UnknownShould you Shudder? Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but how weird are you?

So here’s the thing about Shudder. Although it isn’t the perfect streaming site, it does give us horror fans an expanded selection of movies, shorts and even series when compared with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. There is some exclusive content, and Shudder does get some amazing new films, but where the site really excels in my opinion is the amount and range of the classic content. Interesting Euro and Asian films, goofy 80’s nonsense, and most importantly a wide selection of classics are all available to watch again or discover for the first time. Shudder is a great place to do your homework.

Shudder also features some very in depth collections, but I was particularly fond of the curated content. There have been recommended films by “Curators”, Joe Dante, Barbara Crampton, Robert Eggers, Fred Dekker and more filmmakers or famous fans of horror. Although the content is obviously constrained by what Shudder has available, it is neat when picking a movie to find out what the guy that directed The Witch would watch. Being that Shudder is also a sponsor for Fantastic Fest, there is a collection of films available that screened at what is widely regarded as the premiere genre fest in the nation, if not the entire world.  There is also a Midnight at Sundance collection, which collects films that screened, of course, in the Midnight slot at Sundance.

Right, so buy Shudder, I guess. Bunch of cool stuff on there, it’s only like 5 bucks a month which I imagine most of us can afford. There are a few downsides however. One is that if you don’t have Android, Roku or Apple TV, at the time of this writing, Shudder didn’t have apps for Playstation or Xbox. The other is that although the content is pretty varied and covers a lot of bases, they are pretty safe bases. (I may have just accidentally made a baseball pun.) If you’re like me and looking for stuff that is really out there, you have to look elsewhere…

Stay tuned for dramatic transition.. 

You guys… I looked elsewhere and I found this: Exploitation.TV. The site is not that easy to navigate.  It costs more than Shudder, and it only has apps for Chromecast or Roku. It’s categories are pretty basic (comedy, horror, thriller, etc.) BUT, Exploitation.TV has some absolutely incredible content. As you may have gleaned from its name, Exploitation.TV is all about cult oddities and grindhouse era, underground weirdness. Plenty of sex comedies, far-out horror, arthouse sex documentaries, erotic sci fi, and over the top gory martial arts action.Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 7.24.12 PM

What is important and great about the team at Exploitation.TV is that they are trying to preserve content that quite simply no one else gives a shit about. Most of these movies would be lost forever if not for the work and dedication of people like them. If you’re looking to expand your film horizons, check out Exploitation.TV and strap in.  It’s gonna get weird.

— Eric Harrellson, B.O.T. Contributor 

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