It’s the Final Countdown to HOUSE OF BLOOD!

HOUSE banner4 flat


HOUSE banner4 flat

You’re coming right? This event is especially for you B.O.T. members and all Texas horror fans…

swapWe’re happy to announce that we are giving out Surprise Grab Bags for B.O.T. Members Only! How’s that for exclusive swag? With the help of several local businesses, we have conjured up 40 free grab bags for the first 40 B.O.T. members who show us their card at the B.O.T. table at this week’s event.

The rules: You must be a card-carrying member — that means ‘ya gotta show your official card to get a grab bag at the event. If you haven’t already signed up to be a member, you still can, BUT… you’ll want do that soon because we will stop sign-ups this Wednesday at 6pm and won’t start back up again until Thursday, after, all of the bags are given out. The reason? Well we’re gonna be crazy, dumb busy planning the event and won’t be able to do last minute sign ups. This is a small but mighty organization y’all. Which basically means, we’re doing everything ourselves along with work, family, keeping out-of-hand slashers in check and dealing with random demon possessions. Don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll be sorrrrrryyy.

To sum up… sign up on the Membership Page NOW — or by Wednesday at 6pm.

Now we can’t tell you what’s in the bag, but we can tell you who donated items. Many thanks to the kind businesses who gave us swag!

Fast Custom Shirts​
Secret Oktober​
I Luv Video​
Museum of the Weird​/Sfanthor​
and US!

All bags will include some items from all of these businesses, and some will be EXTRA special by having more special additions. What will you get?

And please check out our list of artists that will be showing at the Horror Art Show and the select vendors selling their evil wares at House Of Blood on Our Events page. Not to mention our great sponsors, Virus Vodka and Gore Noir Magazine. Taste the vodka and enjoy the gore on the pages!

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