted vision. Bands, films, celebrities, panels, vendors, and tons of  attractions come together to make it one of the most unique festivals Austin has seen.

header_01The festival opens this Thursday with a metal show and badge pick up at the Dirty Dog and goes into full swing on Friday through Sunday at the festival site — which takes place off Riverside Blvd. at the Riverside Shopping Complex. The bands play in the anchors of the complex, venues Emo’s and Midway. The list of bands is long and impressive with highlights such as Gwar, Danzig, Samhain, Eye Hate God, Neurosis, etc. etc. Too many to print here, so head over to the band page for more on the metal that will be unleashed. The bands start up around noon everyday and will go into the wee hours of the night.

Now here at Blood Over Texas, we appreciate the metal music genre of course but the definite highlight for horror film fans is the original cast reunion of the 1974 horror and cult film, the Teas Chainsaw Massacre. The iconic Texas-based film celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year and HHFF will present the highly anticipated panel on Friday at Emo’s and a Q&A along with the film on Saturday. The original cast, some which are here for the first time in Austin, Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface), Edwin Neal (the hitchhiker), Allen Danzinger (Jerry), William Vail (Kirk), Teri McMinn (Pam), John Dugen (Grandfather) and Eward Guinn (the cattle truck driver) will be in attendance. Sadly Marilyn Burns (Sally), was scheduled to attend before her unexpected death this past August. We grieve for the best scream queen that ever lived and our hearts go out to her friends, family and fans. There will be a memorial to Marilynn Burns on Friday.

Had enough of Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yeah, we didn’t think so. So add to the 40th anniversary celebration, cast members from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2! Bill Mosley (Chop Top), Caroline Williams (Stretch), and Bill Johnson (Leatherface #2) join the largest Texas Chainsaw Massacre-related event in history. TCM2 will screen with a cast Q &A on Sunday. Thanks HHFF! Your place in horror hell will be saved for your evil souls.

On the rest of the film front, you’ll find plenty of flicks — from the rare and obscure to new releases and classics. Horror shorts, mid-lengths, classics on 35mm, newer feature films like Circus of The Dead and Butcher Boys, and films from young and aspiring film makers that were chosen from submissions for this year’s festival. There’s no end to the amount of horror your eyes can feast on. The films take place at Emos, The Grindhouse Tent, Die-35 (a location on the site) and in the VHS Vomitiorium. And that brings us to the vomit. The VHS Vomitorium that is.

vomitorium-flyer-WEB 2Cellulord, Justin Giallo (a VHS connoisseur and former programmer for the Grindhouse Theater in Tacoma, Washigton) has purged his love for the glory of the VHS-age with 10 classics to cram down your throat in the VHS Vomitorium Room. The room is meant to be a chill out room for festival goers who want to take a break from the head banging to hang out and watch some great? classics in a comfy and quiet environment. And we’re excited to announce that Blood Over Texas is now sponsoring the VHS Vomitorium! Our Evil Overlord has personally driven around our great city scooping up couches, bean bags, and meeting lots of weirdos along the way, in order to give you festival goers some where to park you butt and enjoy the flicks. We give this to you Austin, used couches and ugly carpet. Don’t say we never gave ya’ anything.

And if that’s not enough to do, you’ll find the vendor area and location of the Autograph Room and autograph tables for TCM and TCM2 along with the Vendors of The Damned in between the two anchor venues in the shopping complex. Vendors offer their wares of unique clothing, art, creepy dolls, posters, CD’s, records, books, posters, memorabilia, accessories, hand crafted leather items and more. The vendor area is free and open to the public.

VENDOR-FLYER-FINAL-FLAT-WEBOther attractions to mention at the festival is comedian, and huge metal head, Brian Poshen will be performing/hosting several shows, meet SFX artists Matt Valentine and Michael Faust from SyFy’s show Faceoff in the vendor area, and you can even get tattooed on the world famous tattoo bus! Whew. We’re equally excited and tired and the same time.

Make sure you buy your badges today, you crazy metal horror hounds. Combo badges, Music Only badges, Film Only badges, Nightstalker badges (anything after 5pm) and special Austin Resident deals and individual show tickets are now on sale.




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Guzu Gallery’s ICONS OF HOROR A Haunted Portrait Show


Join us in having a unique Halloween experience as Gore Noir Magazine and Blood Over Texas join forces with Guzu Gallery to celebrate the witching season with their popular monthly art gallery… horror-style.

This Halloween season, Guzu Gallery dead-icates its gallery walls to the icons, heroes, and villains of the horror genre… but mostly the villains! The exhibition will feature all new, all horrifying portraits by over twenty-five artists — each carefully selected by Guzu Gallery. Original paintings, mixed media artwork, and screen prints will be available for purchase.

