Terror Visions

terrorbanner-FINAL-NEW-WEBOur Terror Visions Art Challenge is given out during our monthly podcast, Blood Over Texas Radio. The purpose of the challenge is to inspire artists to create something evil. A horror muse of sorts. Contributor Fernie Renteria will issue the challenge in the form of music, literature, film, etc. Whatever he feels will inspire you to create. All artists — and everyone — is welcome to participate. Painters, illustrators, digital artists, crafters, musicians, tattoo artists, film makers, etc., etc…. we want to see what you come up with!


FIND: The challenge is given in our monthly podcast. You must listen to the podcast to find the macabre muse for that month.

BEGIN: Once you have found out what the muse is, it’s time to create. Experience the muse — which will come in many forms. For example, if the muse is music (a song or album), listen to the music and create based on that muse. If it’s film, watch and create. And it goes on from there. The idea is to be inspired by the challenge and create a piece based on the muse. Your creation can be a painting, a drawing, a quick sketch, a piece of music, a poem or short story, a short film, heck… even a tattoo.

SUBMIT: Send us your creation by posting it on the Blood Over Texas Radio Facebook page or by emailing it to fernie (at) bloodovertexas.com with “Terror Vision” in the subject line. Please refer to the muse in your post/email so we know what challenge you have completed. We will post your creations on the FB page in an Album and we will select top pieces to be shown on our website once the challenge is over.

OWNERSHIP: Your art belongs to you; but please be aware, that by submitting your art to us, you are giving us the right to show it on all of our social media sites/website and any promotion for B.O.T. and the challenge itself. We will never reproduce your art for profit. It is your evil creation.

DEAD-LINE: The challenge starts when it is announced on the podcast. The deadline will be given on the podcast and on this page.


Ep. 001 “Meat The Monster”: Deadline for submissions is February 13th at midnight.


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