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August 10th, 2017





The August screening of Blood Bath Theater (our monthly horror screening sponsored by Arrow Video) is Re-Animator (1985)!

The print that will be shown on the huge 25-foot screen at The North Door is an un-cut 4k restoration being offered by Arrow Video (release date is July 25th). Check it out HERE. If you witnessed the restored version of Hellraiser at July’s screening, you know it was kick ass and we have no doubts Re-Animator will come back to life in all it’s gory glory.

Doors: 8pm • Re-Animator-themed Pre-show: 9:00-9:30pm • Movie: 9:30pm

The screening is FREE and is shown in a dark and quiet movie watching enviornment!

18+ • Drink specials • Giveaways


Arrow Video is one of the leading film distribution companies releasing new and restored films for hororr fans (and others) to enjoy. They have an impressive library of releases and are currently offering an amazing Hellraiser box set with tons and tons of extras. Hellaiser Scarlet Box (limited edition) was on our Horror Gift Guide this year and for good reason. Check out their library on their SITE and make sure to follow them on the social medias.  FACEBOOK • TWITTERINSTAGRAM


August 19, 2017




It’s baaaack! SPLATTERDROME brings music and horror together and this time we pay tribute to the era of heavy metal. Three KILLER tribute bands, 80s horror and heavy metal videos on the screens, an epic photo booth, drink specials and MORE TBA. Save the date evil ones.

ALL AGES (minor surcharge at door for under 21)

Click on the link to go to Come And Take It Live’s site. BUY TIX

At the height of the 80s horror film era the power of the demon-drenched lyrics of heavy metal music helped to spawn the phenomena of Satanic Panic. While the parents prayed for our sins we reveled in all that was evil. A time of pure rebelilous innocence that may never be repeated. This night we will celebrate one of the greatest times of horror – when blood traveled effortlessly between film and music.

HELLter Skelter – Motley Crue Tribute band
MOB RULES – Dio Tribute Band
Judas And The Beast – Judas Priest & Iron Maiden Tribute Band


Come And Take It Live, Austin, Texas

September 16th, 2017


B.O.T. presents



September 16th, 2017

Mosaic Sound Collective, AUSTIN, TEXAS

Over 20 rooms of doom! Walk through the doorway into a maze of hallways and rooms as you experience the horror presented by amazing horror and dark artists who dabble in the unknown. Each artist has tales of terror to tell and visions of the dark side. Their displays of art will devour the walls of the maze in this most evil of galleries, Fright Gallery.

ART: In each room, you will find a world created by the artist to accompany their work. Lighting, music and decor will help you experience their world during your stay in their room of doom. Some artists will be offering their art for sale.

FILM: Visions of horror often find their way onto the big screen, so this outlet will be celebrated with a compliation of short horror films curated and presented by Garth Manor Cinema. The art installation of horror shorts will be shown on a loop in the main Auditorium. Experience hand-selected gems of gore and horror in short format. Take a seat and enjoy the horror in a dark and quiet enviornment.

LITERATURE: Most tales of terror start at the hands and minds of the literary artist. Take a journey into the minds of these writers in the Books of Blood room where horror and dark writers will offer their writings for sale for your horror-reading pleasure.

VENDORS: Within the maze you will find merchants with evil wares to buy. Clothing, accessories and art will grace their tables of terror.

Haunting music will be offered by specially selected DJs at the event, special horror scenes will be set up for photo opportunities and creature tour guides will help you work your way through the maze.

Over the years, the venue has been a juvenile hall, a convalescent home and a mental facility but is now the home of Mosaic Sound Collective. Mosaic is a a new innovative idea benefitting the music and art community of Austin. It is quite simply, a hive of musicians, artists, resources and services consolidated under one roof. The Mosaic campus will provide services, employment, training and education to musicians and the music community. Working together, united by a common cause, they endeavor to revitalize the Austin music community.  For the music community, by the music community. To learn more, please visit them at www.mosaicsoundcollective.com. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Mosaic to help them support our artistic community!

Please join the Facebook INVITE for the most up-to-date information. Submission info:


This is a new idea for us but it is something we have always wanted to do. This particular space is unique for an art gallery and with the multiple of rooms in various sizes — there are many possibilities. The space is much like an office building with several hallways and rooms. The building was previously a juvenile detention facility, a convalescent home and a mental facility so it is filled with many small rooms (10×12), a few medium rooms and a few large rooms. We envision the small rooms going to artists and the medium ones going to vendors (there are just a few of these).

Depending on the artist, we feel some rooms can be shared with other artists. We know some artists are very prolific and will have no problem

filling the walls in their room. Others will have just a few pieces so this is an opportunity to share with another artist. If this is the case, we will work with you to pair you up with another artist. The only theme to this gallery is horror and dark art.

