68e8cbcb6f78d34aad69fcd65c1b6c04For those of us involved in the horror scene, we know that women play a bigger part than most people expect. If you sit down and make a list of directors, producers, writers, actresses, scream queens, horror hostesses, bloggers, podcasters, etc . etc., it will take you all day. And although it may seem like the dudes get all of the attention, we all know it’s a varied group of people that make the horror happen. And yes, women in all of their bad-ass-ness, are defintely included. Nothing more powerful than a being that can bring you into the world and take you out of it. holla (z-snap). So it’s only proper they get their own month of recognition and love: February.

wihm 2What is Women In Horror Month you ask? Women In Horror Month (WiHM) is “an international, grassroots initiative, which encourages supporters to learn about and showcase the underrepresented work of women in the horror industries.” That includes women on the screen, behind the scenes and other artistic contributions. WiHM celebrates these contributions with a blog called Ax Wound, the AX Wound Film Festival (AWFF) and a event/project database including the WiHM social media fan base. Through this database they actively promote do-it-yourself annual film screenings, blogs/articles, podcasts and any other form of creative media with the goal to get exposure for these projects. The AX Wound Film Festival premiered in Oct. 2015 and featured a diverse selection of 35 short horror films directed by women around the globe. This February is the 7th year mark of WiHM and all around the horror world you’ll find people celebrating the movement that WiHM has brought to the horror industry.

Which brings us to an upcoming event in Austin, that should be a really fun night and a great way to give homage to some bad-ass women in horror. But first the back story.

While touring the aisles at Terror Expo in San Antonio a few weeks ago, I met an enthusiastic woman named Danni. We had a great talk at the CryptTV booth about horror and our Texas scene. She filled me in on the concept of CryptTV and we both agreed to stay in touch. A few days later I got an email from her, and I thought… yeah this woman’s not playing around. She was planning an event and wanted our help to spread the word. The answer of course was a big, fat yes! So here we go. A great event for a great cause… celebrating women in horror.

WiHM Flyer-web-sm

Presented by girlslikegore2 and morbidlybeautiful.com, the Femme Fatale double-feature of Jennifer Lynch’s 1993 film, Boxing Helena, and the Soska Sisters 2009 debut film, Dead Hookers In A Trunk. The double-feature will take place at Austin’s only drive in, the Blue Starlite Urban Mini Drive In. Located by the old Bergstom airport area, within a collection of sound studios, you can experience some vintage movie watching — outdoors underneath the stars. For those of you under the age 25, you might not have had the pleasure of watching a movie in your car, so this is your chance. We hope you come out to support this unique event and show your love for some women filmmakers who have contributed to the horror world.


— Bunny  Voodoo

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