Featured Artists: Daniel Aranda, Breanna Boone, Dan Brereton, Nathan Chesshir, Miguel Coronado III, Alan Defibaugh, M. Fersner, Ezra Haidet, Half-Human, Candy Yu Yen Kuo, Devin Lawson, Alice Meichi Li, Tessa Morrison, Katrina Muir, New Flesh, Billy Perkins, Chet Phillips, Bethany Price, Alexandros Pyromallis, Isaak Ramos, Cody Schibi, Jon Smith, Tim Stephson, Zachary Taylor, Bob Wallace, Elisa Wikey, Patrick Wong, Worthy Enemies

The opening reception will be on Friday, October 31st, from 7pm-10pm, and the artwork will remain up through December 1st. The show begins early, so be sure to stop in before you start your Halloween evening festivities… or just stick around all night and enjoy the party; there will be plenty of fun on hand! Blood Over Texas will be hosting a creepy costume contest so you will want to arrive in your spookiest Halloween ensemble (encouraged but not required) — contest categories and prizes to be announced. There will be a special, blood-curdling music mix by Half-Human on opening night, as well as a live music performance by dark synth maestro, Xander Harris. Complimentary beverages will be provided by Ballast Point Brewing & Spirts. Admission is free and all ages are welcome!

Please JOIN THE INVITE for updates and TBA attractions!


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AHS BANNER FLATAHS BANNER FLATAHS BANNERWell it’s finally here! Squeal! The new season of Freak Show starts tonight at 9 p.m. (central) on the FX Channel. And can I say, that getting a sneak peek of tonight’s premier episode, was a huge treat to say the least. Freak Show is the 4th installment of the FX channel’s series, American Horror Story. The concept of having the same cast come back season after season, but in different worlds, is one I’ve always loved because you never know what roles they’re going to play. Kinda reminds be of those “choose your own adventure” books: familiarity combined with surprise. The first year they did a great job of creating a creepy horror world. Your basic creepy house story. Although, the latex man wouldn’t be my top choice for a scary monster or ghost or whatever that floaty shined-up thing was supposed to be. It was however, a fresh idea for a TV show at the time. Especially for us horror fans. I mean we love movies, but who could resist an addictive weekly dose of a horror drama added to the mix?

The 2nd season gave us Asylum and it achieved a higher level of horror and a more in-depth world. The characters were interesting and unusual, the sets were beautiful. In a dark, decaying way of course. The story of power and abuse against the helpless — with a pinch of supernatural and a dash of serial killer thrown in — made for a great story. Now, the 3rd year’s season of Coven? Well that kinda, sorta took a bit of a dip. Everything about the series was still well-directed, well-acted and looked great; but I think most people can agree, you can’t get too crazy with the witch theme. So I can see where some people felt disappointed. Regardless, I watched every episode and still enjoyed the season.



Freak Show, however, looks to be a stunning comeback for American Horror Story and we’re purdy sure it won’t disappoint the horror fan. Someone over there in FX-land, upped the horror factor —and the sex factor I might add — big time. My mouth dropped so many times, that I could have caught an Amityvile Horror-sized fly hoard in there. I get it’s cable TV, but I was shocked at what they’re getting away with. And oh how that makes this black heart happy. Not many things shock and please this sometimes “jaded” horror fan anymore. I’m not even going to elaborate on the scenes. When you see them… you’ll know.

The roles of the “home cast” are well appointed and well-acted as usual. I’m excited to see how they develop. My only complaint would be that Kathy Bates, who plays the bearded lady, uses a confusing and unclassifiable accent that seems unnecessary. But I dig her whole “butch” look. I also have to say the CGI (yup I used the dreaded acronym) for Sarah Paulson’s two-headed character is amazing. It must have took a lot of work to do a whole 13-episode season. The direction on this first episode was fun and unusual, much like the theme, so I really enjoyed it.


When CGI works

Not all the cast was revealed in the first show, which I like. See, that’s how the addiction starts. The imagery is beautiful, haunting and delightfully different from your usual TV-show world. The theme of carnival and freaks is… well… delicious. Twisty the Clown is adorable. Oh wait. I like clowns. So if you don’t, you have been warned. I predict it to be one of this year’s top Halloween costumes. Even the opening credits alone are so good, that I’ll have to rewind it over and over to catch all of the oddities tucked in there.

FREAK-FLYER-WEB LOOver all, I’m so glad I got to see the show ahead of time, since I’ll be busy taking care of business for our big Season Open Party tonight at the Scoot Inn. And it looks like the whole town is coming to see the Freak Show. We’re gonna have to pack ‘em in tonight. Come one, come all to the horror show!

-Bunny Voodoo

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Unknown-1Vendor spaces for our upcoming Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar are now on sale! 

Spiderhouse, November 16th, Austin.

