For about a year, I’ve been addicted. ADDICTED to watching the movies on Beta Max TV. This channel, available on Roku, makes me feel like a kid in a candy (make that video) store. They’ve got horror movies — sorted by category 60s, 70s, 80s — and a variety of sci-fi and action films available. I was able to speak to John Ary, who runs the project out of Leander, Texas about his channel. There are two ways you can watch the films, one is via live streaming content (my preference) and the other is videos on demand. With the streaming content, you get old drive-in movie commercials between films. On Saturday nights, there is a fun horror host line up.

B.O.T: Tell me about Beta Max TV?

John: Roku is amazing. There are so many channels. You’ve got to get it! There is such a variety of things to see. Our movies are in the public domain. There is some surprising stuff out there. From classics like Night of the Living Dead and The House on Haunted Hill to Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci films. Newer content for Beta Max TV is by submission and we are always looking for short films and horror hosted shows to bring to our audience.

B.O.T: How did you get the idea to start the channel?


The Night Owl

John: Horror hosts are a dying breed. I started looking at how I could bring shows that were still happening to a wider audience. We have a variety of shows to offer from different parts of the country. A cool find was Fritz the Night Owl. A fan grew up to be a video producer and worked on a new show with him. Another cool find was the station tapes from the old shows. [Fritz the Night Owl is the former host of  Night Owl Theater out of Columbus, Ohio. There is quite a lineup of horror-hosted movies, on both the live streaming and video on demand. Beta Max TV has the retro version of The Night Owl, along with the newer episodes.]

B.O.T: What’s up next for Beta Max TV?

John: We are constantly adding new content. Check the website and our social media for announcements. We are looking for films and shorts to add to our content. There is a submission page on our website.

B.O.T: The readers at Blood Over Texas are obsessed with horror movies. Do you have any stand out recommendations, from the channel?

John: Here would be my top 5 Beta Max TV horror movies to watch for someone new to the channel,,,

mamaMama Dracula (1980) — The lady who played Nurse Ratchet is a vampire aristocrat aided by her two twin vampire sons who help her harvest virgin blood in order to stay immortal. It’s a weird ass comedy/horror flick that features equal parts blood sucking and slapstick humor.

The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman (1971) — Paul Naschy, the most famous horror icon in Spanish movie history, plays a man who must fall in love with in order to free himself of a werewolf curse. Unfortunately for him a newly resurrected vampire queen has set her sites on his new love.p7421_p_v8_aa

Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973) — B-Movie god William Smith investigates a strange alien phenomenon that is turning the worlds women into sex starved deadly bee ladies that feed off of men’s sexual energy.

Last Man on Earth (1964) – This gorgeous black and white horror film follows Vincent Price as he attempts to survive the vampire/zombie apocalypse as the only human left in the world.

city_living_dead_posterCity of the Living Dead (1980) — Fulci brings the gore as a priest opens the gates of hell, allowing the dead to roam the Earth. Only a psychic and a reporter stand in the way of zombies eating everyone’s brains.

If you are a horror fan, you really need Beta Max TV in your life!



— Juliet Jones, Guest Writer, Blood Over Texas

From the Overlord: Juliet teaches English and Journalism and is a graduate of UC Irvine. As an avid horror fan — and a B.O.T. member — we welcome her to our online team. 

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