Here ‘ya go horror fans, your very own gift guide for this unholy season. Use it to buy yourself some goodies or buy the right thing for that horror friend of yours. In fact, it might be a good idea to go ahead and share it with your family members so they know what gifts you really want this year. Happy giving!


First off we’ll start with Texas’s belly of the beast, Austin. Since we live here, we know the best places for you horror fans to visit. We urge you to buy local and support small businesses when you can. So get that car revved up and get ready for a Austin shopping trip. (More businesses — that don’t have an actual walk-in store — are listed below)


Cover yourself in horror with jewelry, accessories, horror shirts and cool clothes at Austin’s goth, alternative store, Secret Oktober. Murpho’s Boneyard Boutique also sells some cool rockabilly/psychobilly clothes and accessories. Have a comic book lover to buy for? Austin Books & ComicsTribe Comics & Games and Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy are just a few here in Austin. Museum of The Weird sells lots of unique gifts and horror shirts. Most fans of horror like to dress the part at some point, so a gift certificate from Lucy in Disguise or The Bazaar are great gifts since they can use it to buy FX makeup, blood, masks, costumes, wigs, etc.  Guzu Gallery and Mondo Gallery both sell horror-themed posters and artist prints — Guzu also sells many collectible toys and fun stuff . End Of An Ear and Encore Records sell plenty of horror movie soundtracks on vinyl. Many older movie soundtracks have been re-released as high quality re-mastered editions on vinyl — plus many new horror movies are now releasing their soundtracks on vinyl. All are are great for a horror fan’s collection. Gift certificates to your local video store will always be used. Stop into Vulcan Video or I Luv Video to pick some up. Looking for local handmade art and general horror merch? The vendors that were a part of our recent event, the 3rd annual Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar, have too much good stuff to list here. We suggest you check out the past EVENT PAGE. There is a full list of the vendors in the “About” area and you can scroll through the posts in the “discussion” area to see examples of their items and links to their pages. We highly recommend you check them out. Many of them vend at local events and most of them can make arrangements to get you your gifts before the holidays.


YEAR OF FEAR CALENDAR 2017 Presented by photographer Ama Lea, get a  year’s full of horror hotties. The calendar features your favorite horror icons in their element — with weapons and muscles for days. Even a little Leatherface boo-tay. $20. MEOW


DARK BATHBOMBS Bath bombs are all the rage right now and this company offers many “horror-style” bombs. Black As Your Soul (shown), Red Bathory Blood (shown), Hell Fury, Samhain and Nightmare are some of the bombs to choose from. Offered from UK company, Bella Muerte Clothing and Accessories, you’ll need all of them to make your bathing experience complete. Gift sets available. Prices range and we’ll leave it to you to figure out the exchange rate. BOMB YOUR BATH

HELLRAISER: THE SCARLET BOX LIMITED EDITION UK distributor, Arrow Releasing, releases the US version this month. The set features re-mastered versions of the Hellraiser trilogy: Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 and Hellraiser 3. Arguably the best movies of the franchise, the set includes all three re-mastered movies, a 200-page hardback book , 20-page booklet featuring never-before-seen original concept art, exclusive art cards, posters, commentaries, documentaries, interviews, bonus short films from Clive Barker, soundtrack and more. The ultimate gift for the ultimate Hellraiser fan. Scheduled for a Dec. 20 2016 release. The site recommends pre-ordering on Amazon but the pre-orders seem to be filling up fast, so you might want to search different sellers. Prices range depending on source, but it’s about $100. AMAZONARROW


HORROR ON VINYL: Remember those re-releases of horror soundtracks — and new movies —on vinyl we were talking about? You can buy them at several record stores and businesses that sell horror collectibles, but you can also go straight to the source. Death Waltz (now distributed and manufactured by Mondo Tees) and Wax Work Records offer some amazing and collectible vinyl. Including really purdy designs on the vinyl too. Prices range.  DEATH WALTZWAXWORK


HANDMADE OUIJA BOARDS Get your very own — no two are alike — Ouija board offered by The Night of the Necrosuit. Made from wood, with several different styles, all come with a Grave Digger Union planchette. Talk to the dead or adorn your walls. $40. IS ANYONE THERE?


