HALLOWEEN YOU GUYS!!!! October is the best time of the year. It is not up for debate. Halloween stores open, people decorate their houses with ghouls and guts, cable channels run horror marathons, and I can finally eat Boo Berry for breakfast. If you live in Austin there is something even cooler to celebrate, it’s time for House of Torment! We at Blood Over Texas had the privilege of getting to attend a press night at House of Torment at their brand spanking new location and were blown away. House of Torment is one of the premiere haunts in the world, and was just ranked number one by Haunt World Magazine, Haunted and featured on Discovery/Travel, HuffPro and Buzzfeed. Not bad for a haunted house that started in a garage. Creators and Austinites, Jon Austin Love and Daniel McCullough, have come a long way (since 2003) to arrive at this new 40,000 sq. ft. location — that’s double the indoor space of the previous spot. Not far from the original Highland Mall location, the new House of Torment is located at 2632 Ridgepoint Drive in Austin (near the intersection of 183 and 290). HOT is officially bigger and better than ever.

Everything is under control in the control room

Everything is under control in the control room

While we were attending press night, we got a behind-the-scenes tour by HOT General Manager, Glenn Lenard. The glimpse behind the scenes was one of the coolest things I have ever done. The work that the crew has put in on this new location is incredible, and it really shows in the quality of the experience. House of Torment is three separate haunts, each with it’s own theme and feel. There is Dawn of Evil, wherein you must navigate a zombie infested derelict hospital. It makes you feel like you’re in an episode of The Walking Dead. Frenzy is a nightmarish experience, featuring huge creatures, evil clowns and my favorite gag, the Laser Swamp. It really is an amazing effect, and getting to see how they pull it off was one of my favorite parts of the tour. Finally there is Graveside Manor, which is kind of like if Disney’s Haunted Mansion were smashed together with Evil Dead 2 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I kind of just wanted to move in.

Us posing with Taylor.. and a random psycho nurse

Us posing with Taylor.. and a very nice psycho nurse

The painstaking detail of each set is truly incredible, from the distressed wallpaper in Graveside Manor to the flickering light effects on X-Ray trays in Dawn of Evil. Each room in each set is beautifully rendered, but what really brings everything to terrifying life are the actors. Blood Over Texas long time friend and accomplice Taylor Haggard is one of the make-up artists at House of Torment, and she let us have a peak into the costume rooms and the make-up process. While walking through we also had a rare spotting of our other fiendish friend, Michael Faust, haunting around in the costume room and wranglin’ creatures. You know Michael Faust — he’s one of the bad-asses that competed on SyFy’s FaceOff. Yeah. That’s how HOT roles. Great talent is key. Seeing just a small sample of what goes into creating just one of the creatures that inhabit these worlds gave me a whole new level of respect for the time and dedication that at House of Torment puts in to create a truly fantastic experience.

Shelly makin' friends

Shelly makin’ friends

In addition to the haunts themselves, House of Torment does their best to make even the experience of waiting in line fun and terrifying. There are zombie nurse dancers, elaborate horror “icons” prowling the lines, and even a food truck in case you’d like to fill your belly with something other than anxiety and horror. From the moment you enter the grounds to the moment you leave, House of Torment envelopes you in their world.

House of Torment’s new location also contains a separate attraction: Mindspark Adventure Games (a.k.a. Great Room Escape). Mindspark is an extension of House of Torment, featuring four different “escape the room” challenges. Mindspark’s general manager Alex Burgraff was on hand to give us the details. If you — like a few of us were — unfamiliar with an escape the room game, it is ostensibly a series of complicated puzzles and challenges that your group must complete in order to eventually unlock the door to escape the room, naturally. Mindspark has, as I mentioned, four separate games for your team to tackle. There is Zombie, wherein you are trapped in a room with a chained Zombie and a mysterious butler, and you are given one hour to solve the puzzles and escape, but every 10 minutes the Zombie’s chain gets longer, and if you are tagged, you become temporarily dead and have to take a time out. Bad player! Terminal is another game which takes place in a “moving” subway car, where you and your team have an hour to solve a series of puzzles to uncover the conspiracy and escape with your lives. The third game is Houdini, wherein you are trying to assist Houdini’s widow in making contact with her husband’s spirit. Finally there is a virtual reality experience, which you have to solve alone. You are trapped in the most haunted room of Geist Manor, and you must solve puzzles and find clues to escape, but you only have 10 minutes to do so. A complete virtual experience and one of the few of its kind in the entire world that uses this burgeoning technology.

