Yeah. We know. It’s September already. *derp* It’s a good one though! We introduce two new segments and try and do a comeback from the failed Fear The Walking Dead review for Hammered Horror  — instead doing a review of another delightful horror movie about a giant pig and a cult chick clan. Our special guests give us a look inside the award-winning haunted attraction, House of Torment, so the studio gets all haunty and stuff. Check out the details:

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Eric, Fernie and Bradley) as they get spooky with special guests Steven and Brandon from House of Torment, on this episode, “The Studio Is Haunted.” Get the dirt on what it’s like to be a “haunter” and work in a haunted attraction. You’ll also find out how long it takes to get the haunters ready, what it takes to be a haunter, things not to do while you walk through the attraction and everyone’s choice on the best room inside a haunted house in which to make sweet love (but don’t really).

In this episdoe we do a short tribute and toast to Wes Craven (R.I.P.), we do our usual segments (Terror Visions, the Double-Dog Dare You Film Challenge and a Hammered Horror review of PighuntAND we intoduce two new segments: Coming Out Of The Grave (movies coming out in Sept.) and Name That Terror Game (listen to sound bites and guess the horror movie).

Songs featured in this episode:

“Haunted House,” from the album Freak Brain by Danny & The Nightmares. BUY • LIKE

Dream Warrior,” from the album Back For The Attack (as featured in Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) by Dokken. BUYVISIT THEIR SITE

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