Beyond simply displaying your art, we want the gallery to be a total horror experience and would like each room of art to be presented in a special way that gives off a horror ambience. We are very open to your creative ideas on how you want your art to be presented. Maybe you want to turn off the overhead fluorescent lights and bring your own lighting? Maybe you want to decorate your room with props? Maybe you’d like to play your own music in your room that you feel goes with your art? If this is of interest we remind you to keep the sound at a reasonable level as not to interfere with an artist that might also be playing music in the room next to you.

DISPLAY: You are allowed to use regular nails in the walls to hang your art. Nothing too crazy that may damage the walls (heavy hooks or screws). Some art will not be in a frame format fit to display on the walls; such as sculptures and other free standing art, and will require other displays. Alternate ideas for displaying might be a folding free standing wall, tables and easels. You might want to add descriptions next to your art with the title, medium, size and price  (if applicable) — just like a museum or art gallery. You can use tape to put up the descriptions. You are also welcome to sell your art displayed but we ask that you DO NOT remove the art until the end of the event. You can indicate “sold” on the art in the meantime. That will allow all of the attendees to appreciate your art during the whole event— which is the goal for the gallery.

Whatever you decide to do in your room, we cannot damage the space (walls, carpet, etc.) and you have to supply everything needed for your room. If you are accepted to show, we will need to discuss your ideas for your room and we will approve them.

SETUP: The space is bare so you will need to bring EVERYTHING you will need to create your room: Tables, chairs, alternate displays, special lighting, decorations, music (and the way you will play it), extension cords, nails, hammers, etc. Everything. There are no tables or chairs on site!

VENDORS: Because the event is mainly showcasing art, we have limited space for vendors. That being said, we consider many of the vendors’ merchandise to actually be artwork, so we definitely want to include vendors. We will have to be very selective as to give the attendees a wide variety of merchandise. As far as your space goes, in general, please plan on bringing the standard 6 foot table-type display for your merchandise. The space for that is, in general, 6 feet in depth and 8 feet in width. This is what we plan for at our annual Horror For the Holidays vendor event and allows for a 6 foot table with room on the sides to exit and room in the back for chairs. Background shelves or display are okay, but let us know if you have them. We’d like to get as many vendors in there as we can, but if your normal display is bigger let us know and we’ll see if we can make it work.

WRITERS: Literature is art in book form so we want to include writers. Writers may sell their books at the event. We will be putting aside one of the large rooms and calling it the Books of Blood Room. This will be a shared room with each writer having their own 6 foot table. The room will be limited in space so we will have to hand select writers that offer varying subject matters. But of course, only horror and dark content will be accepted. You will also have to bring your own table and chairs since there are none on site.

ACCEPTANCE: Although the space is large it is very limited. We want to give the attendees a wide variety of art forms to experience which means we will have to hand select artists, vendors and writers to show in the gallery. This will not be an easy thing for us to do. Choosing between all of the talented people that may submit is going to be very hard and we ask for your understanding. We will make our decisions based on

giving our attendees a wide and varying experience.

COST: We will be charging a small fee to show/sell and a small fee to attendees for entrance. All artists, vendors and writers will pay $20 to show and sell. Attendees will pay $5 to enter. The fees will be used to put on the event: DJs, staff, security, decorations, set up material and advertising (flyers and posters). Part of the proceeds will also be donated to Mosaic Sound Collective — the space we are invading. To learn more about Mosiac, and the things they are doing to benefit the Austin music scene, visit: www.mosaicsoundcollective.com

HOW TO SUBMIT: To submit as an artist, vendor or writer please send us an email with this in the subject line: “FRIGHT GALLERY Artist” … “FRIGHT GALLERY vendor” … or “FRIGHT GALLERY writer.” This will make it easier for us to organize.

Email: info@bloodovertexas.com

Your email should include:

• A few attachments of your art and merchandise and any links to your sites.*

• For artists, give us an idea of the of work you want to submit and how you plan on displaying in your room (i.e. Paintings and hung on wall).

• For artists, let us know if you can fill up a room or if you’d need to share with another artist.

• For artists, any specific ideas you may have about how to make your room the total horror experience.

*For those of you that have vended or shown art at any of our previous events, there is no need to attach pics since we know your work. Just email us and answer the other questions.

Please give us a some time to get back to you as we expect to get an wave of submissions -— at least until the end of the month. Once you are

accepted, we will send you a short video of the space (not for public viewing) so you can get an idea of the venue. We will be setting up a few dates before the event where we will invite accepted artists to come visit the space and see their assigned rooms. The venue is not open to the public so you will need to wait for us to visit.

More info will come that will address setup/break down times, “see-the-space” dates and other final arrangements.