Where the zombie lives

Where the zombie lives

The Blood Over Texas team took on the Zombie escape room, and with only a scant 4 players, we managed to escape with 6 minutes to spare! I may have gamed the game, though, because evidently my ingenuity broke one of the puzzles. I didn’t smash anything, so get that out of your head. I am just entirely too clever to be trapped by mere mortals. Or eaten by Zombies, I guess. We all had such a great time with the game, and I can say without hyperbole that this was the most exciting and amazing experience that has ever or will occur in the history of the entire universe from Big Bang to the eventual fade out of all physical existence.

Mindspark does require a bit of planning, as you have to get your team together and book the room in advance, but trust me, it is worth it in every sense of the term. And even better news is that Mindspark is available year round. It isn’t just a Halloween season attraction, you can book whenever you like. And I invite you to try, JUST TRY and beat the Blood Over Texas team and break out of the Zombie room with 6 minutes to spare. You won’t. And if you think you can COME AT ME IN THE COMMENTS!

This guy

This guy

We all had an incredible time with House of Torment, and we really hope you all get your horror loving butts to one of the many things that makes everyone want to live in our town. What’s the point of living here if you don’t take advantage? Do yourself a favor and book a game at Mindspark as well, you will not be disappointed.

The current HOT haunts, as described, are open through the rest of October and the 1st weekend of November. After that, HOT is putting on their special Black Out event and an upcoming TBA xmas holiday event. HOT is open though out the year with various special events so check their SITE for more info and LIKE ’em on FB. Sign up for an escape room at Mindspark on their SITE and LIKE ’em too.

JUST ANNOUNCED! We are giving away HOT tickets at our upcoming events! You can win tix to HOT in our Walking Dead Premiere Party‘s Zombie Costume Contest and at Helloween: Dance Of The Dead‘s Costume Contest. TWD is this Sunday the 23rd at North Door and Helloween is next Friday the 28th at Elysium. Get more info on these events, right here on OUR EVENTS page and our FB EVENTS page. Keep Things Bloody, Austin!

— Eric Harrelson 


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It’s that time again fiends. Time to pack up your family and friends and keep the Halloween tradition alive with a visit to your local seasonal haunted attraction. These hard working and passionate folks work all year to create the creepiest and scariest haunted attractions to terrify the masses. So show your support by seeing what they have to offer. We dare you!

Here is your list of Texas Haunts. Visit one near you, or consider a fun trip to visit them all. Texas is a big state, but we believe in you. 

Note: Please visit their websites for dates, tickets and descriptions. You might also want to bookmark these sites, because some of them put on special attractions all year long. 



Smithville (outside Austin)SCREAM HOLLOW (Sept. – Nov. ): WEBSITE

Bedford (Dallas area): MOXLEY MANOR

Midlothian (outside of Dallas)TAYMAN GRAVEYARD THEME PARK (Sept. – Oct.): WEBSITE (Sept. – Oct.): WEBSITE


Lake Dallas: DAN’S HAUNTED HOUSE (Sept. – Nov. ): WEBSITE

Waxahachie (Dallas area)SCREAMS HALLOWEEN PARK (Sept. – Oct.): WEBSITE









Rosharon (Houston area): CREEPY HOLLOW HAUNTED HOUSE (Sept.  – Nov.): WEBSITE



San Antonio: 13th FLOOR (Sept. – Nov.): WEBSITE

San AntonioGREAT ROOM ESCAPE: ZOMBIE Seasonal horror-themed rooms. Located at 13th FLOORWEBSITE




Did we miss some? Please let us know of any other Texas haunted attractions by emailing us at: info (at) blood over texas (dot) com. (pic: Cutting Edge Haunted Houses)

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We are both saddened and elated that vendor spaces are sold out for this year’s upcoming Horror For The Holidays. We are sad to have to turn away vendors as we are full and at capacity but happy to know that horror is alive and well in Texas!

