Creepshow Art!


Wow! We just got a look at the exclusive art print being given away at the Terror Tuesday showing of CREEPSHOW next week! Horror/comic illustrator, Cody Schibi ( created this special print for our B.O.T. signup on July 31st. It’s one of his favorite movies and we think he showed it by making such a bad-ass ode to one of the coolest and fun horror movies ever. I guess you could go as far as call it a “cult” movie for those of us old enough to remember the “good ‘ol days.”

So here’s how it will go down …

The first 30 people who sign-up to be B.O.T. members, get a free 5×8 print signed and numbered by the artist. Then we will give away a few poster sized (11×17) prints during the giveaway before the movie. We have a special guest straight from the movie – unfortunately not mentioned in the credits – that is coming to give away the prize! Don’t miss this extra special Terror Tuesday! Tickets are on sale now and it will sell out. See you there creeps.

Buy tix here:

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