October 28th, 2017





Save the date horror fans! This will be the 2nd annual Halloween party especially made for horror fans. Austin’s horror community has gathered once again for this most unholy event. Join Austin Horror Society, Austin Witches Circle, Blood Over Texas and The Zombie Life Podcast/TV in celebrating the best time of the year. Details TBA. Save the date. Join the invite, share, post and spread the evil!




November 19th, 2017




The horror continues with our 4th annual Horror For The Holidays Art & Gift Bazaar  — a baZaar bazaar for the horror fan. Save the date! This year we return to Come And Take It Live (formally named Grizzly Hall). Two stories of horror merch for your holiday shopping needs and wants. Join the FB invite and stay tuned for more info to come. JOIN

***ALL HORROR & DARK VENDORS *** EVIL SANTA BOOTH with professional photographer *** KRAMPUS *** RAFFLES *** FREE *** ALL AGES *** Last year brought out apprx. 475 attendees ***

VENDORS: Spaces will go on sale on August 1st and will end on October 31st. This year we will be using a “juried” system rather than a first-come-first-serve process. Our returning vendors will get priority on acceptance. Left over spaces will be offered to new vendors and will be juried for acceptance. Returning vendors will receive a private email with instructions right before the on sale date. New vendors will be juried for acceptance and placed on a waiting list until we hear back from our returning vendors. For that reason we ask returning vendors to respond quickly to the email you receive in late July. More details and instructions will be posted here so keep an eye on the invite. We look forward to another year of Horror For The Holidays!



Pictures from our events can be found on our Facebook Page. 

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS PARTY: Annual Membership Appreciation party and celebration of B.O.T.’s 6th birthday. June 29th, 2017. Casino South Side, Austin.


THE WALKING DEAD MID-SEASON WATCH PARTY: A viewing party for the mid-season premiere of Season 7  “Rock In The Road” where Rick’s gang “Rises Up” to the occasion. February 12th, 2017. North Door, Austin.




SLASHER BOWL SUNDAY: FREDDY VS. JASON Watch Party: An Anti-Super Bowl event. Who cares about the Super Bowl. Let’s watch horror instead! The REAL battle is between the biggest slashers on screen, Freddy Vs. Jason (2003). Nightmare On Elm Street Masters Trivia game, Friday the 13th Survive Or Die game, team flags given to show team spirit  (Team Jason or Team Freddy) and a big flaming surprise at the end — a live burn from Jason himself. February 5, 2017. Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Austin. 



HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS 3: A baZaar bazaar for the horror fan! The 3rd annual HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS ART & GIFT BAZAAR featured all horror and dark vendors. With over 26 vendors, an Evil Santa photo booth for holiday photos, an appearance by Krampus, a Bloody Mary Bar and just under 500 attendees this is one of our biggest events. November 16, 2016. Grizzly Hall, Austin


HELLOWEEN: Dance Of The Dead: Presented by Austin Horror SocietyAustin Witches Circle, Blood Over Texas, Gore Noir Magazine and Other Worlds Austin. A traditional Halloween party for the horror fan. Dance party with DJ’s Dren and DJ Czech One. Performance set showcasing the best in drag (Honey St. Claire, Louisianna Purchase and Zane Zena), burlesque (Ruby Lamb and Sabor Insanity) and sideshow (Ivar and Juan Martinez). Costume contest with prizes, door prizes, tarot card readers and a digital photo booth. October 28th, 2016. Elysium, Austin.hell-poster-big3-web



The Walking Dead Premiere Party: A screening party for the premiere episode of Season 7 of TWD. The night started off watching the last episode of Season 6 and then the long-awaited Season 7 episode which promised that a member of the “Rick team” would die. The event also featured a Funeral Photo Booth (to mourn the death) and a Death Pool (a dollar a card gave them a guess of who would die). After the episode we picked cards and the one with the correct “dead” won the pot. October, 13th, 2016. North Door, Austin.TWD-POSTER-FINAL-web


Frisky Business Burlesque’s Monster Mash BOOty Bash: A BOOtiful burlesque show presented by Frisky Business that was dead-icated to Halloween. Blood Over Texas was on-hand at with a special creepy photo booth. October, 7th 2016. Elysium, Austin.14469628_1047811358650022_2852274546430330264_n

Masque of Red Death Masquerade Party/Membership Party: A masquerade of the undead to celebrate our 5th birthday and our members. The night featured DJ Mighty Iris, costume contest sponsored by Lucy In Disguise, silent auction, photo booth and cake. June 16th, 2016. The Madison, Austin, Texas.MASQUE FLYER WEB


Desolation Manor presents TOXIC TEXAS. A B.O.T. co-sponsored event 39 hours. 10 teams. 12 missions. A horror campout weekend of pure horror adventure. February 26-28, 2016. Austin, Texas.CHALLENG