CRYSTAL LAKE WINES Friday the 13th-inspired fine wines presented by Adrienne King (the ultimate “last girl standing,” Alice, from Friday the 13th 1 & 2) and Valley View Winery. Many varietals are available; such as, Chiller White, Midnight Merlot, Moonlight Chardonnay,  Cabin A Sauvignon and Survivor’s Syrah. $27-30 per bottle.  3-bottle minimum order, free shipping and no sales tax. A perfect gift for the wine and horror lover. GET YOUR SLASHER WINE

bgphb_1024x1024PENTAGRAM PURSE: For the horror girl that has everything. This vintage-inspired pentagram handle purse from Kreepsville 666 is bound to turn some bodies in their graves. Embossed skull design and detachable chain strap. Also available in red. $62. GET KREEPY


SLASH CARDS Test your knowledge of horror with this fun card game. 1,375 questions that cover over 400 horror movies. A great gift for any horror fiend. Buy one for a friend, or get one for yourself and start up a horror game night. $29.99 (now on sale on Amazon) TEST YOUR HORROR KNOWLEDGE


COZY HORROR SWEATERS from Middle of Beyond. Pretty much everything on this site you’ll want. Lots of horror sweaters, scarves, blankets, pillows, rugs, T-shirts and super cool Xmas ornaments. From experience, the sweaters are high-quality and heavy. Perfect for the cool temps. Make sure you pick up a Krampus or Baphomet ornament while you’re there. Prices range. GO BEYOND


LUCILLE A foam version of Negan’s bat, Lucille, from the show The Walking Dead. Since it’s foam and not the real thing, this would be a good gift for a cosplayer who wants to “Negan it up” and creep around at a horror convention or for a Halloween costume. Maybe even a display above the fireplace? Comes is no blood and bloody versions. There’s even a cool foam axe in this Etsy store. Creepy Twists Productions. Prices range. GRAB YOUR WEAPON


“GHOULISH” GARY PULLIN If you’re not a fan of “Ghoulish” Gary yet, you will be. A true lover of the genre, illustrator and artist “Ghoulish Gary Pullin, has a distinct artistic style that horror fans love. His takes on classic horror movie posters have graced many a wall and he has become a very sought after horror artist in the industry. Gary was the original art director for the great horror mag, Rue Morgue, and has also created many album covers for Wax Work and Death Waltz. Make some space on those walls for your new favorite poster. Prices range. GET GHOULISH


SKULL AND CROSS-UTENSILS PLATES The Etsy store Folded Pig offers many cool designs, including several anatomical designs, that are perfect for that “Mortisha” Stewart person. “Repurposed restaurant ware;” such as, plates, cups, bowls, etc., re-fired with these ghoulish designs are all dishwasher and microwave safe. Prices range. EAT FANCY STYLE


BLACK CRAFT CULT: If you’re feeling a little evil, Black Craft Cult, offers clothing for men and women, accessories and home decor. If 666 is your way of life, this place has you covered. Heck they even have coffee to start your evil day. 666


BRAIN COASTERS These are not your usual coasters. Each coaster features a different slice of the brain, and when stacked, they form a whole brain. We’re pretty sure this will make your drink smarter. An exclusive from Think Geek, you can also find tons of sci-fi gifts for that freaky sci-fi geek that we all know you know. Or you. GET A BRAIN


boxesBOX SUBSCRIPTIONS: A surprise of horror toys, mags, shirts, movies, etc. are packed into a box and shipped directly to you.  Also, for the goth lover, we added Black Box box of goth goodies. All of them cost around $20 a month and you can buy a month at a time or get 3-month, 6-month, and year subsciptions. Check each website for more details: BOX OF DREAD • HORROR BLOCK • BLACK BOX SUBSCRIPTIONS

magsHORROR MAGS: All stellar horror mags, here are a few select titles to sign up for. Fangoria has been slinging horror on their bloody pages since 1979, Gore Noir Magazine — based out of Austin, Texas — covers many aspects of the horror genre and Rue Morgue is a great mag out of Canada. Visit their sites for more info: FANGORIAGORE NOIRRUE MORGUE