We sure do hope to see everyone out for this one day, not-to-be-missed event. Sunday, November 13th, Grizzly Hall, Austin. Get more info on our EVENTS page and our FB INVITE.

—Bunny Voodoo

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HELLOWEEN is coming for YOU! Mark your calendars

hell-poster-big3-webHELLOWEEN: Dance Of The Dead

Presented by Austin Horror SocietyAustin Witches Circle, Blood Over Texas, Gore Noir Magazine and Other Worlds Austin

Coming Friday, Oct. 28TH in Austin at Elysium

What happens when some of Austin’s most horror-minded groups unite to plan for the best time of year? They throw the best Halloween party in town of course. Join Austin Horror SocietyAustin Witches CircleBlood Over TexasGore Noir Magazine and Other Worlds Austin in celebrating the only holiday that drips with blood. A traditional Halloween dance party that will make the corpses roll over in their graves! DJs, costume contest with prizes, tarot card readers, horror movie visuals, Halloween photo booth and a hand-picked, horror-filled performance show that promises guts and gore and more!

Our two amazing DJs will rock your bones with infectious grooves — with a little bit of horror thrown in the mix: DJ Dren Pasht (W I T C H W A V E) and DJ Czech One will kill it.

A terror-fiic PERFORMANCE SHOW will delight the devil in you! MC’d by the magical magian John Maverick. Gore-geous burlesque by Ruby Lamb (from The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue and Satan’s Cheerleaders) and Sabor Insanity (from Frisky Business Burlesque and The Hell Katz). Devious drag by Louisianna Purchase (Poo Poo Platter and Die Felicia), Zane Zena and Honey St. Claire (all stand outs and all dead-icated to horror). Sinful sideshow acts by Mister Hamilton and more. And if that’s not enough to get your “Black Phillip” goat going… we’ll be adding even more acts TBA soon.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without disguising yourself from the dead — so bring out your best — and enter the COSTUME CONTEST at the strike of midnight: Best Couple, Scariest and Most Original. Winners will win an evil bag of tricks (prizes TBA).

TAROT card readings presented by Austin Witches Circle featuring mystical readers from ChosenEyes (Leah) and Mystic Starlight Tarot (Andrea).

Halloween-scene screen PHOTO BOOTH by Holland Photo Imaging presented by Other Worlds Austin.

A vicious mash-up of horror will invade the screens in the HORROR VISUAL SHOW presented by Austin Horror Society.

ANd MOre! We’re still brewing evil ideas so stay tuned here for constant updates. Please share this invite and let us know you are making a pledge to evil by “going”.

Only $5 21+ ($7 18+)

If there’s any event you go to this Halloween, make it HELLOWEEN and Dance with the Dead! JOIN THE FB INVITE FOR MORE INFO

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-58-14-pmIt is that time of the year again! Fantastic Fest begins this upcoming Thursday, and for those of you who don’t know what Fantastic Fest is, who are you and why are you reading this? One of the biggest, if not THE biggest genre fest in all the land, Fantastic Fest is a full week’s worth of genre film programming, with panels, Q&A segments, boxing, trivia, machine guns, meat cannons, and all manner of ridiculous mostly film related chaos. The Festival runs the 22nd through the 29th at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, and features films from all over the world, in all sorts of different genres, both features and short, from a Polish musical about Mermaids to butt munching Thai Dwarves. Yes, you read that correctly.

An example of the chaos at FF

An example of the chaos at FF

Now, where Fantastic Fest is an incredible experience and full of some of the best and weirdest cinema from around the globe, it can be a bit heavy on the wallet for us working class types. But they’re looking out for us and offer discounted second half badges and also individual tickets to each showing. You will have to allow for badge holders to seat before you, but these individual show tickets are the way to go if you don’t have the luxury of taking a week off of work and spending a ton to enjoy what is quite possibly the best film festival created by man. And that is where I come in. Horror fans, rejoice! For I have done the research (sort of) and the following are a few films that I think are a must watch for Horror fans. I haven’t seen any of these myself so maybe they will all be terrible and you can yell at me later or thank me with offerings of sacrificial beers.


