Director commentary. You know that extra feature when you pop in the DVD… the one you select on your favorite movies? The Director sits in a studio and talks about his/her own movie in real time. The perfect geek out experience for a film fan. It’s a good way to get more details on the movie such as insight into a particular scene, decisions that were made, how the cast reacted, and most often, what went on behind the scenes. The gossip or scoop on the movie you might say. That is the premise of Director’s Commentary: Terror Of Frankenstein. Sort ofShown in satire fashion, the film is an icy satire of the monsters onscreen, behind the camera and in the audience.

As part of their yearly screening program, Other Worlds Austin (Austin’s SciFi Film Festival) is bringing the Texas premier of Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein to Austin next Thursday on August 25th (9pm) at Flix Brewhouse (Round Rock).

OWA founder and Artistic Director, Bears Fonté, had this to say about Terror: “I cannot begin to explain how brilliant this set up is. Because as the writer and director discuss the film’s notoriety it becomes very clear that most people’s interest in the film stems not from what’s on screen, but from a series of gruesome murders and a lengthy public trial of one of the cast members. Bits of the story leak out as they watch the film together, as well as old grudges and hints of blame. But it all starts very subtly, which is why it works so well. The audience is left to try to piece together what happened as they are asked to follow the placement and heaviness of a certain piece of prop luggage, which we later learn had parts of a dead body shoved in it.” Sounds intriguing to me. You can read more about Terror on OWA‘s site HERE.

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Terror is brought to you by the makers of Room 237 and The Nightmare so you know it will be a quality film. The Director/Co-writer, Tim Kirk, will be doing a live Q&A via Skype right after the movie, so get your questions ready. And if you haven’t yet experienced Flix Brewhouse yet, you need to come enjoy the theater as well. Flix Brewhouse is the home to many of OWA’s yearly screenings and offers yummy food (trust me, I’ve tried it) and their own craft beers. Much like the Alamo Drafthouse, you can order during the movie, but at Flix you can pull the table up to you like a proper dining table and you get your own button to call your waiter. Embrace the power! (insert evil laughter here)

other_worlds_logo_2014Support one of our favorite local organizations, Other Worlds Austin, by buying a ticket today. Organizations like OWA really need local support to continue bringing you films that are often looked over. That means they need you to buy a ticket and come enjoy the screening. It means a lot to the venue (they’ve agreed to help by offering their space), the hard workers over at OWA (who do it all for the love of film) and the film makers (who’ve spent endless hours and moola to bring you their vision). It takes a village as they say. A few of us from B.O.T.  will be in attendance and so should you! Buy your tix here.

On a personal note, I’ve seen some great screenings courtesy of OWA, including Call Girl of Cthulhu and Listening (now on Netflix) so I’m looking forward to this one too.

— Bunny Voodoo

The trailer:

Terror of Frankenstein; Director’s Commentary (Trailer) from Rodney Ascher on Vimeo.

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