In case you didn’t know, our Evil Overlord gives our members a “needful thing” to buy every month in our monthly member newsletter. Here are a few of her personal evil picks from 2016. Find out how to be a member and get that newsletter HERE.

SCARY COOL BLANKETS There’s nothing better than snuggling under a soft blanket while watching horror movies on a cold night. Available from Sourpuss. $20 WRAP YOURSELF IN HORROR


HOMEMADE HORROR PROPS The U.K. based store on Etsy, Rabid Weasel Studio: Mask and Prop Studio, makes some awesome replica movie props from your favorite horror movies. There are several items in the Etsy store and opportunities for custom items. Prices range. GET PROPS


HORROR COLORING BOOKS The popular trend of “adult coloring books” that the horror fan can appreciate. Color fancy mandala designs within zombie images in  Zombie Mandala, by Kingfisher Press. Sold on Amazon for only $5.95. MANDALA YOUR ZOMBIEThe Beauty of Horror: A Goregeous Coloring Book features creepy horror images from Alan Robert. Sold on Amazon for $10.79. COLOR SOME BEAUTIFUL HORROR


Artists, businesses and handmade crafters who specialize in horror. It’s really hard to pick a few, because there are so many great businesses to choose from, but here are some you must check out. Most sell from their websites, some through local stores, some at local vending events and on Etsy stores. Make sure to tell ’em Blood Over Texas sent ‘ya.


PALLBEARER PRESS: Unique and one-of-a-kind horror shirts, collectibles, records, pillows, patches, koozies, pins and more.



HEARSE PURSE: A crazy cool purse for the hearse lover.








INBORN DESIGNS: T-shirts, tote bags, gifts, housewares, enamel pins and their special series, Terrier Cvlt — terriers have never been so terror-ific.



LADYALCHEMY13: Original art (paintings & prints), photography (including abandoned spaces), accessories, coasters and more.



KITTY KORVETTE presents PURR-FUME. Devilishly good scents for your horror body. With a huge selection of scents (with names like Dead & Buried, Cursed, and Vamp Tramp for example ). Purr-fume available in roller ball bottles and lotions. Custom blends available.


GRIMSICAL: Spooky art in the form of original paintings, jewelry and hand sculpted creatures and dolls.




DALE CARROLL ART: Original horror-inspired art.






SINISTER GRIN PRESS: Local publisher offers books — “Horror That’ll Carve a Smile on Your Face.” Check out their list of authors and give the gift of literature.




PUNK ROCK LOVE ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN: Original horror-inspired art.











ATOM AGE VAMP: Creepy and cute horror-inspired jewelry.


FAST CUSTOM SHIRTS: Unique horror shirts and special metal cut art (their Michael Myers metal-cut  knife is a must).










THE GLASS COFFIN: Taxidermy, oddities, curiosities, antiques, dark decor and macabre adornments.


THE CURIOSITEER: Oddities, wet specimens, jewelry and curiosities for the discerning weirdo.












GABRIELLE FAUST: Local author and best known for her Eternal Vigilance vampire series of novels. Check out all of her titles on her site.


BOMBSHELL KITTY: Quirky and kitschy jewelry, accessories and special Xmas ornaments inspired by horror movies, monsters, zombies, the 80s, pinup girls and retro/vintage.








We hope you all have a safe and fun holiday season. Long live horror! 


—Bunny Voodoo

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