Gore Noir Magazine’s TOXIC TEXAS:  B.O.T. co-sponsored this event with Austin Horror Society at Midway Field House in Austin. Gore Noir presented their signature toxic green slime wrestling along with 3 live bands (Celebrity Sex Scandal, Cretin Bop and Klax), a Toxic Scream Queen Contest hosted by the Austin Horror Society and a Blood Over Texas Toxic Photo Booth. January 22, 2016.12439075_10208243904159014_4395331477382983394_n


2nd ANNUAL HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS ART & GIFT BAZAAR:  Our annual all-horror vendor market for the holiday season made especially for horror fans. Not your normal Christmas shopping bazaar, HFTH features vendors selling only horror and dark merchandise. The big event also features raffles, an Evil Santa Photo booth with professional photographer and Krampus creeping around causing havoc. Held at Spider House in Austin, November 29th, 2015. See ‘ya next year creeps!HFTH'15-FLYER-web SMALL


EVIL DEAD AFTER PARTY FOR GARTH MANOR CINEMA’S EVIL DEAD 2 SCREENING: B.O.T. hosted the after party of the Evil Dead 2 screening that was put on by Garth Manor Cinema. The after party featured Evil Dead decor and was attended by the screening attendees and Garth Manor’s special guest, Robert Kurtzman. July 30th, 2015.11737858_1004715862896161_625857306502319389_n


FELT SCREENING: Presented by Fantastic Fest and hosted by Blood Over Texas. Introduction before the screening by Eric Harrelson. July 17th


HOUSE OF BLOOD: DIS-MEMBER APPRECIATION PARTY: We celebrated our 4th birthday by throwing a free party for our members and all horror fans. Sponsored by VIRUS VODKA and GORE NOIR MAGAZINE the night featured 3 areas of attractions including a Horror Art Show, Vendors, Photo Booth, Horror movies on all of the TVs and a dance party. Free swag bags to B.O.T. members included items from local businesses: I Luv Video, Secret Oktober, Museum Of The Weird/Sfanthor and Fast Custom Shirts. June 25th, 2015. HOUSE-flyer-WEB-tiny




















OTHER WORLD AUSTIN’S SCREENING OF CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU. CO-SPONSORED BY BLOOD OVER TEXAS: Blood Over Texas, along with Midnight Crew Studio, co-presented the Austin premier screening of the movie, Call Girl Of Cthulhu — part of Other Worlds Austin‘s year round screenings. April 16th, 2015CGOC_AFine_NoText2

FRIDAY THE 13th HORROR LOUNGE: A celebration of our favorite day of the year, Friday the 13th, and a SXSW kick-off party. Blood Over Texas and Delve Texas presented an exclusive horror party at the Spontaneous Speakeasy with a charity attraction — proceeds went to Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). Friday 13th, 2015 HORROR-LOUNGE-FLYER-web

DEMONS VS. ZOMBIIES TOUR: Blood Over Texas c0-sponsored the Austin stop of the horror rap music tour brought to you by Slaughtercore Ent. and hosted by local promoter, Texas Hatchet Cartel. March 6th, 20151DvsZ


ZOMBIE SKATE 5: Blood Over Texas took over Playland Skate Center again to infest Austin with hordes of the undead… on wheels. February 15th, 2015.ZOMBIESKATE-WEB2-poster

WYRMWOOD ADVANCE SCREENING WITH MUSICAL GUESTS THE BLOOD ROYALE: Blood Over Texas in association with IFC Midnight presented an advance screening of the movie, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead.  February 10th, 2015.


HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Our 1st annual all-horror vendor market for the holiday season held at Spiderhouse Cafe & Ballroom. Fifteen vendors selling horror/dark gifts, an Evil Santa Booth, Krampus creeping around, holiday horror movies by I Luv Video and raffles. November 16th, 2014.HOLIDAY-FB-BANNER-FLAT

ICONS OF HORROR AT GUZU GALLERY. Co-sponsored by Blood Over Texas and Gore Noir Magazine. The Icons Of Horror art show at Guzu Gallery. October 31st, 2014.10644672_966082626742357_253040521796957998_o

AMERICAN HORROR STORY’S FREAK SHOW SEASON OPEN PARTY. Sideshow acts, screening and live music. October 8, 2014. Weekly screenings continued throughout the season.AHS BANNER

SPLATTERDROME. Our first event since our “comeback” and our first fundraiser. A celebration of blood, technology and 80’s horror. August 22, 2014. FLYER-BIG-NEW-WEB2
















Zombie Skate October, 2012


















 Horror Lounge July, 2012



















Ride Of The Dead May, 2012















The first one! Murder Night, February, 2012




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