The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

Director: Colm McCarthy. US UK

I read the novel by Mike Carey because it was recommended by Joss Whedon (no not personally, just online) and I quite enjoyed it. This one is tricky because I don’t want to give much away, but it’s a Dystopian road story where a young girl called Melanie is trying to make a trip cross country with a couple soldiers, a scientist and her teacher. Each of these characters has different ideas about what to do with Melanie, and there are of course shenanigans. The interesting twist on an old formula is what makes this story so good, so I am very excited to see how they handle it.


Dearest Sister (2016)

Director: Mattie Do. Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Estonia, France.

The plot of this film deals with a poor woman who finds out her recently blinded cousin can communicate with the dead. And this communication could help the two of them find the material wealth they lack. The premise is definitely interesting, but what is more intriguing is that this film comes from Laos. The director Mattie Do is Laos’s only Horror director AND only female director. Laos is a Marxist single party regime, with only one movie theater in the entire country, and no production companies or distribution companies. I am quite curious to see what Mattie Do has in store for us.


Jungle Trap (1990): Presented by Bleeding Skull

Director: James Bryan

This is a really strange one, and right in our Blood Over Texas sweet spot. So get this, James Bryan is (in)famous for making straight to video exploitation weirdness, such as Lady Street Fighter and Don’t Go in the Woods. He directed and shot Jungle Trap on video, just as the straight to video distribution was singing its swan song. Bryan couldn’t get anyone on board so he shelved Jungle Trap, unedited and unscored, and never directed again. So here comes Bleeding Skull, a straight to video trash-horror review site started in 2004 by Joseph A. Ziemba and with Bryan’s help, they hire Don Swaynos to put the film together, with Ziemba doing sound editing and mastering. A new score was recorded as well, and finally after 26 years in limbo, we get to see the madness that is Jungle Trap. I cannot wait.


Raw (2016)

Director: Julia Ducornau. France

A vegan entering into veterinarian school is forced to endure some hazing, you know, like vets always do, and is forced to eat animal for the first time. And wouldn’t you know it, she breaks out in a rash and then, well, I don’t know what, but evidently it is pretty amazing according to the programmers over at Fantastic Fest. This is Ducornau’s directorial debut, and the Fest is all a buzz about Raw being THE Horror offering to see this year. So see it we shall!

So these are just a few of the films that Fantastic Fest has to offer, the ones that I personally think will be the Horror Highlights of the festival. You may agree, you may disagree, but one thing is for sure, you need to experience Fantastic Fest if you never have before. Even if you only go to one screening, make the effort to head down to the Drafthouse and check this stuff out! A complete listing of the films and a much more thorough description of each is available at Fantastic Fest, and the following is a list of the more strictly Horror-type feature films that will run at the festival. (that list is intimidating, so I tried to narrow it down a bit for you.



Another Wolf Cop. Exactly what it sounds like.

Ash VS Evil Dead. Season 2 premiere.

Autopsy of Jane Doe. Mysterious body shows up in the morgue.

The Bad Batch. New film from Ana Lily Amirpour who did A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses. Based on a true story of a Maori exorcism.

A Dark Song. Occult ritual that will take six months to complete.

Don’t Kill It. Dolph Lundgren: Demon Hunter.

High Frontier. Unexpected guest at a remote cabin turns father/son retreat into something sinister.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Tim Burton’s new presumably stripe-covered thing.

Phantasm: Remastered. 4K Phantasm y’all.

Phantasm: Ravager. Fifth and final Phantasm.

Sadako vs. KayakoThe Ring vs. The Grudge.

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl. Young woman befriends weirder young woman, part haunted house, part satanic stuff.

The Void. Murderous Madman traps small town sheriff.

We Are the Flesh. Ruined city, stranger gets help from siblings to build a strange room.

The Zodiac Killer. Odd not really a documentary from 1971, was supposed to catch the Zodiac Killer.

