Our Evil Manifesto

To keep it simple, we promote and support the Austin and Central Texas horror community. You can read about our Staff below.

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BLOOD OVER TEXAS (B.O.T) is a horror social group located in Austin, Texas. Since 2011, our core value has been to keep the horror genre alive — kicking and screaming — in one of the greatest, most innovative cities in the world. Home to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, things are bloodier here in Austin. We like our beer cold, our flesh smoked and our blood in buckets thank you.

Here at B.O.T., our mission is to unite horror enthusiasts, in and around Austin, by creating a membership-based social group, providing its members an outlet to participate and enjoy the horror genre. In addition, our goal is to support and showcase people and local businesses who contribute to the local horror community: Film, Art/Tattoo, Entertainment, Literature, etc. We produce original events, co-sponsor events and generally support the horror scene in Austin and Central Texas.



OUR STAFF: The Minds Behind the Beast

It takes a village… of the damned… to keep this beast kicking and screaming. We do it all for the love of horror. PRESS: Contact our Evil Overlord for more information and to request a media kit.


eviloverlordBUNNY VOODOO

Miss Voodoo not only keeps busy delving in the world of horror by overseeing B.O.T’s day-to-day operations and overall goals, but also as a performer and artist. Everything that happens with B.O.T. goes through Bunny and she has surrounded herself with friends and talents that she trusts enough to help build the beast.

As a performer and founder for Austin’s horror dance troupe, Dolls From The Crypt, she has been producing horror-based dance/theater shows since 2008. She believed the ultimate audience for these shows were horror fans; however, they were hard to find. That’s when she recognized the lack of a central hub for horror fans in Austin and felt the need for a local outlet or organization. A place where horror fans from all facets of the community could find out about horror events and those that contributed to their horror scene. From there, the demon seed was planted and B.O.T.’s birth happened in June of 2011. Bunny Voodoo welcomes all horror fans to the group, at all levels, and strives to serve the community by bringing the horror genre to the fore-front of Austin and central Texas.

While she’s not serving the horror community she is busy creating art — mixed-media, painting and resurrection of old treasures that she “evil-izes”. Her art can be found at bunnyvoodoo (dot) com. A graphic designer by trade, her hobbies include cooking, appreciating wine, driving fast cars and a love for all things macabre.

Contact: eviloverlord (at) bloodovertexas.com



Contact: bradley (at) bloodovertexas.com



Shelly Dread’s love of all things horror was spawned in the late “70s and early ‘80s when Damien Thorne stole her heart in Damien: The Omen II, and the era’s bone chilling, made for TV movies such as Are You Afraid of the Dark and Bad Ronald made the mark of the beast on her impressionable, young soul. Shelly joined forces with Bunny Voodoo while producing Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival in 2013 and 2014, and has now taken the next step into the abyss to become an Acolyte for Blood Over Texas.



hat time-2Eric can pretty much lay out the plot of every single Friday the 13th movie from memory, and will sometimes do so unprovoked.  Ever since he was 8 years old, he has wanted to dress up like Godzilla and destroy a model of Tokyo. Eric writes our series, NetFLIXHorrorFIX, and challenges our podcast listeners with the Double Dog Dare You horror movie challenge.

Contact: eric (at) bloodovertexas.com


tessa announceTESSA MORRISON

Well-rounded nerd, writer, and artist, Tessa, grew up in the misty mountains of West Virginia where she was constantly ridiculed for being a “weirdo.” Now residing in Austin, she still gets called a weirdo, just now it’s in an endearing tone. The earliest Horror films she can recall watching were Akira when she was 3 years old then Alien, Gremlins, and Child’s Play around 8 years old. She is still convinced that teddy bears and androids bleed milk. When she isn’t contributing to Blood Over Texas she works an office job by day then creates puppets and fiber art by night. The photo on the left is “daytime” Tessa and the one on right is “after midnight” Tessa. Don’t get her wet. Tessa’s art is pop culture themed and based on video games, comics, cartoons, and SciFi and Horror films. She is the Outreach Director for Austin’s premiere SciFi film festival, Other Worlds Austin and also is a contributor for Strange Kids Club.com and Strange Kids Magazine.

11018863_10152587219271761_8053905407661003958_nBRIAN NIXON

Brian experienced his first horror film at the tender age of 7 years old. After having nightmares for 7 days and 7 nights, he was hooked! He is a local Firefighter/EMT keeping people safe, while also trying to scare them with his photography and films. You can find many of Brian’s great pics taken from our events under Our Events on this site and on our FB page, including our crazy fun, Killers in Austin Photo Series.

Contact: brian (at) bloodovertexas.com


11022408_10155255505410722_5538360173392796209_nFERNIE RENTERIA

One of the first movies Fernie remembers seeing is the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Ever since then, he’s dedicated most of his life and all of his heart to horror. He manages a local costume shop, plays in a creepy band and creates dark photos to help Keep Austin Bloody. Fernie also heads up the Terror Visions Art Challenge found on the Our Series page.

Contact: fernie (at) bloodovertexas.com










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