Please see OUR EVENTS or our FB INVITE for complete details.

Reminder, this is an all-horror vendor show. We ask that all vendors offer items in the horror/dark/gore/creepy realm and  you should submit a few photos of the items you plan on vending. You are purchasing a blank space and are responsible for staging (table, chairs, etc) yourself. See Vendor Details on Our Events or on our FB invite for complete information.

Vendor spaces: $40 for a 8’x6’.

Vendor fees are not refundable.


Send us an email with the words “HORROR VENDOR” in the subject line and the following information filled out.

1) Your name
2) Your contact info (phone and email)
3) Your booth/company name that will be advertised
4) How many spaces you need (each space is 8’x6′)
5) Will you be bringing a backdrop?
6) Any specific booth requests (area, electricity needs, etc.)?
7) Your public sites for promotion purposes. We will list your links so the public can check out your stuff (website, FB, Etsy, etc.)
9) A description and a few images attached of your art or merchandise that you will be selling.

Once we have a chance to get a look at your horror wares, we will send you an ACCEPTANCE EMAIL. **Please give us at least 24 hours to get back to you. We will answer emails in the order we received them so you won’t loose your “place in line” regarding your table request.** Payment instructions (PayPal) will be in the ACCEPTANCE EMAIL.

Join us in making this an an extra creepy holiday season for Austin!

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We just announced our big HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS ART & GIFT BAZAAR presented by Blood Over Texas on November 16th! An all-horror vendor art market for the holidays taking place at Spiderhouse. Check OUR EVENTS page for more info. Vendor signups start this Friday, Oct. 3rd.

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BLOOD OVER TEXAS is proud to announce that we will be hosting the entire season of American Horror Story’s Season 4, Freak Show at the Scoot Inn. FREAK-FLYER-WEB LO

We’ve been patiently awaiting the new season of American Horror Story to start up and we are so excited for this season’s world… FREAK SHOW! Maybe ‘cuz we can all relate (heh) and maybe ‘cuz it’s bound to have evil clowns. And we LOVE evil clowns.

Blood Over Texas will he hosting the entire season of American Horror Story at the Scoot Inn. Starting with the season opener on Wednesday, Oct. 8th, the screenings will be FREE and will feature seating, drink specials and a proper “quiet and dark” atmosphere to enjoy all of the horror. The worn, 30’s design of the Scoot Inn is also the perfect atmosphere to get in the mood for some vintage carnival vibes. We may move the screening outside, on occasion, as weather permits.

There are 13 episodes, but only 5 dates have been released: Oct. 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and Nov. 5th. We also expect a hiatus around, or over, the holiday season. But for now… let’s celebrate with a big season open party!

The SEASON OPEN PARTY will be on Wednesday, October 8th and will feature the premiere episode, sideshow acts, clowns, drink specials and live music (TBA). The FX Channel has also been gracious enough to send us AHS Freak Show swag to give away! More details — and possibly more attractions — will be announced on our FB invite. JOIN THE FB INVITE

See you freaks there!

A great interview about the upcoming season. READ THE INTERVIEW

We would miss you if you won, but excited if you won tickets to go to Los Angeles to see the premier —Hollywood-style. ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES

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calabrese-poster-WEB2There’s gonna be one hell of a rock show coming this month as longtime horror punk/rock band, Calabrese, tears through Austin straight from the bowels of purgatory. Austin rumble-starters, Klax and Rebel Flesh, join these rebel rockers on the Austin stop, and the opening night, of their 2014 tour, I Ride Alone. The show is 18+ and is only $6/$9 (under 21)* so prepare your soul now. Dark and deadly rock ‘n roll, wreckin’ new school meets old school psycho and rebellious new wave horror punk will crush your skull! 


• This is a Blood Over Texas Approved Event and B.O.T. members get $3 off entry! Must show card at the door. Sign up to be a member for FREE on our Membership page.


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Check out the U.S. premiere screening of Dead Within this Thursday, Sept. 4th at the Alamo Drafthouse, Village location. This psychological horror, post-apocalyptic movie is bound to get you squirming in your seat. Coming right at you from London’s Fright Fest, this will be your first chance to see it here, in our very own hometown, up on the big screen. The Director Ben Wagner, both leads, Dean Chekvala and Amy Cale Peterson, and some of the movie crew will be at the screening for your Q & A pleasure.

The screening is being brought to you by Millennium Entertainment and the new sci-fi film festival, Other Worlds of Austin. OWA will feature all sides of the sci-fi movie genre — horror, comedy, drama sci-fi, etc. — at their inaugural festival this December 4-6 and will also be screening the best in independent sci-fi all year round. The festival will take place at Galaxy Highland 10 (off 1-35) and wrist bands are now currently on sale for an incredibly low price of $35 but will change to $45 the closer it gets to the festival. For more information on the festival, wristband prices and info, visit their site and join the mailing list. The Director of Programming at OWA, Bears Fonté, has been the Director of Programming for Austin Film Festival for the past two years and is joined by a seasoned team who are dedicated to giving you the best in sci-fi. Film submission are currently being accepted and each film selected will be eligible for a cash-prize Audience Award.