* Me’s thinks you need a badge to see the shorts, but there are a ton of ultra cool horror shorts to check out. Find those on the site. 

— Eric Harrelson


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1469129769100Our friends over at Other Worlds Austin have done something wonderful for us. The festival has enjoyed quite a bit of success in just its first two years, and they have decided to add some purely Horror content, with their addition of Under Worlds Austin to the festival this year. We here at Blood Over Texas are of course incredibly excited about this, and I had the privilege to ask Other Worlds Austin Founder and Artistic Director Bears Fonté a few questions about his new venture, Under Worlds Austin.zzsf9cdg_200x200

“When I started OWA, as you know, I was really inspired by Corey Mitchell, who had founded Housecore Horror Festival the year before,” Bears told me. With Fantastic Fest bringing in so many big names in genre film, Housecore was more about retrospectives and smaller independent films along with the music. Bears thought he could fill a gap bringing more independent Sci-Fi to Austin with Other Worlds, and he has been more than successful in his endeavor.

Unfortunately, we lost Corey Mitchell in 2014, and the Housecore Horror Festival restructured and moved to San Antonio. “I would never even have thought of doing Under Worlds Austin if Housecore was still a thing in town,” Bears said. “However, every year we had horror filmmakers asking if their film might qualify as somewhat Sci-Fi enough to screen at Other Worlds, and every year we found great Sci-Fi Horror that we could play without thinking twice.” With the obvious crossover between Sci-Fi and Horror, the Other Worlds Austin team thought the time was right to bring in some purely horror programming and make it an official part of the festival.

I asked Bears if the inclusion of more Horror films would change the complexion of festival. “I don’t think so,” he said, “and I’ll tell you why. We are not programming just any Horror. We are looking for those same story-first films that we’ve programmed in Sci-Fi.” He went on to say the festival wouldn’t be programming gore-filled slasher/kill-focused type of films. “I am really excited to shine a spotlight on a sub-section of a genre that I feel gets too often over shadowed by flashy franchises and gore. True Horror is just as much a struggle for the mind as Science Fiction.”

alien_101460So what is it about Sci-Fi and Horror that make them such great bedfellows? There is so much crossover between the two genres, and so many thematic similarities not only with Sci-Fi and Horror but also genre film in general. I asked Bears if those similarities are what draw him these films. “I think both genres take us out of our everyday lives and ask us to imagine possibilities,” he said. Bears went on to explain that Science Fiction asks us to believe in fantastic technologies or extreme conditions, such as world wide drought or nuclear war. Horror asks us to accept something we fear as real and immediate, such as demons or ghosts. “ I think in both there is a sense that we are just a few steps removed from a world we understand and in which we feel safe.” There is a difference, though between the worlds of Science Fiction and Horror and the worlds of Fantasy, he points out. “I might be crucified for this but I find Alien to be a far more effective Sci-Fi film than Star Wars,” he says. He explains that in Alien, the audience is only asked to accept a couple small things that throw the world into chaos. A mining mission in space is easily accepted, the biggest leap is that the crew run across an alien life form, the Xenomorph. Whereas in Star Wars, there is a complex galactic government with a multitude of alien races, ancient religions and The Force, which is basically just magic. The Fantasy world of  Star Wars completely removes the audience from the world around them, whereas Sci-Fi and Horror are more grounded in real life. Bears explained, “a Sci-Fi film makes you look at your world, and wonder will it/could it become the world of the film. What can I do to prevent that (or make that happen)? A Horror film makes you look at your world and wonder is the world of the film already true. How can I possibly even get by another minute without fearing for me life?”

That lead me to wonder what was Bears’ favorite Horror sub-genre. “ I think my favorite films are always the ones where there is something to solve, like Saw or Cabin In The Woods,” he responded “rather than just something/one chasing the heroes and killing them off.” He explained that those themes can extend across any of the sub-genres. “I do find possession and supernatural stories a bit more frightening because I believe in all that stuff,” he added. “I believe there are ghosts, I saw one several times when I was a child. Vampires and werewolves seem a bit far-fetched; although, I’m down with becoming a werebear if such a thing exists!”

