UPDATE: Sorry, we’re a few days late into August for our update. As you might have expected, we are still in waiting limbo to open up vendor sales for this year’s Horror For The Holidays 7. We’re going to give it one more month before we decide whether HFTH 7 will/can happen. We know our vendors need time to produce work for an event like this. But we also know, that even with a short lead time, many of our vendors would hustle to make it happen. Which is why we’re waiting as loooong as possible.

We promise to have a decision by September 1st. 

Let’s all cross our pinkies and toes and any other appendages you may have that this can happen. In the mean time, we miss you horror hounds and hope you and your families are doing well.

⚡️Good thoughts ⚡️ Wishing for the best outcome🦇

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