We want to thank everyone that signed up to be official Blood Over Texas members over the years. We handed out 942 cards and your souls are safe with us in our Book Of The Dead. We’d also like to give a big thank you to the local businesses that offered our members and the horror public special deals over the years. We urge you to keep your membership cards and put them away in your Necrocomicons for keepsakes. It was a wild 6 years and we couldn’t have done any of it without you deadly beautiful people. We hope that you’ll continue your support of us in the future as we continue to bring you more and more fun horror events to enjoy.



MEMBERSHIP & DEALS  We will no longer be processing memberships and giving out member cards. For those of you that already have membership cards, we have contacted the companines and people that have given our members their member deals to inform them of our transformation. We are not sure if they will decide to continue offering member deals, but you can always ask them.


PROMOTING OTHER HORROR EVENTS  Over the years we have been happy to promote all horror events in Texas — either with a post, a mention or even being involved or present at the events. Unfortunately we will be no longer be doing these things in our new life as a Production Company. We just won’t have time  — and we really appreciate your understanding — this is one of those hard decisions we’ve had to make. We are however, turning our current Blood Over Texas Fiends Group Page on Facebook into a TEXAS HORROR EVENTS GROUP PAGE so you will be able to promote your events there. Please be reminded that this is a Texas-only and Horror-only event Group Page.


NEWSLETTER  The monthly Member Newsletter will be replaced with the occasional Event Notification email to keep our followers up-to-date of our upcoming events. All former B.O.T. members are already added to this list. For new followers, you can sign up to be on the email list on our SIGN UP page. Your email addresses will never be shared or sold.


PODCAST  For our listeners of Blood Over Texas Radio, we’re sure you already know that the podcast went on hiatus this past summer. Currently we don’t have plans to bring it back, but never say never. It may rise from the dead — as you know things often do in our world. You can still listen to past episodes on iTunes and Stitcher.

We’ll keep this page up this page for awhile — until our possession is complete. Below you will find our Evil Overlord’s dark-heartfelt letter on our rebirth.


Transformation. Life. Doors.

Right about this time, seven years ago, I sat down with friends and talked about starting a community group for horror fans. It was an idea that arose from my need to try and reach horror fans. At the time I had a horror dance group called Dolls From The Crypt and I felt that horror fans were our ultimate audience, yet there was no easy way to reach them. So began talks of this beast that would soon arise from the depths of hell, Blood Over Texas. 

By the spring of 2011, the idea was a real thing and so the hard work began. In that first year I let the idea of Blood Over Texas sink in — creating a mission to support and promote the horror scene in Texas. A lofty goal I know, but hey, ya gotta think big. During that year, I experienced a big life change and a goodbye to the life I had known. Although devastating in some ways, that year offered a new beginning. One where I could really be me and where a brighter world stood before me. A transformation of my life. 

Funny enough, the beast that was born to serve also ended my booty shaking years in said dance group. One door closed while one stood wide open. Over that next year, I found the love of my life and learned who my true friends were. As far as the beast was concerned, I started creating new horror events and kept on with the business of making Blood Over Texas successful. It was a bumpy road and although those events that year were great, not many came. I’m not proud to say that I had to wipe away many tears and had self doubts. But great things don’t happen that easily, so I stayed on course. 

For the next few years I continued to live my new and better life while trying to grow the beast. In the summer of 2014, I decided that I needed more help and reached out to some friends. That put a spark in the beast and things started to get busier and Blood Over Texas began to be the vision I had always dreamed. That being said, there was always more that I wanted to do. The idea was a big one and I continued to struggle to find the hours in the day to reach the full vision. But it was always good and always satisfying to see the new horror fans join in the fun. 

For the next few years things continued on it’s path and new avenues and opportunities opened up. But life has a way of adding twists and turns to the path you set out for yourself. The dream of building the beast was strong but the future was beginning to dictate if it could live on. Work started to change, bills started to pile up and life began to have more demands. And it became much harder to feed the beast. It was becoming clear that something had to give. This time several doors were open and one had to be picked, like it or not. Which brings me to today. 

Over this past year, I have stood in front of the doors and have realized that Blood Over Texas can not survive in it’s current state. I cannot survive in this current state. It has been an excruciating realization — and yes, many tears and sleepless nights — but I have decided to end what we know now as Blood Over Texas in its current form. I have been very proud of all of the work that my contributors and I have done over the years to serve the horror community. But all hope is not lost. The beast will have a new life and I am very excited to go through this new doorway to see what’s on the other side. Blood Over Texas will now be a Production Company.

Out of all of the things that Blood Over Texas does, the original horror events are my passion. They bring such happiness and a sense of accomplishment to me personally and I think they are one of the main things that also brings the most joy to others. They still cultivate the scene and give horror fans an opportunity to enjoy our shared love of horror. So walking away from that is not an option. Which is why B.O.T. will be transformed into a production company — so we can still produce horror events.

I hope that all of our followers will still stand by us in our new life — our new metamorphosis. I cannot put into words how much your support over the years as brought me joy and I hope to still have you all in my horror family. Let’s walk through that door together and keep our love of horror strong. We will continue to showcase horror, and prove to the world, that horror is here to stay. All year round. Forever and ever and ever. Long live horror!

Yours deadly,

Bunny Voodoo