The film industry, and quite frankly the story-telling industry at large tend to move in cycles and trends, and I was curious about which trends he liked, those he disliked, and if there were any he would like to see make a return. He told me he was vehemently against remakes in all genres, but it seems to be more of a trend in Horror than elsewhere. “I think you have to do a totally new take to make it worthwhile. Reboot rather than revisit. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is so much better than the entirely unnecessary 2010 Samuel Bayer remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. There are so many things out there that frighten us, why play somewhere safe?” He went on to say that he really liked films such as Lights Out, which began its life as a short film. “There are so many original voices working in the short medium, I love when they get the chance to make the nightmares public in a feature form.” He went on to say that he would really like to see more Horror films as period pieces. “Unless it’s an adaptation of a Gothic novel, everything is full of teens and millennials or (and here is another thing I’m really tired of) some sort of nostalgia for the eighties. I love The Others, From Hell and Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer.

A078_C003_0828PMI was already incredibly excited to take part in Other Worlds Austin this year, and with the addition of Under Worlds Austin and more Horror content it’s going to be tough to wait until December. Which evidently Bears anticipated, and has programmed monthly screenings leading up to the festival! The next of which is Capsule which will screen at Flix Brewhouse this Wednesday — September 21st. So make sure you grab tickets to that, and keep up with Other Worlds Austin dot com for more screenings and festival info.

— Eric Harrelson

*Note: OWA is still accepting film submissions (shorts and full features) until September 30th for this year’s 2016 festival. The festival will take place in Austin on December 1-4th. Awards are given out for Audience Award and the Mary Shelly Award. Check the site for all of the details. In addition, badges are on sale now for the festival. GET YOUR BADGES

Listen to our interview with Jordan Brown and Dan Repp of OWA on our podcast episode, “Sci-Fi & Horror: Blood Brothers” HERE.

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November, 13th — Spider House, Austin

1450151_1602399326647933_7991071820367318702_nA baZaar bazaar for the horror fan! The 3rd annual HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS ART & GIFT BAZAAR isn’t your usual xmas shopping market. This one features all horror and dark vendors for the fiend in YOU!

Every year hundreds of people come to check out the hororr spectacle and we’re looking forward to seeing you fiends out once again to carry on the tradition. We’re back at the awesome Spider House Cafe and Ballroomwhere you can grab a drink and get some food while you puruse the horror wares.Take a pic with Evil Santa and watch out for Krampus roaming around. Get a chance to win one of several raffles — including our traditional Turducken. FREE AND ALL AGES!

Hope to see you horror hounds there getting ready for the horrific holiday season!

HOW TO SIGN UP AND VENDOR DETAILS:13055023_1805668859654311_3415891942491805151_o


$50 for one 8’x6’ area. You may purchase more spots if needed.


ACCEPTANCE: This is an all-horror vendor show. We ask that all vendors offer items in the horror/dark/gore/creepy realm. If you haven’t vended with Horror For The Holidays before, we ask that you submit a few photos of the items you plan on vending when signing up.


Send us an email with the words “HORROR VENDOR” in the subject line and the following information filled out. Send the email to us at:

1) Your name
2) Your contact info (phone and email)
3) Your booth/company name that will be used for advertising
4) How many spaces you need (each space is 8’x6′ and is $50 each)
5) Will you be bringing a backdrop?
6) Any specific booth requests (area, electricity needs, etc.)?
7) Your public sites for promotion purposes. We will list your links so the public can check out your stuff (website, FB, Etsy, etc.)
8) A description and a few images attached of your art or merchandise that you will be selling. If you are a returning vendor, no need to submit pictures unless you have new pics you’d like us to use when promoting.

Once we have a chance to get a look at your horror wares, we will send you an ACCEPTANCE EMAIL. **Please give us at least 24 hours to get back to you. We will answer emails in the order we received them so you won’t loose your “place in line” regarding your space. Payment instructions (PayPal) will be in the ACCEPTANCE EMAIL.


