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September 16th, 2017

Mosaic Sound Collective, AUSTIN, TEXAS

Over 20 rooms of doom! Walk through the doorway into a maze of hallways and rooms as you experience the horror presented by amazing horror and dark artists who dabble in the unknown. Each artist has tales of terror to tell and visions of the dark side. Their displays of art will devour the walls of the maze in this most evil of galleries, Fright Gallery.

ART: In each room, you will find a world created by the artist to accompany their work. Lighting, music and decor will help you experience their world during your stay in their room of doom. Some artists will be offering their art for sale.

FILM: Visions of horror often find their way onto the big screen, so this outlet will be celebrated with a compliation of short horror films curated and presented by Garth Manor Cinema. The art installation of horror shorts will be shown on a loop in the main Auditorium. Experience hand-selected gems of gore and horror in short format. Take a seat and enjoy the horror in a dark and quiet enviornment.

LITERATURE: Most tales of terror start at the hands and minds of the literary artist. Take a journey into the minds of these writers in the Books of Blood room where horror and dark writers will offer their writings for sale for your horror-reading pleasure.

VENDORS: Within the maze you will find merchants with evil wares to buy. Clothing, accessories and art will grace their tables of terror.

Haunting music will be offered by specially selected DJs at the event, special horror scenes will be set up for photo opportunities and creature tour guides will help you work your way through the maze.

Over the years, the venue has been a juvenile hall, a convalescent home and a mental facility but is now the home of Mosaic Sound Collective. Mosaic is a a new innovative idea benefitting the music and art community of Austin. It is quite simply, a hive of musicians, artists, resources and services consolidated under one roof. The Mosaic campus will provide services, employment, training and education to musicians and the music community. Working together, united by a common cause, they endeavor to revitalize the Austin music community.  For the music community, by the music community. To learn more, please visit them at www.mosaicsoundcollective.com. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Mosaic to help them support our artistic community!

Please see our Our Events page here on the site and join the Facebook INVITE. Our Facebook invite will have the most up-to-date information. Submission info for artists, vendors and writers is on the Events page and the FB invite.

— Bunny Voodoo

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