204562008044788726_0yyhrqyo_fHousecore Horror Film Festival (HHFF) hurls it’s way to Austin this weekend and it’s time to spew your love for metal and horror. In their second year, Housecore Horror Film Festival has, from the beginning, been a celebration of the connection between metal music fans and horror fans. For most metal fans, the two go hand in hand  since there are solid inspirations and ties to the horror genre. Both a film festival and a music festival, it is quite an effort to combine the two types of festivals, as both are inherently different. But Housecore has a mission and they plan on making their twisted vision come true. The the minds behind HHFF, Corey Mitchell (best-selling local crime writer) and Philip Anselmo (former front man for legendary metal band Pantera), are both dedicated to metal music and their love of pure and classic horror and gore. They surround themselves with like-minded people who are able and willing to regurgitate the twisted vision. Bands, films, celebrities, panels, vendors, and tons of  attractions come together to make it one of the most unique festivals Austin has seen.

header_01The festival opens this Thursday with a metal show and badge pick up at the Dirty Dog and goes into full swing on Friday through Sunday at the festival site — which takes place off Riverside Blvd. at the Riverside Shopping Complex. The bands play in the anchors of the complex, venues Emo’s and Midway. The list of bands is long and impressive with highlights such as Gwar, Danzig, Samhain, Eye Hate God, Neurosis, etc. etc. Too many to print here, so head over to the band page for more on the metal that will be unleashed. The bands start up around noon everyday and will go into the wee hours of the night.

Now here at Blood Over Texas, we appreciate the metal music genre of course but the definite highlight for horror film fans is the original cast reunion of the 1974 horror and cult film, the Teas Chainsaw Massacre. The iconic Texas-based film celebrates it’s 40th anniversary this year and HHFF will present the highly anticipated panel on Friday at Emo’s and a Q&A along with the film on Saturday. The original cast, some which are here for the first time in Austin, Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface), Edwin Neal (the hitchhiker), Allen Danzinger (Jerry), William Vail (Kirk), Teri McMinn (Pam), John Dugen (Grandfather) and Eward Guinn (the cattle truck driver) will be in attendance. Sadly Marilyn Burns (Sally), was scheduled to attend before her unexpected death this past August. We grieve for the best scream queen that ever lived and our hearts go out to her friends, family and fans. There will be a memorial to Marilynn Burns on Friday.

Had enough of Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yeah, we didn’t think so. So add to the 40th anniversary celebration, cast members from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2! Bill Mosley (Chop Top), Caroline Williams (Stretch), and Bill Johnson (Leatherface #2) join the largest Texas Chainsaw Massacre-related event in history. TCM2 will screen with a cast Q &A on Sunday. Thanks HHFF! Your place in horror hell will be saved for your evil souls.

On the rest of the film front, you’ll find plenty of flicks — from the rare and obscure to new releases and classics. Horror shorts, mid-lengths, classics on 35mm, newer feature films like Circus of The Dead and Butcher Boys, and films from young and aspiring film makers that were chosen from submissions for this year’s festival. There’s no end to the amount of horror your eyes can feast on. The films take place at Emos, The Grindhouse Tent, Die-35 (a location on the site) and in the VHS Vomitiorium. And that brings us to the vomit. The VHS Vomitorium that is.

vomitorium-flyer-WEB 2Cellulord, Justin Giallo (a VHS connoisseur and former programmer for the Grindhouse Theater in Tacoma, Washigton) has purged his love for the glory of the VHS-age with 10 classics to cram down your throat in the VHS Vomitorium Room. The room is meant to be a chill out room for festival goers who want to take a break from the head banging to hang out and watch some great? classics in a comfy and quiet environment. And we’re excited to announce that Blood Over Texas is now sponsoring the VHS Vomitorium! Our Evil Overlord has personally driven around our great city scooping up couches, bean bags, and meeting lots of weirdos along the way, in order to give you festival goers some where to park you butt and enjoy the flicks. We give this to you Austin, used couches and ugly carpet. Don’t say we never gave ya’ anything.

And if that’s not enough to do, you’ll find the vendor area and location of the Autograph Room and autograph tables for TCM and TCM2 along with the Vendors of The Damned in between the two anchor venues in the shopping complex. Vendors offer their wares of unique clothing, art, creepy dolls, posters, CD’s, records, books, posters, memorabilia, accessories, hand crafted leather items and more. The vendor area is free and open to the public.

VENDOR-FLYER-FINAL-FLAT-WEBOther attractions to mention at the festival is comedian, and huge metal head, Brian Poshen will be performing/hosting several shows, meet SFX artists Matt Valentine and Michael Faust from SyFy’s show Faceoff in the vendor area, and you can even get tattooed on the world famous tattoo bus! Whew. We’re equally excited and tired and the same time.

Make sure you buy your badges today, you crazy metal horror hounds. Combo badges, Music Only badges, Film Only badges, Nightstalker badges (anything after 5pm) and special Austin Resident deals and individual show tickets are now on sale.




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