Now let’s find out more about the movie, Dead WithinMV5BMTc5NTczMjEyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTUzNjM1MjE@._V1_SY317_CR8,0,214,317_AL_

The story is about a couple that goes to a cabin for a vacation — you know nothing good comes out of a cabin in the woods — and ends up surviving a deadly plague while they’re cooped up in said cabin. The film will leave you guessing who’s the monsters are. Are they outside or inside? The film is directed by Ben Wagner and was picked up by Millennium Entertainment and is slated for a September release. Dead Within just had its world premiere at Fright Fest in London on August 23rd. But this will be your first chance to see it in the U.S. right here in Austin. We’re super excited to see the film which will be playing at Alamo Village at 9pm. Tickets are only $7 and you can buy them on the ALAMO VILLAGE site. Check out the trailer below and read a more in depth interview with the director HERE. Get your tix for tomorrow and let’s find out who’s Dead Within?

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Splatterdrome was a success and the night was full of evil fun. Didn’t make it? That’s okay, we’ll get ya on the next one. Here’s a sample of the pics. To see more CHECK OUT THE FULL ALBUM.




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Our big fundraising event is almost here. I hope you all are planning on coming. This will be an epic 80s horror event and fundraiser for our group. We ask that you join and keep up with the invite on our Facebook page. There are silent auction and raffle items coming in almost every day and we will update on the invite. A ton of kick-ass horror items that you’re definitely going to want. Plus tons of attractions that are also being added before the event. Here are the details for now:


A night of 80s horror, blood and technology … A Music and Visual Event for the 80s Horror Movie Fan

Step inside and experience the sights and sounds of the tech/sci-fi/horror movies of the 80s; such as Videodrome, Lifeforce, Scanners, Chopping Mall and many more. These movies were envisions of a future filled with horror, mind control from the ultimate computer … the brain, and the idea that horror could live within the technology. All of these classics were a mirror of a time when technology was quickly becoming a part of everyday life. We invite you to come with us on this horror journey of the past and future.

The night will consist of many attractions that any horror fan will revel in, especially those with an appreciation for the glory years of horror — the 80s! We’ve compiled some great bands and DJs from here and our sister cities and they will impress the hell out of you with their 80s inspired sounds. Our professional VJ that will blow your mind with horror images and 80s horror movie clips. The Satans Cheerleaders will kill you on film, with your chosen method of murder, in the “Kill Room” photo booth. Come prepared to dance with the dead — costumes are greatly encouraged and prizes will be given to those that dress up in any future, horror or bloody costume. Impress us with your imagination

This is also a fundrasier and membership-drive for Blood Over Texas, so there will be an amazing Silent Auction and Raffle to raise money. We will list the items as they come in as well as times for the bands. Join us for the fun. Stay for the evil.

Doors at 9pm • Venue is 18+ (flyers say 21+, but over 18 are welcome)

ENTRY is $8 for the general public and $5 FOR B.O.T. MEMBERS.

Not a member? Sign up for FREE online and bring your card for the discount: MEMBERSHIP

MUSICal ear assaults by:

BITFORCE (San Antonio): Live rock & synth band that recreates video game and movie themes.

MILLENNIAL GRAVE (Houston): Live synth, pop that sounds like you’re inside an 80s horror movie.

PEACH FISH (San Antonio): Elements of vintage, synth, pop, euro — presented in an elaborate live show with visual elements and effects that are incorporated with the music.

VISUAL eye terror by:

VJ GREEKFIRE (Austin): Images of 80s horror movie clips with his own brand of sexy, horror and blood imagery.

DJ sKILLs by:

SPLIT SIGNALS (Austin): Czech One & Dey One, performing as Split Signals. A deadly duo spinning dark, synth, pop and horror sound tracks.


“Kill Room” photo opportunity by Austin’s legendary Squad 666. Officially approved by Satan himself. Donations go to B.O.T. and photos will be posted on our FB page for your tagging, sharing pleasure.

Just smile, hand over a few bucks and no one gets hurt: A few of the ghoulishly gore-geous ladies from DOLLS FROM THE CRYPT will be helping us sell raffle tickets!


HOUSECORE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL: poster, shirt and 2014 pass package – value $450!

• Passes and food coupons to the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE.

• Gift certificate to LUCY IN DISGUISE

• Magazine & sticker pack by GORE NOIR MAGAZINE

Join the invite to let us know you’re coming and to get all the updates: SPLATTERDROME INVITE.

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