Each vendor space is 8ft x 6ft and is $50. Tables, chairs and tablecloths/skirts ARE NOT provided. In order to keep costs low — and the fact that most vendors already have their own set-up — we’re leaving it up to the vendors to fill their space. In other words you are purchasing an empty space that you will be responsible to fully stage. The space does leave plenty of room for a standard 6ft table and two chairs.

Load In/Set Up: Load in is set for 10:30am. Doors open at 12. Event is over at 7pm. Tear down is at 7 and we hope that only takes an hour — so we’re out by 8.

Acceptance: This is an all-horror vendor show. We ask that all vendors offer items in the horror/dark/gore/creepy realm and ask that you submit a few photos of the items you plan on selling.

Backdrops: If you will be using a backdrop, you must let us know before hand. This will determine where your space will be. You must provide your own (not to exceed over 8ft) and it must not get in the way of your neighbor vendor or venue structures. You may not adhere anything to the walls of the venue.

Power: Please tell us before hand if you need power since this will determine where your space will be. There is sufficient lightling in the venue but you may want to bring extra lighting for your table to provide optimal lighting. There are no phone or DSL lines available.

Weather: The event takes place inside and outside. We place vendors according to the needs of the vendors, as well as, what we feel is the best effort to spread out similar merchandise. We are at the mercy of the universe when it comes to weather. We will try our best to keep vendors placed outside warm and dry if we forsee inclement weather as the date gets closer.

Vendors are responsible for paying the tax man. Blood Over Texas will not be held responsible for a vendor’s failure to pay or report sales to the blood-suckers.

Vendor table fees are not refundable. If you signed up, paid and can’t make it, let us know immediately and we will sell your space to another vendor. If spaces sell out, we will have a vendor waiting list.

Don’t sell anything illegal. Don’t leave your table unattended. Be nice to your fellow vendors by not infringing on their vendor space. Don’t F up the venue in any way.

PROMOTE! We’ll need your help to promote the event and share the horror. We will have this information up on our website and will rely heavily on Facebook promotion. Please do not make a separate FB invite. Direct everyone to this one main invite. We can’t make you a “host” because of our page’s features, but once you say you’re Going, you can Invite away. We’re working on the flyer now and will be getting postcards and posters printed. Any help spreading the flyers and posters around town will be a great help for all of us.

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The August episode of Blood Over Texas Radio is live now! LISTEN ABOVE


With special guests from the AUSTIN WITCHING CIRCLE

Links from the show are below

Join Bunny Voodoo and the B.O.T. team (Shelly, Eric and Producer Bradley) on this bewitched episode, “The Witching Hour”, as we talk with our special guests, Jessica and Crystal from Austin Witches Circle. We talk about their group, their events, what it means to be a witch and do horror movies portray witches correctly. We delve into the wicked sounds of Witchwave/Witchhouse music to find out what it’s all about and how you find out about this genre. Things go off track as usual when the subject of vajays and WWE come up and we try and guess summer camp horror movies in our Name That Terror Game: Summer Camp edition. It’s pretty hard so we dare you to try. We also announce our next B.O.T. events and what we’re up to for the next few months as we creep into the witching season.

Also included are our usual features: Coming Out Of The Grave (horror movies coming out in Sept. & Oct.), Eric’s Double Dog Dare You Film Challenge of the movie Witchery, Shelly’s 3-minute drunk review of the movie, Black Roses and our podcast drinking game, Mr. Tingles Is A D*#@khead. When he laughs, you drink.

Songs featured in this episode:

“Red Lights” by SALEM (album: King Night) VISITFACEBOOK • YOUTUBE




Blair Witch Premiere Tickets (Sept. 6th)

Stranger Things Trivia Night (Aug. 31)

Frisky Business Burlesque’s Monster Mash BOOty Bash (Oct. 7th)

Blood Over Texas presents The Walking Dead Premiere Party (Oct. 23rd)

Horror For The Holidays **Keep an eye here on the site on Our Events page, and on our FB page for the announcement and info to come in early September)

Witchery Movie (Double Dog Dare You)

Black Roses Movie (Hammered Horror)


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SUNDAY, OCT. 23rd in Austin at The North Door

Have you been lost since Season 6 ended — like a bat to the head? Do you wonder how Season 7 wil pick back up — with our group in peril? Who will die? Who will meet Lucille — Negan’s death bat. The Walking Dead is coming back and we want to watch it all with you!

