TALES OF HALLOWEEN: It’s A Treat, Motherf***ers

tales-of-halloween-poster-s“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It is painfully obvious that Halloween is our favorite time of year over here in the abattoir that is the Blood Over Texas home office (a.k.a. Bunny’s house).  And my favorite thing about my favorite time of the year is the new crop of Halloween movies! Opening today and just for a limited run at the Alamo Drafthouse, is the new horror anthology from Epic Pictures called Tales of Halloween. Multiple different stories told by multiple different directors that all take place on Halloween night.

tales tohheaderThe shorts, ranging from urban legends come true, to abusive spouses, to demons, to ghosts, to slashers, and even aliens, all take place in the same suburban town. While they all have different directors, the shorts stay united in tone and appearance, sharing a lot of the same color palette and locations. Even a couple characters pop up in more than one story. The stories, while spooky and sometimes gory, all have a lighter, almost playful tone, making Tales of Halloween a fun watch for any level of horror viewer.

Those of us who like getting knee deep in blood and guts get our little moments, too. There are plenty of familiar horror faces, some old and some new — one in particular made me cheer a little to myself — along with a few sly references that are just for us horror fans. Good make-up and good effects are one of the highlights of Tales of Halloween, and you can tell that the directors were having a lot of fun with it.

While there are plenty of horror movies you can watch this season, both new and old, Tales of Halloween is one of the few that is actually a “happens on Halloween” movie. It’s a joyful, fun, silly — yet gory —film that really captures some of that childhood glee we all remember from Halloween night. Jack-O-Lanterns and trick or treating, plastic masks, bags of candy and the occasionally brutal stabbing… all the stuff we loved as kids!

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgIf you’re a transplant from the Midwest like me, you miss the weather change and the leaves turning, scarecrows and corn mazes, and you might find it hard to get into the mood for Halloween. If that is the case, grab some friends and head down to the theater and check out Tales of Halloween. Heck, you can even bring it into your own living room with that fancy VOD wizardry. It’ll have you drinking cider, carving pumpkins and summoning demons in no time.

Note: Tales Of Halloween is playing in Austin, Texas at the South Alamo Drafthouse for a few nights this week (Oct. 16-18th). Check your local Drafthouse or other kick-ass theater for more showings. You can watch it on VOD now by going to their website at: Tales Of Halloween 

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And check out the trailer…

Tales of Halloween: “Trick Or Treat. Motherf***ers.”

— Eric Harrelson, Blood Over Texas

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