1797535_1399766056946475_1568089667_nBehind the castle walls, lies the unexpected. Creatures that creep the twisting hallways, looking and waiting for you to enter the maze, feverishly listening for your cautious steps… to discover their secret… their horror!sfanthor-3

It’s been months since the castle on South Congress opened with plenty of “what the heck is that” comments from drivers and walkers by who noticed the unusual building pretty much pop up out of nowhere. 10711041_1514717592117987_3663054048672795391_nThe castle is, Sfanthor, a shop celebrating sci-fi, fantasy and horror — the name is a mashup of those three genres and is full of everything your dark heart desires. Vintage comics, toys, jewelry, collectibles and T-shirts, including horror shirts by local company, Pallbearer Press. Created by one of the coolest, weird shops in town, Museum of the Weird on 6th street (downtown Austin), Sfanthor is following in it’s predecessors footsteps by adding a cool museum to the mix. But this one is of the horror kind. And on March 7th, it’s about to open your eyes to the history of horror.

sfnathor 3up

sfanthorNEW-14During these long months since Sfanthor opened it’s doors, those of us who have ventured in to check out the store,  have wondered why half the space seemed walled off. What’s behind those walls you ask? Well it is a Chambers of Horror of course… the history of horror, told in wax and intricate sets. And heck if it hasn’t been almost impossible to wait to see the painstaking production completed. And now it’s here monster fans! sfanthor-7The wax museum primarily focuses on the history of classic monster movies from 1920-1950. I can tell you myself, I have seen it’s conception in it’s many stages and there was no rush on details and quality. So we are very excited to see the birth of the monster. The museum will walk you through the early years of early horror films featuring the likes of Ray Harryhausen, Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney, with many surprises thrown in to please. The hope for the museum is to keep this history alive for us die-hard horror fans and as a introduction to a new generation of horror fans.

sfanthor-6We had a chance to get a sneak peek at the museum this week, and we are impressed. Speaking of sneak peeks, can you guess by the few teaser photos here what’s in store for you in the museum? You’ll have to stop by and see these creatures in full form! Feel free to bring the whole family since it is a family-friendly museum.

sfanthor-5The Grand Opening takes place on March 7th and will run from 11am-8pm. Museum admission will be $8 for adults, $5 for kids 10 and under. Sfanthor is located on 1101 South Congress and can’t be missed. If you miss the big castle (but how could you?), just look for Ms. P’s Electric Cock food trailer. Yes, that’s what the trailer is actually called. See you fiends there! —Bunny Voodoo

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