Now’s your chance to see both episodes in brutal fashion, back to back, on the amazing 25 foot screen at The North Door. Sit back and watch the final episode of Season 6 — the one that left Negan, bat in hand, playing eeny meeny miny moe. Then take in the long awaited premeire of Season 7 as you watch how it will unfold. Have a drink and eat some food while you watch this epic screening with your friends and family on the huge, ginormous screen!


ZOMBIE COSTUME CONTEST: Details to be announced. Prizes will be given.

who-dies-flyer2FUNERAL PHOTO BOOTH

DEATH POOL: The death pool will work like this. Think you know who will die? Put a dollar into the pool and write the dead character’s name on the card and yours. After the episode we will choose a card from the “death pool” until we get the correct name of the dead character. If your name is on that card, you win all of the money in the pool. So bring your friends to get that pool big! You can enter as many times as you want. Each card is a dollar.

Bring out your dead — otherwise known as your friends and family.

— Bunny Voodoo

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Director commentary. You know that extra feature when you pop in the DVD… the one you select on your favorite movies? The Director sits in a studio and talks about his/her own movie in real time. The perfect geek out experience for a film fan. It’s a good way to get more details on the movie such as insight into a particular scene, decisions that were made, how the cast reacted, and most often, what went on behind the scenes. The gossip or scoop on the movie you might say. That is the premise of Director’s Commentary: Terror Of Frankenstein. Sort ofShown in satire fashion, the film is an icy satire of the monsters onscreen, behind the camera and in the audience.

As part of their yearly screening program, Other Worlds Austin (Austin’s SciFi Film Festival) is bringing the Texas premier of Director’s Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein to Austin next Thursday on August 25th (9pm) at Flix Brewhouse (Round Rock).

OWA founder and Artistic Director, Bears Fonté, had this to say about Terror: “I cannot begin to explain how brilliant this set up is. Because as the writer and director discuss the film’s notoriety it becomes very clear that most people’s interest in the film stems not from what’s on screen, but from a series of gruesome murders and a lengthy public trial of one of the cast members. Bits of the story leak out as they watch the film together, as well as old grudges and hints of blame. But it all starts very subtly, which is why it works so well. The audience is left to try to piece together what happened as they are asked to follow the placement and heaviness of a certain piece of prop luggage, which we later learn had parts of a dead body shoved in it.” Sounds intriguing to me. You can read more about Terror on OWA‘s site HERE.

flix logo

Check out the MENU

Terror is brought to you by the makers of Room 237 and The Nightmare so you know it will be a quality film. The Director/Co-writer, Tim Kirk, will be doing a live Q&A via Skype right after the movie, so get your questions ready. And if you haven’t yet experienced Flix Brewhouse yet, you need to come enjoy the theater as well. Flix Brewhouse is the home to many of OWA’s yearly screenings and offers yummy food (trust me, I’ve tried it) and their own craft beers. Much like the Alamo Drafthouse, you can order during the movie, but at Flix you can pull the table up to you like a proper dining table and you get your own button to call your waiter. Embrace the power! (insert evil laughter here)

other_worlds_logo_2014Support one of our favorite local organizations, Other Worlds Austin, by buying a ticket today. Organizations like OWA really need local support to continue bringing you films that are often looked over. That means they need you to buy a ticket and come enjoy the screening. It means a lot to the venue (they’ve agreed to help by offering their space), the hard workers over at OWA (who do it all for the love of film) and the film makers (who’ve spent endless hours and moola to bring you their vision). It takes a village as they say. A few of us from B.O.T.  will be in attendance and so should you! Buy your tix here.

On a personal note, I’ve seen some great screenings courtesy of OWA, including Call Girl of Cthulhu and Listening (now on Netflix) so I’m looking forward to this one too.

— Bunny Voodoo

The trailer:

Terror of Frankenstein; Director’s Commentary (Trailer) from Rodney Ascher on Vimeo.

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