xuIxZ4udBVC-XEhQXD2nM9DHdnLZcxTmM0_Clc-GUWQ,GmePfiICm900Cor9JdjVxmZNkI9COGxXXcSiI8J7BgwYeah. So it’s hot. F’ing hot. But there’s something just around the corner to start to put a chill in your bones. A gift you could say. Something that will fill your dark souls with the joy of all that the witching season brings. All leading up to the pinnacle… our favorite holiday of the year… Halloween. And we couldn’t be more exited. Ecstatic for the blood to start flowing over the city streets, covering our feet and drowning us in skulls and monsters, horror movies infesting the TV and that oh so familiar “smell” of fall as the child-like, evil giggle begins to bubble out of our guts, crawling out of our throats… to terrify the innocent. Halloween is ours. images

Most of us have vivid memories of getting ready for the witching season, picking pumpkins, starting to make your costume (yes make… not buy), decorating the house with figures of the underworld and, of course, visiting your local haunted house. It’s one of the top things to do during the Halloween season, and this year will be no different. And lucky for us, Austin has a national, award-winning haunted attraction… House of Torment! If you haven’t experienced it yet — or even if you visit every year — this year will be an extra special one because they are celebrating their lucky number 13. This year is their 13th anniversary, and in celebration of 13 years of screams and terror, they are offering a limited-time special of $13 pricing and all new attractions. More on the exclusive $13 pricing later. So get your black cats out, open those ladders and feel free to step on the cracks ‘cuz HOT is back.

Now, House of Torment isn’t your so-so haunted attraction. It’s a multi-layered, movie-quality fright that has won multiple awards by finding it’s way onto many nationally recognized “top” lists, and mentions, from the likes of Buzzfeed, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E ChannelHuffington Post and ABC News.

Slider04-BigHOT features multiple experiences to choose from — usually 3 different worlds, or districts, as they call them —  that are re-arranged with new routes each year and new scare tactics, to keep return customers on their rotten toes and gives newbies a nice new nightmare to file away in the ol’ brain. This year the familiar BLACKTHORNE district it being taken over by THE DEAD END district. The district keeps the same feel of chaos and destruction — but has a new vision designed to portray a real Mad Max meets Walking Dead vibe. Dr. Ectobus (Blackthorne Asylum’s half human-half insect head researcher) and Marax (the Ancient of Time) start a horrific rift causing “deadites” to infiltrate the area. Once in, your mission is to get out alive as you fight to survive.

Slider03-BigThe next new district is filled with the classic staples of the witching season  — witches and pumpkins. The HEX OF THE HARVEST district isn’t your normal pumpkin patch. It’s a deserted island filled with hundreds of pumpkins and dripping vines and is filled with superstition, spells and curses. This one is what you could consider a pure Halloween experience. The central character Pumpking is joined with other horrific creatures to test you and your groups’ fears of the darkside and find out who in your group is the most afraid of superstition.

Slider02-BigAnd I save the best for last. Consider it journalistic biases maybe — but since I’m writing the dang story here — I proclaim that Clowns are the best evil incarnations for striking terror in the hearts of many. So nice and happy on the oustide with evil intentions inside — covered in grease paint and devious smiles. It. Poltergeist. Twisty. Heck even Bozo put a scare in tons of children that lasted a lifetime. Therefore, this year’s district LAUGHTERHOUSE is the one I’m most excited about. Chainsaw-wielding clowns have taken over the previous year’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE district with a twisted and dark circus. We’ll see if you leave with all of your skin still on as you run away with the sounds of shrieking and laughter pouring out of your ears.

All of these districts can be seen with the purchase of a ticket, you can choose the order in which you experience them and you can add on special rockstar status with Skip-The-Line upgrades, group discounts and the exclusive $13 pricing that we were talking about. Here’s the lucky offer for this one lucky day:



For one hour starting tomorrow, August, 28th at noon, all tickets will be $13 for only $13 minutes. That inlcudes any date, including Halloween! 

Not lucky enough to grab them during that 15 minutes? Well you can buy tickets for only $16.99 each until 1pm.

After 1pm, the rest of the limited number of tickets will be $18.99 until sold out. 


Since the regular price for tickets can reach up to $28.99, those are all great deals. Especially since this season is the toughest on the pocket books for us horror fans. So you’ll definitely want to take them up on the offer. We suggest getting your tickets tomorrow while you can for this great high-quality, Halloween experience. Dates start in September and go all the way through November.

You might be surprised to know that House of Torment is a monster that works all year to bring you special year-round events and the ultimate high season spectacle you know and love. One of things we appreciate most, is the obsession of its creative team and production staff that work hard to bring you the scare. The operation employs 100-120 people seasonally including 60-70 actors, 20-30 front end and event grounds staff, 5-10 stunt personnel, 2-4 control room staff, several runners and 6-10 iconic characters that greet guests and entertain them as they enter. The attractions, costumes, make-up and animatronics are produced by various teams of artists and creative engineers who are true horror fans. In fact, they’re always looking for more people to add to their team, so if you’re interested in having the ultimate behind-the-scenes haunt experience, join the HOT family, by contacting them and impressing them with your horror skills.

Take advantage of the exclusive deal tomorrow!

You can also look forward to an upcoming review of this year’s House of Torment attraction as the Blood Over Texas staff take a special walk through in late September. Plus meet a couple of HOT professionals on our next podcast where we will be talking about “living the life of a haunter” and what to do — and what not to do — on your haunted attraction experience. And as usual — us keeping it classy — we kinda want to know what room they’d secretly like to get it on in. Hmmmm.

Check out House of Torment’s Facebook page for up to date info and make sure to LIKE them.

— Bunny Voodoo

Check out the teaser video:

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